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Action Brass

Popular Denver area horn rock band from 1968-1971?
  • John Gray----trombone
  • Gene Brown---trumpet
  • Doug Winegar---drums
  • Larry Greene---guitar
  • Jim Johnson---bass
  • Marc Greene--trumpet

Active Support

Colorado Springs 67/68

Acy Acy

A Colorado Springs group from 1969


Colorado Springs 67/68

American Dream

A Boulder based band from 1968-69.

American Standard

Denver band from 1967/68. This was the first group Tommy played with in Colorado.
  • Jeff Cook 
  • Tommy Bolin 


Colorado Springs band 1969-72.
  • Jim Allen-------lead guitar 
  • Kent Lawyer---bass 
  • Edward "Terry" Smith--bass 
  • Mike DeLong---vocals 
  • Brian Berry----guitar 
  • Dave Kopplin---drums 


Air Force Academy 67/68.

The Astronauts

Signed with RCA records in 1963.
  • Bob Demmon---guitar 
  • Dennis Lindsey---rhythm guitar 
  • Jim Gallagher----drums 
  • Stormy Patterson--bass 
  • Rich Fifield--lead guitar, vocals 


An eight man comtemporary horn band (Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears; Chase & Lighthouse) who worked in Colorado Springs and Pueblo from 1970-71 at clubs including: Gaetanos Supper Club (Pueblo) and the Merry-Go-Round.
  • Steve Raider--guitar (currently with Steve Raider & The Pecos River Band) 
  • Ned Gateley----woodwinds 
  • Gary Richards--brass 
  • John Grizzle---brass (died in December of 1979) 
  • Duane Genuchi--brass (replaced John Grizzle) 
  • Rod Johnson---vocals (grandson of Fanny Mae Duncan) 
  • Kenny Wright---drums 
  • Mark Welber----keyboards 
  • Dave Gallope--bass (early) 
  • Gerry Greer----bass (later) 

The Avantes

from Cheyenne, Wyoming-1966

Baby Magic

A 1967/68 Pueblo/Colorado Springs club band with two ex-Trolls: Doug and Phil 
  • Doug Rymerson--lead guitar
  • Phil Head --------drums
  • Gary Cannell----keyboards
  • Ernie Watta (?)-------bass

Bakersfield Charter

Boulder 67/68 opened for James Brown at Den Auditorium opened for Paul Revere and the Raiders opened for Young Rascals the Smoke Shack in Grand Junction and many other places Played regularly at Sams Lookout Cowboy on lookout mountain in Golden, the Galaxy 4688 west Alameda Denver The Huddle in Boulder and Tualgi's in Boulder
  • Oliver "Olly" Frascona (manager/leader)---keyboards
  • John "Ace" Essman --------drums
  • Hal "Diamond Jim" Burdick----lead singer/rhythm guitar
  • W. Tom "Hobbs" Hobbins-------lead guitar, back-up singer
  • Charles "Farley" Reasoner---bass

Band X

A Pueblo based band from 1968/70.
  • John Grove---bassnbsp;

The Barons

Boulder band formed in 1964 around Tom and John, this group played around the campus of CU/Boulder initially moving on to local clubs like Tulagis and the Honeybucket (Boulder). Upon their apparent breakup in 1967, the nucleus of the group- John and Tom helped start Bakersfield Charter.
  • Don Palmer---------rhythm guitar, bass, twelve-stringer guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob Pian-----lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
  • John "Ace" Essman--------drums
  • W. Tom "Hobbs" Hobbins--lead guitar
  • Dick Moore-------organ

The Basements

Denver 1966?

Al Basim

Iranian guitarist who recorded an album in Denver in 1978.

The Batmen

played the Batcave!

The Beast

From 1968-71. The Beast were based on a ranch near the Colorado Springs area early on and then later moved to Hays, Kansas after some personel changes.
  • Bob Yeazel----------lead guitar 
  • David Raines-------vocals 
  • Michael Kerns-------flute & saxophones (died in 1985) 
  • Kenny Passarelli---bass & harmonica (first lp only/left to work with Joe Walsh, sessions) 
  • Roger Bryant--------bass (second lp) 
  • Dominick Todero--trumpet 
  • Larry Ferris---------drums 
  • Gerry Fike----------organ 

Bedlam Research

Colorado Springs 67/68, with Mark Connell.

Beggars Opera Company

A Denver 67/68 band, combining of members of the Moonrakers and Soul Survivors
  • Gene Chalk---------guitar 
  • Bob Raymond-----bass 
  • Bob Webber--------guitar 
  • Dennis Flannigan--keyboards 
  • Bob MacVittie-------drums 

Birmingham Balloon Company

A Colorado Springs band from 1967/68, this group included x-Westminsters members.
They won the Fall '67,
"Battle of the Bands" held at the City Auditorium, in Colorado Springs.
The group used an extensive light show with several projectors and included
themselves in the films they used during their shows.
  • Tom Finn----drums 
  • Rich Maio 
  • Greg McLean--guitar 
  • Tom Ingerick 
  • Mike Keliher 

The Blue Angels


Blues Agency

Pueblo 67/68.

