A Speculative Scenario of the Near Future
  A Speculative
Scenario of
the Near
George Paxinos
with one
[ self-described ]
Iowan Idiot

  Awaiting... © 2008 George Paxinos  
 Many people wonder why Detention-Camps have
been refurbished across the United States.
(A few examples are listed below under the Asterisk *).

If Americans are to be imprisoned in those camps,
it is unclear how they are going to be rounded-up
and taken there. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
showed emergency assistance less in the nature of
a helping hand than of an invading and occupying
army treating the destitute as enemies, making it
probable that sceptic survivors of future
catastrophes might attempt escape before government
"help" arrives. People also distrust government
after the many lies they have been told. How could
large numbers of citizens be rounded-up to fill
those now-empty camps?

At the moment, a short take of the situation
might be given as follows :

The US is involved in an Oil War in both
Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iraq possessed only the poorly-equipped remnants
of an army, and no air force and no navy. Yet even
against the few remaining freedom-fighters within
that country, the so-called "Terrorists" fighting
the invading American State Terror, the United
States is fighting a battle it cannot win.
In Afghanistan, neither the British nor the
Russians - then still the mighty Soviet Union -
could win, either, and Afghanistan was right in
its back-yard, so to speak, not thousands of
miles away across an ocean.

Tens of thousands of mercenary soldiers earning
extremely high daily wages fight a dirty yet
losing battle, alongside over a hundred thousand
regular US troops and National Guard which should
not be fighting there at all, and who are earning
almost nothing, while their Stateside jobs are
taken by others in their absence and their family
lives are often ruined.

Lots return wounded, some maimed for life, all
are traumatised by their experience and require
psychiatric counselling which the government is
less willing to give them, preferring to classify
them as unfit to bear arms so those who have seen
through the scam of a "War for Freedom", that it
is actually a Corporate War For Oil, cannot, by
their Right to Keep and Bear Arms, as anchored
in the Second Amendment, take up those arms and
go up against a crooked corporate-oil government
and depose it. Most veterans are ill with Gulf War
Disease or Depleted Uranium poisoning and some
infect their wives who bear genetically-damaged,
deformed children, as do too a great number of
Iraqi mothers now.

The official expenditure per month is around
20 billion US Dollars, but who pays the mercenaries
out of what secret funding remains unclear, as do
also the real casualty figures of Americans fallen
in action or who die later of wounds and complications
or take their own lives and sometimes the lives of
their families.

The US national economy is collapsing, manufacturing
is massively outsourced and without production there
is nothing to back a Dollar worth less and less almost
by the minute. Oil-producing countries are demanding
payment in harder preferred currencies for their oil,
taking away the Dollar exchange which brought in so
much revenue in the past.

Gasoline prices are being set by market
speculators and big oil companies, and
gas is becoming almost unaffordable to
the average man, while high fuel prices
push up the cost of everything else
along the line.

If you do not believe the true thrust of
the so-called "War on Terror" and the
hegemony of Big Oil, glance at this article,
which says it as it is :

20 June 2008
Big oil cashes in on Iraq slaughter

  Last Lunch © 2008 George Paxinos  
So Oleum non olet? - Oil does not stink?

Sooner rather than later, a general
market crash will come. Very many millions
will be out of work and will not be able to
afford either fuel or food.
Declaring a State of Emergency might be
the only way to somewhat regulate food
riots and violent demonstrations during
such a crisis. So perhaps rounding the
population up and keeping them in
holding pens is the only way to keep
them quiet?

But as the US has now gone from being a
net exporter of food to a net importer,
as the Dollar drops in value against currencies
of countries able to export food to the USA,
imported food will become unaffordable.
And Federal funds are being squandered in an
Oil War, By the Very Rich, Of the Very Rich,
and For the Very Rich, so it is unlikely that
that sort of pirate administration will show
much philanthropy toward those they consider
Useless Eaters.

So even in holding pens, the ultimate future
looks very like what was found when the
Death Camps were liberated in Nazi Germany
in 1945.

