Civilization? (Flysplat)


Jed Sefirot interviewed by Archibald Balthezar

          Date: T1M3 L00P5
                The following transcript is a true and
                  faithfully-rendered re-interpretation
                        of an imaginary dialogue betwixt
                     some theoretical physicist guy and
                              a late night radio personality.
                           The names have been changed
                       to protect the surreal & innocent.

        Archibald Balthezar, noted drone radio personality
and author of the almost best selling: "The Hurrying-Up",
[a book about exponentially increasing BS in these, the:
"hurrying up end-times of latter day hyper-convoluted
complexity"], interviews the heretical, iconoclastic, and
always hysterically heuristic theoretical physicist
and man about town: Dr. Jed Sefirot.

JS = Jed Sefirot
AB = Archibald Balthezar

AB: Dr. Sefirot, tell us about your triune theory of
absolute dominance.

JS: Certainly Archie. Rocks, thoughts, and awareness;
that's it. That's all you need - with nonlocal, retro
crosstalk, of course - to guide the whole shebang in
such a way that I cross paths with every single being
imaginable who is of any note.

AB: I see, and the whole purpose of our universe, then, is...

JS: To eternally loop in time so that the aforementioned
"crossing paths" phenomenon is expedited simply, elegantly,
and in as entertaining and personally fulfilling a manner as
possible for my ego-matrix of multidimensional self-prints
to experience.

AB: Extraordinary...

JS: Yes, I am...

AB: I mean, well, I'm... I'm honored, uhhh...

JS: Take a deep breath Archie.

[Archibald's Heavy Wheezing]

AB: Thank you, yes; I mean... the things, the PEOPLE
you must've, uhh...

JS: Crossed paths with?

AB: Ah, Yes, 'crossed paths with'... staggering.
[*Cough*] Well, a question then. Last week we interviewed
a self-described channeler and timetraveler who claimed
to have once met a grey space alien at a Jiffy...

JS: I haven't time for such liliput drone monkey
shenanigans, Archie, I have important paths to cross.

AB: Right... Okay. Well, this alleged 'space being'
supposedly worked as a grip on the set of the filming
of the, uh... what was it? The Poseidon Adventure? No, no,
it was the... Philadelphia Experiment! Right, the movie;
and an occultist, Crowely, was mentioned, as somehow...

JS: Hollywood?

AB: Yes, old tinsel town, hah; and the movie... uhh,
"The Philadelphia Experiment". Do you know, or rather,
have you crossed paths with anyone around this?

JS: An extremely bad movie.

AB: Well, we, uhh... Where did the writers of the movie
get their information?

JS: That is a very long and interesting story. I wondered
about that myself and we assumed, for a period of time, that
that information came in mostly as speculation on the plan of
the actual producer. I know who it is, (I crossed his path),
but his name does not appear on the credits and he doesn't
want his name known. But he asked Preston, (Nichols - whom,
of course, I've also crossed paths with), over a period of
time from 1982 to 1983 a lot of questions about the Philadelphia Experiment, and Preston knew quite a bit about it, at that time, he finally admitted it, and answered this guy's 1001 questions, as it were. And this guy became the actual director of the film. We assumed that he expanded with his own speculation on this because some of it in there is not true, but it was based largely on Preston's information and his own expansion on it.

Turns out that wasn't the case at all. We did a lecture in
New York in 1989. Preston, Duncan and myself were invited to
talk about the Phoenix Project and the Philadelphia Experiment, which we did. Officially it was not video taped, but privately it was. A copy of this thing somehow wound up over in England and got to EMI Thorn and got to someone in archives.

Well, they came to New York and looked up Preston. They found Preston's address and came to his home one evening and said, "We've finally found you." Preston says, "What do you mean?" He says, 'Well we've been looking for you for quite a while. You're the fourth man in the picture."

Preston says, "What picture are you talking about?" He showed
him a photograph of a family portrait that was made in 1890 of the Thorn brothers of Thorn Industries. One of the backers of the organization was none other than Aleister Crowley and this fourth person who was apparently a bit older. The fourth person was identical to Preston except he looked approximately 10 years older than Preston looked, say a year ago. And they knew that this fourth person was important and Crowley insisted at that time that this man was not of their time, meaning the time of 1890. He was out of the future, and this guy gave him the whole history of the boat experiment and it had been in the archives of EMI Thorn since 1890.

AB: Amazing!

JS: Quite. It was some time in the 60's or 70's EMI Corporation
and Thorn Industries merged and they decided to do a movie.
The decision to start it was in 1983 and they came to the U.S.
to do the filming. But they said that they had the actual record
of the experiment in their archives since 1890.

AB: And you're saying Preston brought it back?

JS: Preston brought it back according to the statement
made by Crowley at that time and according to the records
in the archives.

AB: We'd like to clarify some things from the presentation.
How old are you now?

JS: By my birth certificate 63. By adding the additional years
when I was actually born I would be 73. In terms of real time
not counting age regression I'd be 63 plus 30 which is 93 plus
the time I spent on various secret government projects such as
the Phoenix Project where they were doing the right brain / left brain split type thing, a sort of conjugate personality thing.
They do this now to get you to work on two different projects at two identical times practically as two different people.

AB: And doubling that 'crossing paths" thing?

JS: Exactly.

AB: So you've lived over 93 years in a 63 year old body?

JS: Yes.

AB: Were you speculating that the Philadelphia Experiment
was a set up by the aliens?

JS: It very definitely was a set up. Right now it is very
definite. There was speculation a couple of months ago 'cause
some of the pieces were just beginning to come into view.
The whole thing was a setup.

AB: What tipped you off that it was an alien setup?

JS: Finally getting some data on Roosevelt's agreements,
where he signed an agreement with the aliens in 1934.
I started looking in on this and it started to make some
kind of sense.

AB: Really?

JS: The Pleiadians were turned down in 1953 again when they
insisted one of the points they required if they were to work
out a deal with the US. Government was that they must scrap
all their nuclear weapons. Well the U.S. government was just
not ready to do that, not in 1953. So they were turned down
politely and along came the greys and they made an agreement with them.

But again back in 1933 was Roosevelt's agreement with the
"K's" and because of that in 1934 the Pleiadians went over
to Nazi Germany and worked something out with them. But there you had across the Atlantic two powers which were getting ready to fight each other. There was one ET-group on one side of the Atlantic passing us technical information, it's going to be fairly obvious that it's very likely that there's going to be another one on the other side of the Atlantic feeding information to try and keep some kind of a balance, particularly one of them was concerned with the survival of a major segment of the human race.

AB: Fascinating... let's take a call.
Is the Moron Caller [MC] there?

MC: Thanks Archibald, great show. This is very important and,
well, [Moron Caller clears throat] the normies will laugh, the
crankcases will empathize, the intellects will humidor and
roam their luggage, and the bottlenecks will crack their willies
against the copy machines, but I and my ilk, the blistering
paintlike splotches doubling as airbrushed simulacrum renderings of deep space quasarheaded goo-bots will resonate, uh huh... yes we will; give it up homie!

AB: Please, no prepared statements. Do you have a question
for our guest?

MC: Uhh... no.

JS: Typical.

AB: Well, golly, we are all out of time. Thank you...

JS: I don't have time for any more of this sort of nonsense.
Where the hell's my agent?!

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