Blues Syndicate

Greeley 67/68.

The Boenzee Cryque

Popular front range band for four years (1965-68), their first single in 1966, was a cover of the Beau Brummels' "Still In Love With You Baby" on Frank Slay's local Chicory label. This was picked up nationally by Uni, who issued a second single, "Watch The Time". For the 1968 summer exploitation film "Psych-Out", one track- "Ashbury Sunday" by the Boenzee Cryque was included and it's basically a cover of Purple Haze.
  • Joe Neddo----sax, bass, vocals 
  • Sam Bush----bass, vocals 
  • Dan Nash----rhythm guitar, vocals 
  • Jim Jenson---guitar? 
  • Terry Jones---lead guitar 
  • Bill DeLugt----organ & synbalit (an electric harpsichord) 
  • Tad Collier----drums 
Sometime after late 1966, the Young household received a call from the Cryque asking for Rusty. A skeptical Mrs. Young asked politely: "Are you sure you want to talk to him? He's in a country band, you know."
  • Malcolm Mitchell---guitar (replaces Jones>Navy)
  • Rusty Young--------guitar & pedal steel (replaces DeLugt>Air Force)
  • George Grantham---drums (replaces Collier>school?)
Over the summer of 1968, Miles Thomas, who is working in Los Angeles with the Colorado band "The Poor", suggests Rusty for a session with Richie Furay and Jim Messina. After the session Rusty is asked to join the duo in their upcoming venture-a country rock group which is first Pogo, then (after objections) Poco

The Bossmen

Started by lead guitarist Greg Butinger in 1962, the Bossman played at colleges and high schools in the Denver/Boulder area. The band traveled around the state and held a ten week engagement at the Exodus club in the winter of 1965/66.
  • Bill Alexander--keyboard 
  • Greg Betinger---leadguitar, vocals, harmonica 
  • John Van Stelten--drums 
  • Ken Baker--bass 
  • Tim O'Shea (leader)---lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine 

Boy Trap

All-girl group from Colorado Springs-66/67

Scotti Bruning

Richard Scott "Scotti" Bruning (1949-1978) hails from Colorado Springs, CO, a graduate of Wasson High, class of 1967. Bruning was a multi-talented, industrious and high energy presence in the Colorado music scene in the late 1960's thru mid-1970's, and in Los Angeles in the last year of his life. Perhaps best known for his wildly comedic live shows featuring his one-man band act utilizing guitar, voice, and a variety of electronic wizardry, the Rocky Mountain News said, "If you close your eyes and listen to Bruning'd swear a five-piece electronic was on stage." The Long Beach Citizen News (Calif) reported " extraordinary of the funniest, most interesting solo acts...I laughed till I was crying...and his musicianship is enthralling." Bruning was also a BMI affiliated songwriter and an accomplished guitarst who performed, produced, engineered and released four record albums (see discography) on his self-formed Strawberry Records label. Bruning also coordininated the production of, and performed on, "The KBPI Colorado Album", 1976, a sampler of various Colorado musical artists, and engineered recording sessions at Denver Sound Studios and Caribou Ranch studios, for rock group Cunningham Corner and others. Bruning was a radio announcer for KKFM, Colorado Springs, 1973-74. Audio consultant for KCSU-FM, Ft.Collins, 1970-72. Music reviewer/photographer for Colorado State Univ school paper 1971-72.

Bubble Puppy

Colorado Springs band from 1969.
  • Clay Stultz--keyboard 
  • Mike Saulsbury---guitar 
  • Joe Yates--drums 
  • ??--bass 

Joey Buffalo and the Sonics

Pueblo band from the early sixties.

The Capricios

Early sixties Denver band, they recorded a single in December of 1964.

The Carpetbaggers

The 'baggers played at Tulagi, The Honeybucket, and were regulars at The Galaxy in Denver when the Soul Survivors were off recording or took a couple of nights away. They cut some demo records, including "Aspen After Dark", among others. Notably, they discarded a bass player named Doug Lubahn as needing more work and polish. Doug went on to play "occasional bass" with The Doors. He was known as "The Fifth Door", recording with them on three early albums, later moving to NYC where he worked with his own band Dreams and later Billy Squire. The Carpetbaggers had a solid-sounding front line with great harmonics, Krug's fantastic rhythm on the drums and worked over the classics: "Money", "I'm a Hog for You Baby", R&B, & surf, with some Buddy Holly and English stuff too. Their fans were loyal, and they packed the house at the Galaxy, with the line to the door running waaay down Alameda. The band's nucleus, DeGrazio, Barnhardt and Lowther reunited for a recording session in a cabin west of Boulder on Magnolia road in 1966, and produced a sound that anticipated some of the Moby Grape and Dead lines, thrown off as a "jam". Doug Lubahn has not heard from in some time and any news about him would be appreciated.
  • George DeGrazio----lead guitar, vocals
  • Dave Barnhardt----rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Todd Lowther-----rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Paul Perry------bass
  • Jim Krug--------drums
  • Glenn "Flak" Wilson----keyboards

The Catalinas

Denver area group from 1964, they recorded demos in July of that year.