On the other hand, a pure War Economy would
boost war-related industry and manufacturing
and save the day - at least for the very rich
who own such facilities - and, more especially,
if the jobless starving were offered a minimum
wage just to keep body and soul together in
their otherwise hopeless situation.

As a lucrative industry has grown up in
US prisons where inmates have to work for a
pittance, larger prisons would bring in more
profit, especially if the wage was not in cash
money, but in necessary but minimal food.

But how to bring this about, the saving of at
least some industry and the greater enwealthment
of the wealthiest and at the same time the total
subjugation of the millions of disenfranchised
and dissatisfied? During a state of emergency,
FEMA might not have sufficient troops to do the
job, especially with so many of the National Guard
in Iraq and Afghanistan looking after the interests
of Big Oil.

And yet there might be an effective operation
that will get people into those camps or work-
facilities voluntarily, and it may proceed
as follows :

It will most probably begin with another
"Operation Northwoods" - (911-type) - attack,
ostensibly by America's enemies, like Al-CIAda -
or anyone enjoying momentary and popular-consensus
corporate media notoriety :

Something awful will be done in a way that releases
some alleged danger upon the general public, a danger
of such immense potential for mass destruction, that
people will willingly allow themselves to be herded
by whatever authority tells them to go wherever it is
considered -- or at least declared - by that authority
to be "safe".

Let us quickly look at the implicit psychodynamics
of horror :

Explicit Horror is less frightening that Implicit
Horror : the thing seen and recognised can be
countered, the unseen thing not.

As an example : If you are in, say, a classic
horror-movie situation, be it an alien, a vampire
movie, or one set in an Egyptian tomb, when you
actually see the alien, vampire or awakened mummy,
you immediately start to think of ways to stop him - is
there a bottle of acid in the lab to pour on the alien
or an electrical mains wire nearby to electrocute him,
a crucifix in your pocket to scare or kill the vampire,
or a box of matches or a lighter to set the mummy's
grave-wrappings alight?

In other words, you are prepared to stop
being scared and to take action.

  Before The Crash © 2008 George Paxinos  
But when danger is undefined, be it some alien
life-form, some unseen vampire stalking the night,
or the soft, dry rustle in the hollow-sounding pyramid,
THAT is when your hair stands on end and you want to
cut and split and run home and hide under the bedclothes.

The unseen horror is always more horrifying
than the horror seen and recognised for what
it is, no matter how horrible it might be,
for Man has always thought up ways for overcoming
his fears, once he has identified them, even if he
cannot yet understand them.

So what could remain unseen and horrible, bring
certain death in some scary, perhaps lingering
process of suffering frighteningly gruesome, be
also large and widespread enough to herd millions
of people across the country into holding pens
determined in advance by the government, and make
them WANT to be in those pens, designated "safe areas"
by the powers-that-be that allege to be able to
say where the horror is at any one moment, because
only they have the means of determining this?

It would have to be something everyone would
have to accept as a fact on bind trust alone,
during a state of national emergency and the
activation of Executive Orders created specifically
to take all power from the people and give
over that power to the government during just
such a crisis that kicks those orders into operation.
See the links to Executive Orders, below.

So what could that ultimate horror be?

Let us play a mind-game ... Three Guesses!

Guess One :

The Bird Flu - or some other epidemic? :

From historical precedents, people are
frightened of epidemics, sure, but, as
during flu and plague epidemics of earlier
times, are generally resigned to stay
put at home, look after their loved ones
should they become infected, and, if
they have to die, then at least die at
home, in their own beds.


Strike one.

Guess Two? :

Alien Invasion from Outer Space :

The invading force would have to be produced
and present pretty much everywhere for this
one to be believed, and, like a rabbit diving
back into its hole when a hunter misses his shot
or the dog's jaws don't close in time, people
might be very much inclined to wait in their
cellars and hope the aliens will hit the house
next door instead. Out of hiding, on the move to
somewhere else, they would surely be in more
immediate danger than safely unseen, underground?

