Mighty Maniacs 2008
Mighty Maniacs

  On Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 00:44:29 -0700,

    "Gary G. Ford" [1946-2013] wrote:

 Effervescent MINDS, to you, All, Greetings!

There was a time when association with such
a fruit bowl of such "Mighty ]Mental[ Miracles"
would have swelled my pride, but - now, alas! -
the Light of the Future does grow dim, just as
if obscured by an Almighty Censor's pen,
so, thus, then:

"Who can tell - or well unspell - the Magic Sinews,
with which Their PURPLE SIDES rose and fell? ...
in mimic of the Monarch, a pretty petty purple pity,
whose goldmines gave the Viceroy's city,
all bound in pattern cloth, a magic mystery,
wherewith the Vultures Swell,
in mimic of an unsightly magic spell,
blown fast to Hell, on Cosmic Trade Winds?" ...

And who can guess the Seeming MEANING
of THEIR Eternally Beaming Madness?!

As I also once said, way back in 1967, revised
by 1971, in The ENDED KINGLET, when Sounds of
Coming NEW DARK AGE's vibrations could start
to be felt:

"Mighty Maniacs fall still,
When Those who Thunder MOST
Prepare to Join The HOST,
And send them ALL to Hell,
Oh, Well! ...

"Dancing Spheres of force,
Light-green, pink, yellow-jacketing,
Fire Flies amidst a ball of melted butter -
All done up in fine array,
Tuned forth to Greet
The Icy Light of DAY,

Marcheth On! ...

"(Glory, Glory ...)    

"Oh yes, O Volcanoes
    of Distant Space Flight
    yet unbegun,
Mixture richer than rare,
    refine thy unmistakably
Cosmic Air!
" ...
"The Currents Swoosh ...
    A Pull, A Tug ...
    We're off and on
    A Gambling (SUPER) SLUG ...

"Civilization lies below, you know -
We wallow here, above all you see ..."

Methane, Baby, Methane!

That "Superslug" starts the fall of our
civilization, at least the current,
increasingly deteriorating one,
where abject as-tho'-lete worship joyfully
contends with will to kill all them who
seem much different, excused as immaculate,
pre-emptive, self-protection, rushed,
bum-rushed, and framed, from beginning
to end, as a picture of the Very Meaning
of Our Growing Madness.

Ho, hem - Pass the Pretzels and Caduceus-like
Wands, pretty please? From bubbles of ancient
space-time, condensed with the last unique
thoughts of the very few "Living yet Dying Minds"
chosen to be preserved in tough Amber
of Condensed VOID, there issues moan!

Make a Holy Bow, Cop a Sacred Feel, Frown,
Lift the Robes, and kiss the air, all around,
That what has fallen from the Sky to Ground
Will one day wake and shake its way and stake
The Universe again, from this burial mound!


Please note that postmaster ... neurobiol wishes off this public intrigue list, on to which she was in error and innocence fallen put!

          There may be other Mega fauna lurking.
            waiting escape from ...
              it is after all,
                a shipwreck
                  in progress.

                              Keep your Head!
                              Keep your eyes!
                              Lend your ears!
                              Keep your Mind
                              Very Clear!

                              But Whisper truths
                              most quietly,
                              and tell a tale
                              of mystery ...
                              which no one
                              hears ...

                              Or DO THEY?!

The COSMIC Fire Dark is coming here.

And WHAT then? What may happen? ...

Will a Tornado Turkey mount the vacuum
hill, Alive with inner fire, a skeletal
portrait, Bathed in radiance of
overwhelming light, Emitted from Ground
Cold of 'empty space'?!

Will the Dance of Death beget a Phoenix,
Turn a massive turbine's lowest pitch,
Permeate the Sands of Time,
To Highest Scream?!

Will a shudder surging forth,
Forget you all, for you all,
To "Wipe the Slate Clean ..."
[for God] at once?!

Will you find yourselves unable to move,
or how to know who where what you are?

Then falling to the floor,
catch consciousness in mid air,
and turning outward, begin to see,
living, fresh, precious, and
being just, once more?!

Are You Nearly


Gary For The Swimp

Wolf, Sarfatti, and friends - 1973

PS: Has, anyone had, a recent sighting of,
that Fabulous Flying Thespanic Physicist?!
You know The UNIQUEST ONE I MEAN ...
That Holy Maker of the Universal Mind,
So Full of Cosmic Consciousness,
Looping So Subtly in TIME!
Yes? ....
He's the ONE, Most Holy, Enemy,
Of all things Grotesquely Laputanesque,
And Like the Dreadful Flashing Being,
Which Coleridge had warned us of ...
He Owns a Royal Name, that He might Reign,
A Zillion Years Or more! - it's His GAME! -
Which We'd surely willingly give -
Just that He could well explain,
Mentality as Special Physicality!
Yes, He must Mark His Path and Place,
Past Stars in Future Cones of Light,
With Special Condensate of Saving Grace,
Which UFO's, He KNOWS, must make,
Bridge the Gap and Travel on,
In Their Holy Wake!

Gary Gene Ford - [ 1946-2013 ]

     So Stark and Warm


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