The Chandells

Pueblo group from 65/66 with guitarist Marty Sprietzer, released one 45.
  • Marty Spritzer 
  • Dave McBee 
  • Gus Trujillo 
  • Steve Yamamoto 
  • Roger Uyeda (later) 

The Change In Tyme



A Colorado Springs band who worked from 1969-70.
  • Steve Raider--guitar 
  • Chuck Warner---bass 
  • Jon Hudek----keyboard 
  • Randy Gross--drums 
  • Debbie Goodson--vocal 

The Chasers

Colorado Springs band from 63-67.
  • Troy Valdez----bass
  • John Rivera----guitar
  • Dave Myers---vocals
  • Richard Frase--drums

The Children

A Boulder band from 1966/67.
  • Mick Durbin----?


Fairfield, CT group who recorded part of their album in Colorado. The lp was issued on
the short-lived Crested Butte records of Denver, circa 1972/73.

Chocolate Hair

Jerry Corbetta led band from 1969. pre-Sugarloaf

The Chosen Few

Post-Chasers band with Doug Rymerson and several ex-Chasers. Summer 1968?

The Classmen

A Denver based band from 1965/1966.
  • Mark Hickman--rhythm guitar 
  • John Rankin---bass 
  • Mike Aluise---drums 
  • Terry Ewbank---organ 
  • Ray Baiocco---lead guitar, sax 


(Clement Adder's Aviation Band)
Colorado Springs group from the 1966-69, started by Horace Mann Jr. High students.
  • Kelly Bryarly--guitar 
  • Randy Bryarly--bass 
  • Ron Lee---drums 

The Coachmen

from Boulder.

Judy Collins

Judy started her singing career in Colorado, where she sang at Denver's East High school in the late fifties. In 1960 she would perform at he Exodus club and five of her songs were included on the album that was issued.

The Comets

A Widefield based band from the 1968 period.

Conal Implosion

Boulder/Denver band from 1971/72(?) with guitarist Don Cameron.



Cotton played in Greeley at the Faucet, Estes Park at the Rock, as well as around the Ft. Collins and Boulder area (circa 1969-1971). The band also traveled frequently to Lincoln, Nebraska to play the Elms, and was the first band to play in the internationally famous Lincoln blues bar, The Zoo. Players in the band came from and left to join other blues and R&B bands all over the U.S. The band played Allman Brothers style songs as well as authentic Chicago blues styles, and was known for long jams that let the lead players stretch out and learn and grow, and an open invitation to musicians to "sit-in". Cutting contests were often held at the Elms that would run into the early morning hours.
  • David Trupp - drums......formerly with Johnny Green and the Green Men, played with various Chicago blues legends, recorded with Zager & Evans of In The Year 2525. Known as one of the few drummers outside of Chicago who could do the authentic blues shuffle beat.
  • George Bryan - Guitar: rythmn, lead, slide, bass, vocals....formerly with J. Harrison B., recorded 2nd album with Zager & Evans, toured and recorded with Doug Duffey. Inducted in Nebraska Rock & Roll HOF with JHB.
  • Jim Cidlik - piano, organ, vocals.....a protege' of Jay McShann who went on to become Little Jimmy Valentine of LJV and the Heartmurmers, houseband at the Zoo, played with a veritable "who's who" of blues legends, and later the leader of the LJV trio in Minneapolis.
  • Gary Reeves - bass. Formerly with the Pacesetters who also toured Colorado frequently, a 7 or 8 piece R&B band.
  • Emerson Semple - road manager, recording engineer
  • Other players at different times throughout the life of the band were: Liz Williams: vocals/Bill Childs:drums (when Bill was with Cotton, the band used two drummers), Jerry Wingate/Bedgood.....guitar & vocals. Doug Duffey...piano/vocals. A Louisiana HOF rocker, European star living in Louisiana. Vaughn Quimby..sax and leader of the horn section. Gene Newman...trumpet. Fred Palmer..harmonica and vocals (formerly with John Lee Hooker). Leroy Critchard...guitar. Jim Prophet...guitar and vocals.

The Countdowns

From Manitou Springs around 1966, this was Jock Bartleys first band. Jock went on to replace Greg McLean in the Westminsters (around 1967). 
  • Jock Bartley 

The Crypt Kickers

A Boulder based band from 1955/1966 who always performed with a coffin onstage. They reformed in 1967 as Bakersfield Charter.
  • Oliver "Olly" Frascona (leader)---organ, piano and guitar
  • Roy "The Germ" Fuller----guitar
  • Hal "Baby" Burdick---6 & 12 string guitar, mandolin, piano and harmonia
  • Chuck Reasoner----bass, kazoo, harmonica and rhythm guitar
  • Eddie Pitts----drummer

Crystal Palace Guard

Denver University's answer to the Jefferson Airplane (circa 1967) with Cris Williamson
  • Cris Williamson--vocals
  • Michael Kilmartin--guitar
  • Jeff Manville---?