Strike two.

Guess Three? :

How about, say ... a ... Radioactive Cloud?

It cannot be seen, it just IS -- or IS
at least ALLEGED TO BE.

It poses the possibility of a truly horrible
death, with vomiting, internal haemorrhaging,
hair, teeth, fingernails falling out, malignant
cancers, leukaemia and many other of the grimmer
forms of simply dying.

A possible scenario for such an operation
under such a pretext might go as
follows, (just as one example) :

Should such a catastrophe be initiated together
with a sense of shock and outrage as was felt at
9-11 before the truth about who perhaps really
was behind it started to emerge, should, say,
some leading politician or politicians on whom
the country might be pinning its hopes of
freedom from a pirate, corporate-interests based
junta, perhaps be brought down together with popular
media persons in entourage in say the crash of a
Jumbo jet on a nuclear facility while on tour, such
outrage might occur, facilitating the rapidly
snowballing dynamics of such an operation.
The directed plunge of such an aircraft -- shades
of 9-11! - can once again be facilitated by the
"home-run" electronic technology designed to take
control of an aircraft out of the hands of hijackers.

Before a national vote it would throw one party
into disarray, the election might be postponed
indefinitely while a "government of national unity"
declares a State of Emergency and takes over the
reins until "further notice" - which might never come.

So should such a cloud ever arise and begin moving
across the country, driven by fickle winds no-one
can predict or see but our weather reports, having
access to satellite imagery, etc, tell us they
absolutely can -- their track record as of now
notwithstanding -- we should either have to believe
them and move out of its way -- or perish.

  Perchance To Dream © 2008 George Paxinos  
And perhaps ... just perhaps ... the government
in any such emergency would casually add that
the camps were refurbished by the government in
its infinite wisdom in anticipation of just such
an event -- because they lie exactly on the very
spots where all those many winds just happen to
cancel each other out and no radioactivity can
ever fall -- that by its immense foresight it has
already prepared the only safe places for its people
where they can be assured of a safe and happy
existence -- if they would just please care
to step this way?

Unless one has a Geiger-counter oneself, one
cannot judge whether a radioactive cloud were
near or not, and even then, finding out might
only be telling you it is already too late,
for by the time you know it it there,
you are done for.

Any organised evacuation to a known goal in
a "safe" area, because voluntarily embarked upon,
would be far more orderly than the panicked rout
of, say, a nuclear war. During an organised
relocation, personal Geiger-counters would have
to be confiscated to "not panic evacuees with
confusing and conflicting reports" of the position
and strength of radioactivity as officially determined
by high-tech - speak government -- sources.

Cell-phones too will have to be confiscated,
"because enemy terrorists will be able to pick up
their transmissions and gain intelligence about
refugee movements". In the camps themselves, only
canned programs will be shown and perhaps a nightly
news bulletin over radio or TV, equally canned in
advance, of massive population losses and huge tracts
of country lost to agriculture and habitation forever.
There will be no means of verifying these claims.
Rioters, looters and people holding out at home will
be seen as "Enemy Combatants" and orders given to
shoot them on the spot.

And furthermore, as the economy would basically
grind to a halt under such an incident (it is
grinding slowly to a halt, anyway) and with
perhaps a vast portion of the country on the move,
refugees from the cloud will be assured of a
roof over their heads, food to eat (just enough
to go round, folks! - don't be greedy!) - and also
creative, active employment to feed the burgeoning
war-economy of a United States Under Siege -- no,
this is not prison-production by inmates, who work
for what? - 60 or 70 cents an hour? - this is Freedom
Production! - voluntarily given by a grateful
population rescued from a Fate Worse Than Death,
in the words of JFK : "Think not what your country
can do for YOU, but what YOU can do for
your country!" - or, perhaps, in another time and
place : "Arbeit Macht Frei!"

