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The Trolls
Photograph by Tony Spicola, behind the Hi Fi Club, Pueblo, CO in 1966.

Dan Fong Photography from the Denver Music scene:
Phil Gammage's site based on the New Wave and Punk music scene of the 1970s and early 80's:
Tom Lundin's Mod Mid Mod site concerning the landscape of urban life in Colorado:
Jim Mason, producer and musician, long associated with Colorado:
Bob Morgan interview discussing his brother, the late guitarist Ron Morgan:
Bob Morgan's tribute site to Ron Morgan:
Lew Tilley with Fannie Mae Duncan at the Cotton Club, Colorado Springs, 1958:
Malcolm Gault William"s site devoted to Free Form Radio, including KFML, KYMR, KTCL and KRNW.
Bob Wyman's "Jimi plays Denver" page concerning the 1969 Denver Pop Festival:
Audio Links:
Grateful Dead, Mammoth Gardens, April 4, 1970:
Jimi Hendrix at the Regis Fieldhouse, 2-14-68
Jimi Hendrix at the Denver Pop Festival:
Hollywood Hangover (California):
Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
Kansas Music Hall of Fame:
Nebraska Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: 
Tulsa music history article from Tulsa Today (Oklahoma):
Tulsa history site (Oklahoma):
Art Fein's channel on Youtube is a window into the 25 year legacy of the Los Angeles based Art Fein's Poker Party TV show. As a student at the University of Colorado in the late 1960s, Art worked as the Billboard campus representitive, and befriended Chuck Weiss through their mutual appreciation of the blues and r&b music.
Astronauts segment from the film "Surf Party":
Astronauts segment from the film "Snowball":
Karen Dalton
Karen Dalton, Summerville, Colorado 1970: 
The Daniels
Bob Dylan Ft Collins 1975  
Denny Flannigan video from Denver TV in 1985
Zephyr (silent/dubbed) footage from Mammoth Gardens in 1970: 

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