The Daniels

From Denver circa 1966, this group featured Denver car dealer Brian O'Meara on guitar.
  • Mike Cooper---drums
  • Dave Hardy----bass, rhythm, lead and piano
  • Brian O'Meara---guitar, bass
  • Rick Newton---lead guitar, piano

Dave and the Saints

recorded for Bandbox records. 

Deep Rock

A Northern Colorado band from 1969/70. A post-Higher Elevation project by Jon Floth.
  • Jon Floth----guitar
  • Rich Sallee---bass
  • Peter Johnson---bass, vocals

Deep Steam

A Colorado Springs band from 1968/69, included Sam McFadin pre-Flash Cadillac. 

Denver's Tremmors

A Denver band from 1966.
  • Steve Milford----drummer
  • Clayton Hill-----counter lead and rhythm guitar
  • Todd Houghton---lead guiatr, lead singer
  • Dennis Graves----rhythm guitar, lead and background vocals
  • Ken Burnham------bass, lead and background vocals

The Dimensions

The "Dimensions" were formed out of Bear Creek High School students in Lakewood, CO 1965. They played through 1967 at primarily 3.2 clubs (The Galaxy , Boulder's Honey Bucket and Tulagi's ect.) and school dances across the front range. 
  • Craig Powell-----lead guitar
  • John Pryor---bass
  • Terry Peacock-----rhythm guitar
  • Carl Bailey---drums

The Dimensions
(of Denver)

Another "Dimensions", this band was based out of Denver and are mentioned in the February 1966 "I.D. Boss Band Book" as the "Dimensions of Denver". Working in Denver circa 1965-57, in 1967 they changed their name to the U.S.MALE. That year they took 2nd place in the Regional JayCees Battle of the Bands behind the ACTION BRASS. Playing mainly school dances they attracted quite a large following. Mark Fisher left to go solo in '68, replace by Brian O'Meara/guitar of the DANIELS and Brett Tuggle/keys. Tuggle went on to work w/ Steppenwolf, Rick Springfield, David Lee Roth & is currently playing w/ CHRIS ISAAC & STEVIE NICKS.
  • Mark Fisher---guitar
  • Kent Borucki-----bass
  • Tim Stephenson-------guitar
  • Rene Ulibarri------drums

Disraeli Gears

A Colorado Springs band who were the "house band" at the Honeybucket circa 1968,
led by guitarist Tony Gonzales.

The Divinity Of Pure Sound

An excellent Denver area band from 1967/70 who traveled the area playing in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Greeley, etc. They were also known as "Friar Fat and Friends " before they changed their name to Pure Sound. George Gardine "Friar Fat" was a large man in those days, perhaps 300 lbs. In 1968 they recorded a single for All-American records at Jackson Sound in Denver; called "In The Dark/IBM Blues" Production was by Marcus Damerst then also based in Denver, who passed away in the summer of 2001. The group recorded 4 demos tracks in 1968, including their version of the folk song "Bamboo", an astonishing 13:00 eastern-flavored piece in several movements. It appears that when the drummer-James Townsend-was lured away to Northern California in 1970, the group disbanded, and Nathan Warner along with producer Marc Damerst started a electric-acoustic duo called "Nathan-Marcus".
  • Tim McMillian----drums (left for personal reasons, in fall of 1968?)
  • James "Denny" Townsend---drums (X-NWBD, replaced McMillion fall 1968)
  • Nathan Warner----lead guitar
  • John Quincy Adams III---guitar (passed away in the mid to late 1980s)
  • George Gardine---bass, vocals

The Doppler Effect

Rumored to be a Denver band from 1967, who traveled to California to record their 45.


from Boulder.

Duces Wild

A Colorado Springs group from 1968.


Denver 1966-68?
  • Bob Hamilton----drums
  • Shawn Shea----rhythm guitar, background vocals
  • George Kawamoto----lead guitar
  • Terry Adams-----bass
  • Rick Anchatz (leader)---organ

The Dynamic Detonators


Earth Opera

Otis, Colorado group who issued an album around 1975.

The Eighth Penny Matter

Denver band from 67/68 with several appearances at the Family Dog.

The Electric Canary

Unknown Colorado band from the 1969 period.

The Elopers

Led by Manitou Springs High Schooler: Randy Weatherington. It appears that the (Sept. '67)single was an (unsuccessful) attempt by Randall's mother to increase the 
exposure of her son's band in the nearby Colorado Springs area. A school-mate and neighbor
of Jock Bartley.

Mick Emeson

Once leader of the Galaxies, Mick recorded a song-"Union Man" for Crested Butte in 1973.