Those most able to do hard manual work will
be drafted into work-armies and sent off to
"safe factories" for production in the war
economy or to "safe farmlands" to grow food
for the rest, and those of more education,
questioning news reports about radioactive
wastelands and the expected half-life of
radioactive fallout and other such technical
trivialities, will be formed into scientific
teams and sent to special areas unspecified.
The rest will be put to work in locally
erected factory facilities, and the image
arises of grateful, exhausted people at the
end of their workday, sitting around together
in old, sparsely-illuminated (No Lights! - War
Footing!) aircraft hangars after their supper
of soup and bread, listening to or watching
the latest news bulletins of the fearsome war
being waged across the country by brave Federal
troops in decontamination moon-suits against
eternally-elusive terrorists, radiation pollution
and looting, people being shot before the viewers'
eyes for holding out and abetting the terrorists,
and a contented sigh going up all round that
one Did the Right Thing in following government
orders and coming here to this safe, if desolate,
place, rather than being exposed to radiation
and terrorists.

Should such a radioactive cloud be raised in
this or some other way from an operating nuclear
facility or some old and obsolete plant with
great pools of radioactive nuclear waste such
as the old Hanford uranium and plutonium-processing
facility in Washington State, with the right
prevailing winds to spread it out from one of
the country's corners in an irregular pattern
whose path is determined by FEMA bulletins,
millions of US citizens will be only too happy
to evacuate themselves, house and home, too,
in any direction FEMA wants them to go, even be
it into "holding camps", "Sanitized", as the
old hotel toilet-bowl coverlets used to
boast, "for your Protection".

Just a thought.

  Black Friday Sunday © 2008 George Paxinos  
And now, we wish you Good-Night.

* US-Based Concentration Camps and
Executive Orders, a few references






***     2009 - UPDATE: National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs
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On Friday, 04 July 2008, 15:09:57 +0200
George Paxinos <geopax@bluewin.ch> wrote:

In worlds of Madness we compose
Unsung ‘ed bards unworthy prose,
To quiet their Idio(t)syncracies
Preferring trees to bear-borne fleas,
Remember each his Own to scratch,
Where inner thoughts in darkness hatch,
Between novaed, exploding stars
A-peerin' out between Mind's bars,
(Or out of Faith-constricted arse!),
Wherein Karma defined thus be :
Should I diagnose what's wrong with me
By taking mirror to my bum,
Expecting, scrueing, Light to come
To inner problems, manifold,
Karma shows me, I thus behold! :
The Evil Ones! - I see! - I shout! -
To find myself ... looking back out.

So when I fear and hate and blame
The White Soft-Padders, for their shame
By Numbskull Greens to Mascots raised,
That World accepts our End of Days
As all the rest are quietly razed
Behind their icon's placid gaze,
I realise that I use them too
To justify my ballyhoo
Against the Gormless of this Earth
Pollution, counted Birth-by-Birth,
And seek instead that Inner Calm
That brings Sweet Smartness' only balm,
And let Ape-Humans go to Hell,
Where with George Bush they'll raucously dwell,
In Monkeyman's own paradise,
Of Crude-Oil Cocktail - with no ice!

And of example I can give
One instance now, of how to live
When all is taken of that Calm,
Despair replaced has First Sweet Charm :

My Great Uncle Dimosthenes
Sired but six daughters, for as Greek says :
If a real man you deem to be,
And Push Wife Hard, for all to see,
It's Sons you will but bring to day,
Not wimpy Women from your play!

Of Home by Women's chatter soured,
His ego by nonsense deflowered,
In Outhouse calm for hours and hours
Engrimmed and lonely he would sit,
Over each protracted - Ahem! -
And bellow every hour or two
"Kaffe!!!" to Wife or Daughter who
With true servility delivered
Greek coffee to that jaundiced-livered,
Who but with Granddad or with Dad
Ever any real long talk had
And shunned this world's by-passing boom ;
His wife, his daughters, were his doom.