Post-Zephyr group led by Tommy Bolin from 1971 to 1973. 
  • Tommy Bolin--guitar 
  • Jeff Cook---vocals 
  • Bobby Berge--drums 
  • Stanley Sheldon--bass 
  • Rocky Grace--keyboards 

The Fabulous Roadrunners

formed in Brush in 1965, they played at the Le Bristo A-Go-Go club in Denver.
  • Tony Hernandez--Bass/leader 
  • Randy Buchanan--Drums, also-Roger Liston: Drums 
  • Ray Hymen----------Lead Guitar 
  • Bob Britton-----------Rhythm Guitar 

Fall River Road

Popular Colorado Springs based country-rock band of the mid-seventies.
  • Cindy Wheeler---vocals 

The Fantabulous Jags

House band at the Pussy Cat A-Go-Go.

The Fantastic Zoo

The Fogcutters changed a player (or two) and became the Fantastic Zoo in 1967, recording two singles for Double Shot records in LA.
  • Eric Karl 
  • Don Cameron 

Little Joey Farr

Early sixties country or rockabilly singer, who recorded for Band Box.

Fetal Pig

Denver band from the 1968-1970 period.
  • Peter Chapel---bass

The Finders Keepers

The Finders Keepers 1965 - 1969. Played throughout Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Vail. Specializing in Beatles and the Astronauts and top 40. Opened for Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts at Tulagi's in Boulder. Played for Rich Fifield's (The Astronauts) fraternity house so he could hear us do Astronaut imitations. Played at the Posh, the Rugged Room, the Huddle in Boulder, the Pitcher in Boulder, La Pichet in Denver and most fraternities in Boulder and Colorado Springs.
  • Jim Lochman------drums
  • Jim Taylor-------bass
  • Charlie Nicola--lead guitar
  • Mike Kicklighter----2nd lead guitar
  • Rush Rhoads---------lead vocal, rhythm guitar


One of most successful bands to emerge from Colorado, they formed in 1975. Combining the talented veteran rhythm section of Andes and Clarke, from Spirit and the Byrds, respectively, with the singer-songwriter Rick Roberts, a former Burrito Brother (with two solo lps to his credit) and several young Colorado players.
  • Rick Roberts------lead vocals, guitar 
  • Jock Bartley-------lead guitar, vocals 
  • Mark Andes-------bass, harmony vocals 
  • Michael Clarke---drums 
  • David Muse-------keyboards, organ, piano, tenor sax, flutes, moog 
  • Larry Burnett------guitar, vocals 

Tony Flacco

Colorado Springs's Mitchell high school was home for this student who recorded a 45 in 1967.

The Flame-Outs

Reportedly students from the U.S.A.F.A., who recorded a single in 1966.

Flash Cadillac


The Fogcutters

Denver University student band from 1965-66, who recorded mostly in California.
  • Eric Karl 
  • Don Cameron 
  • Winston Wilson 
  • Bill Casper 
  • Mike Jouette 


Denver 67/68.

The Frantics

Started in Billings, MT around 1966. Moved to Santa Fe and then to NYC , only to return to New Mexico and then Colorado Springs (1969). After recording a record at Norman Petty's, the band moved to Los Angeles and eventually released an album on Gabriel Meckler's new Lizard label.
  • Kim Sherman--lead guitar, vocals 
  • Max Byfuglin---lead vocals 
  • Phil Head-------drums 
  • Dave Day------bass, vocals 
  • Dennis Devlin--rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals 
  • Jim Haas------keyboards, vocals 

The Freddy-Henchi Band


The Frogs

A 60s era Denver band that is said to have worn Shamrock outfits.


A popular Denver band from 1965-1968
  • Gary Seastone------lead guitar and vocals
  • Peter Taylor------lead vocals, drums
  • Don Sterkel------keyboards
  • Henry Vera------rhythm guitar
  • Don Yamamoto-----bass

The Galaxies

Denver band from 65-67?
  • Mick Emerson--lead vocal, lead guitar 
  • Dan Smyth-------keyboards 
  • Myron Pollock---drums 
  • Bill Nichols------bass, backup vocal 


A Boulder group from 67/68, who recorded a single on Mira records around 1968.
  • Bill Alexander---keyboards
  • Mark Hickman

Ginger Blu

A Colorado Springs band from 67/68, who may have also used the name Gingerbred Blu.
  • Bob Connell--guitar

The Golden Gate Doorknob

A Las Vegas style act who released a single through a Denver night spot in 1969.

The Goldtones

Unknown Denver(?) band.

Good Time Music

Unknown Colorado band from the 1968 period.

The Half Doesn't

Five piece Jerry Corbetta led band from 67/68.


1968 group with members of the Astronauts.
 Rich Fifield, Robert McLerran, Tony Murillo and 
Peter Wyant.

J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles

This comment from Pinky; "Although based in Lincoln, NE this band played more in Colorado than in Nebraska from 1963-68. Spending summers in Colorado, we played at the "Jax Snax" (Estes Park), "The Buff Room" (Boulder), "Krazy Katt (Colorado Springs), "Galena St East" (Aspen), "Shads Lounge" (Sterling), the "Red Ram" (Evergreen), and many others. Mostly a R&B horn band. Mike Semrad is the director of the Nebraska Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Mike "Pinky" Semrad--guitar, trumpet 
  • George Bryan--guitar 
  • Stan Johnson--sax 
  • Jack Hagerman--bass 
  • Ron "Frosty" McClure--trumpet 
  • Brad Timm--drums 
  • Steve Forcier--drums 
  • Barry Hansen-- B-3 organ 
  • Liz "Perkins" Williams--vocals 
  • Bill Childs--drums 
  • Mike Dorsey--keys 

High John

A popular Boulder three piece with two guys and a gal, circa 1967-1969.

The Higher Elevation

Greeley band 1967-69?, formerly the Monocles

Danny Holien

A singer-songwriter from Minnesota, who recorded for Denver's Tumbleweed records in 1972. His song "Colorado" was very popular on FM stations in the seventies.

The Imperials


The Intigues

Very popular R&B club band in Colorado Springs during the mid-sixties.
  • Tony Paris--sax 
  • Joe "Boston" Vaughn--guitar 

The Intruders



  • Cabell Shepard--vocals, keys 
  • Marty Spritzer---lead guitar 
  • Monty Baker----bass, vocals 
  • ?---------------drums 


A Denver band from 1965-67?
  • Robin Owen---drums(?)
  • Rick Peny---organist
  • Mike Brierley---vocals(?)
  • Greg Pflucker---guitar
  • Randy Pabst----lead guitar, rhythm guitar

Johnny and the Green Men

The members of mid-sixties club act apparently applied green paint to their skin. This same band is also thought to have worked in southern California and later released an album while in Wisconsin around 1974.


Pueblo/Colorado Springs group from 1969-70, with Doug Rymerson.

Ronnie Kae (and the Saints)

Late Denver drummer who recorded for Bandbox records in the early sixties.

The Kandy Store Prophets

One time houseband for the Galaxy club, said to have performed a Beatles medley. Denver group from 1966/67, who issued one 45 on the Infal label.

Karen Karsh

Blind folk singer from Denver who appears to have only issued one recording, a single in 1969.

King Louie and the Laymen

Starting in 1964, this five piece was a popular act in clubs and colleges, especially CU Boulder where several members attended classes. They extending their touring into four other states. A hard drivened R&B flavored band, they were inspired by James Brown and featured at Tulagi's in Boulder, the Honeybucket and Galena Street East in Aspen.
  • King Louie (Larry Wilkins)--guitar, drums, organ and piano 
  • Ed Wunsch-----------guitar, organ, piano 
  • Bob Schmidt---------guitar, sax ans organ 
  • Chuck Prewitt-------bass (later in "Gross National Product") 
  • Bill Gullette-------drums, bass and piano 

Kohl, Shepard & Smith

A project band by Arnie Swack.
  • Randy Kohl---vocals 
  • Vicky Shepard---vocals 
  • Jean Smith----vocals 
  • Bill "Bones"---vocals (replacing Jean Smith) 
  • Terry Hake--arrangements 
  • Brad Pelton--drums 
  • John Rivera---guitar 
  • Gene Ward (?)--bass 

Peter LaFarge

Born NYC, 1931, died there in 1965. Son of author and Indian activist, Olivier Lafarge and Wandean Matthews, who divorced in the late thirties. Mrs. LaFarge and Pete moved to Fountain, Colorado around 1939 when she married rancher Anthony Kane. Born Oliver, he changed his name to "Peter" while at the ranch and overcame a sickly childhood to become an excellent horse rider who worked on the rodeos in the fifties, after service in Korea. When he was no longer able to work consistently in the rodeo business (due to excessive injuries) and after several attempts at acting and playwriting, LaFarge pursed his teenage ambition of singing "cowboy" and "folk" songs. After being personally influenced by Cisco Houston and Josh White, his songwriting emerged with a focus on the people and the land. On his first album for Columbia in 1962, he wrote the title song "The Ballad of Ira Hayes", by far his most popular composition. The song has to do with the life of a Pima Indian, Ira Hayes, who was one of the marines who lifted the flag on Iwo Jima. "Ira Hayes" was recorded by Johnny Cash in 1964 and versions by Kinky Friedman and Patrick Sky also exist.

The Lamplighters

A Boulder based group from the 1966 period.
  • Jim Nelson---bass
  • Tom Bailey---rhythm guitar
  • Mike Chaffin---electric piano
  • Steve Skeels---drummer
  • Bill Berkhimer (leader)---guitar(?)

The Leather Souls

Denver band with Jerry Corbetta and Bob Yeazel...1966?

Ernie Lee and the Tremors


Archie Lisco and the Cineaways


The Livin' Ends


Loco Pony

Colorado Springs Country-Rock four piece who worked in town 1977-81. The name is a variation from "Crazy Horse", long associated with the "Stumble Inn".
  • Jerry Williams----lead vocal, guitar 
  • Todd Jarrell-------drums 
  • Steve Hoke--------lead guitar, fiddle and peddle steel 
  • Duane Genuchi---guitar 
  • Tom Cook----------bass 

Catherine Mitchell Lord

A Denver band from 1968/69.