But through that mystic quiet serene,
He recognised things yet unseen,
A Structure behind this Sad World's Doings
Unveiled to him by Mind's Pursuings
As 'lone in Outhouse he had sat
His fill of coffee, and had shat
Away the Noise Upon the Line
And heard Life's Signal, clear and fine!

At Roulette he would always win,
And when they saw him coming in,
Afraid of players following suit,
The Manager would strike the root
And leading gently by the arm,
Dimosthenes would thusly charm :
"Look, if you sit and play tonight,
The others, aping you, will blight
Our honest winnings for the night!
This money, which you'd usually win,
I give you now! - and add some in!
So take this drink and any others,
And go and sit among your brothers,
And order anything you will!
Of food! - or drink! - but just ... be still!"

That Inner Poet, quietly delivered
Of sins of scandal, that each world shivered
At, as generations pass,
Would then just quietly lift his glass,
And though of peace at home bereft,
His mind, far-flung, would warp and weft
New Universes sublime
In some to-come, Far Nicer Time.

A true story of my unmet Great-Uncle Dimosthenes,
may he Rest in Peace.

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MT wrote:
>> That's a pretty Freak'n Frighteningly
>> Fratricidal Frumious Bandersnatch-esque
>> analysis there, O Mahatma George!
>> If the genetically engineered pandemics
>> don't get us, and wacky (faked-moon-landing)
>> brad smith's botched alien invasion simulacrum
>> paradigm-shift doesn't move us in lock step
>> conformity with Mahdi-mega techno-Jeeesus,
>> and the post-dirty bomb martial law operation
>> Find-Muck maneuvers don't Matrix-Fix our mushy
>> malleable mentalities, then the gawd awful bloody
>> smelly Oil Wars will spill over spoiling the whole
>> organic soup emergence planetary fuck fest
>> do-wha thingy! HELL0! Ev0lution's a Bee0tch!!

>> <> > > The Last Roundup
>> <> > > Is the government compiling a secret list of
>> <> > > citizens to detain under martial law?
>> <> > > by Christopher Ketcham
>> <> > > http://tinyurl.com/4hrb7m

>> Good thing we're only tourists
>> in this gooey nutzy sticky creamy
>> chewy over-inflated predatory universe!

>> --MT-3:55 PM, Weds., 25 June, 2008 CE,
>>   Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Sol,
>>     Milky Way, Local Galactic Group,
>>       Inflating Space/Time, Etceterrrra......
>>         http://pweb.netcom.com/~mthorn/raw.htm

>> P.S. Speaking of radioactive kitten rodeo
>> gizmo auctions, I recently rented and viewed
>> the HBO mini-series on DVD, "John Adams."
>> Based on the David McCullough biography.
>> It was a timely reminder...

>> P.P.S. "Surveillance Bill
>>   Compromise Likely to Deliver
>>   Immunity for Telecoms"
>>       http://tinyurl.com/6l5qqo
>>       http://www.propublica.org/

> From: George Paxinos <geopax@bluewin.ch>
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> To: MT <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
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> Open Text and PDF
> Muchas gracias, O Sage MT!
> My input was wackier than even that - it was One no
> lesser than the Great Swimp, Mathematical Mind-Marauder
> of the Molasses Mires of Man's Murderous Monkey Mind and
> its Waiting-in-the Wind-Wings Ursurpers of his own
> Mindless Posteriority - if any be left to pick through
> the pickin's-what's-givin's! - and all fighting-ready
> to succeed him as Dominant Species to Top Them All -
> the Radiation-Resistant, Rambunctiously Ruminating and
> Time-a'bidin' Rambo Roaches!
> May the Great Swimp forgive us our momentary weakness
> in bumbling over the stumbling stones of sinful asexual
> Religion that makes us look away from our chief end-product
> since time began, out of which grows yet our food to feed
> other generations of the Gormlesser Than We.
> May your Penance be slight, cheques or money orders
> or much preferably cash to my address, below!
> Your Infallibility in Eternitaightass,
> George



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