Lothar & The Hand People

Unusual Denver band who used a theremin which formed at Denver University in the fall of 1965. The group took up residence at the downtown Exodus club shortly after. Denny Sheneman had just returned to Denver after a stint in the service and he was in the prosess of turning the long time folk club the Exodus into a rock n'roll club. Lothar told Denny that their strong campus following would help pack his club and they reigned there for much of the winter and spring of 1966. The band moved on the NYC after the end of classes in the summer of 1966, following an important slot on the bill with the Lovin' Spoonful, but returned to Colorado several times. First was a special series of gigs at the Exodus in November of 1966 and then two shows at the Family Dog; on the bill with Capt. Beefheart and the Doors and follow up shortly after with Allmen Joy (not the group with Duane & Greg Allman, but a San Francisco band). The band recorded a series of singles for Capitol, and two albums for them between 1967 and 1969.
  • John Emerlin(Lothar)---theremin, vocals 
  • Kim King-----sythn, guitar 
  • Rusty Ford--bass 
  • Paul Conley---keys 
  • Tom Flye---percussion 

Love Special Delivery

Denver 1966/67, or this may have been a case of the New Mexican group by this name playing some dates in Colorado.

Luv Revolution

Colorado Springs band 67/68.

Magic Myce

The original members were me, Walt Rawlins, Bill Cone, Gordy Peterson and Ray Styes. We played at the Exodus, Family Dog, Tulagis, Kelker Junction and many other places around Colorado from 1967 until we left for California in 69'. We had a local single that was played a lot on the radio, Angel Baby, which was a remake of the old 50's song. Once we got to California we played a lot around local clubs there and recorded some movie soundtracks, Angels Die Hard and Bury Me an Angel. Angels Die Hard had a soundtrack album released but they didn't do that for the other one. The name of the band was changed to the "East West Pipeline" when we did those. Later we changed the name of the band again in California to "Bedlam" which lasted until we broke up out there in about 1974.
  • Walt Rawlins---guitar
  • Bill Cone------guitar
  • Gordy Peterson--?
  • Ray Styes---?

Mando and the Chili Peppers

A late fifties chicano r&r band from San Antonio, Texas who were based in Denver 
for a while.

Marc and the Mystics

played the Disk-O-Tay TV show-1966?

Mike & Pam Martin

Folk duo who released an album recorded in Evergreen, CO in the mid-seventies.

Maul and the Cutups

A Denver band formed in 1960.
  • John Maul (leader)---sax
  • Bill Martinez----trumpet, drums
  • Bob Pickett----guitarist
  • Tom Uharriet----bass, rhythm guitar

Maysfield Crossing

Colorado College band from 1967-68 with Scotti Bruning.

Tom McDonald

Solo performer (single guitar) in Colorado Springs from 1969-70.

The Mersey Beats

An Aurora, Colorado band who played Lakeside Amusement park.

The Mir

Colorado Springs group from 1968/69.
  • Steve Raider--guitar 
  • Chuck Warner--bass 
  • Joe Canoe--drums 
  • Randy Kohl--guitar, vocals (?) 
  • Bob Lucero--keyboard 

The Misirlous

A Denver area band (Littleton) from 1965-67, they recorded demos March of 1967, including "Barney Oldfield".
  • Jack Purdie (leader)----lead guitar
  • David Michael Brainard------drums
  • John (Jack?) Leibundgut------rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Skip Knittle----guitar
  • Jamie Phillips----electric piano
  • Kelly Radloff----? (summer 1968)
  • Tom Thomas----? (summer 1968)

The Monacles

Greeley band from 1966, who traveled in a hearse.
  • Jon Floth---------------lead guitar 
  • Rob Casseday 
  • Don Hirschfield 
  • Rick Hull---------------bass 
  • Kevin McIlhenney--drums 

The Moonrakers

Top Denver band 1965-66. This lineup recorded four singles for Tower records.


Denver area rock band from 1970-1975, started in 1965 as the Coachmen during high school. Mr. Bell adds this "we played at most of the clubs around town at one or another, but mostly high school and college dances. From 1971 until 1974, we traveled extensively around the Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska area." 
  • Michael Braun--lead guitar 
  • Lawrence Bell--bass? 
  • Anthony Cic--drums 

Mother's Children

A Denver band from 1966/67.

Mountain Flyer

Lewis-led, post-Radford & Lewis band, Colorado Springs band from 1980-82.
  • Lewis Mock-----lead guitar, vocal (currently a local chiropractor and part-time musican) 
  • Dan Williams---pedal steel, vocal 
  • Joe Bevans----lead vocal, bass 
  • Steve Cormey--guitar, vocal 
  • Gary Hotchkiss--drums 

The New World Blues Dictionary

Started in Colorado Springs in 1964 as the Persuaders, later the Filthy Five, then the Goguenard, before using the name -The New World Blues Dictionary. The House band at the Honeybucket over the summers of 1964 and 1966, played all over Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Opened for the Jefferson Airplane at the Broadmoor during July of 1967. After the summer of 1967, they moved to the Boulder/Loveland area and they gigged in Boulder (Skunk Creek Inn, The Buff Club) and later the Family Dog in Denver. Opened for many shows at the Family Dog until the club's closing early in 1968, the band then broke up and two members-Shepard & Baker formed Jade.
  • Dave Julian----lead guitar
  • Jim Boitos------sax, harmonica
  • Bob Crowder--keyboards (1964-June 1967) 
  • Cabell Shepard---keyboards, vocals (after June of 1967)
  • Denny Townsend--drums
  • Lynn Larson-----bass, (1964-winter 66/67) 
  • Monty Baker----bass (winter '66-'68, formerly of the Trolls).

The Nocturnes

A Denver band who also played in Hawaii during the summer of 1966, returning to Colorado in the fall so some members could attend in classes at CU and CSU. For the next year, they were the house bands at Boulder’s Tulagi’s, Honey Bucket, Buff Room and Fort Collin’s Clancy’s and Matterhorn night clubs.
  • Dave Brandenburg-----vocals, guitar
  • John Parker--------organ, vocals
  • Chuck Prewitt----bass, vocals
  • Roger Liston----drums

The Nomads

The Nomads played all the major Denver venues including being one of the house bands at the Galaxy in Denver. We regularly also played the Honeybucket and Tulagis in Boulder. We were contemporaries with the Astronauts, The Soul Survivors, Moonrakers etc. (Dave Thorne)
  • Dennis Spear----lead guitar
  • Dave Thorne----keyboards
  • Pat McCormick-----bass
  • Bruce Wolfe-----drums

The No Names

sometimes billed as the "Fabulous No Names".

The Northside Moss

Boulder 1966/67.

Orlie and the Saints


The Other Side Of Time

Seven man Denver group from the '66/'67 period.

The Ouds

An unknown late sixties band, who played Colorado Springs.

Our Gang

Colorado Springs band 66/67, released one 45 locally before the singer was drafted.
  • Rick Fooshee 
  • Alex Asbridge 
  • David Asbridge 
  • Greg Stapanic (?) 
  • Mike Lawrence 
  • Ron Lewis 

The Outriggers

A Denver band from 1965-67?
  • Roger Maul----lead & rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Dave Entsminger----bass
  • Bob Inman-----drums
  • Buzz Binkin-----guitar (?)

Paper Taxi

Colorado Springs 67/68.

Patti Jo

Early to mid-sixties female singer from Pueblo.

Paxton's Backstreet Carnival

Colorado Springs band from 1969-70, students from Air Academy High School.
  • Buddy Jarrell--drums 
  • Scott Philpot--bass 
  • Joel Palmer--guitar 
  • Bob Morman--keyboard 
  • Brian Galvin---guitar, flute & more (died Sept. 1973) 

The Penetration

Denver(?) band from 1965/66, recorded demos in Jan. of 1966.

Penny's Worth Of Now

Boulder 67/68.

Jim Perry and the Hesitations

released a single on Bandbox around 1962.

The Persuaders

The house band at the Colorado Springs Honeybucket over the summers of 1964 and 1966, played all over Colorado Springs and Pueblo during that period. In late 1966 (or early 1967), this group shifted the lineup and became the New World Blues Dictionary.
  • Dave Julian----lead guitar 
  • Jim Boitos------sax, harmonica 
  • Bob Crowder--keyboards 
  • Denny Townsend--drums 
  • Lynn Larson-----bass


Colorado Springs 67/68.

The Pleasant Street Blues Band

Denver band, late sixties?

The Poes


The Police

Denver area band from around 1966.

The Poor

  • Pat Shannahan---drums 
  • Randy Naylor-----guitar 
  • Randy Meisner--bass 
  • John Day 
  • Veeder Van Dorn 
  • Allen Kemp 

Post War Baby Boom

Denver 67/68.

The Psychedelic Syndicate

Denver 1968.


Colorado Springs band from around 1969.
  • Scotti Bruning----guitar (x-Maysfield Crossing) 
  • Jack Roulier-----lead guitar (x-The Soul
  • Tom Petefish----keys 
  • Brad Pelton------drums 

The Rainy Daze

Started in June of 1965, the next year they issue "Acapulco Gold" on the local Chicory label. The group is then signed to Uni, who distribute it nationally with a muted response once word gets around about the song's real inspiration.
  • Tim Gilbert----rhythm guitar 
  • Kip Gilbert-----drums 
  • Sam Fuller----bass 
  • Bob Heckendorf----keys, guitar 
  • Mac Ferris----lead guitar 

The Ravens

A Denver four piece from 1965/66.
  • Paul Garcia---drums
  • Rick Ortega----lead guiatr
  • Rick Pacheco----rhythm guitar
  • Claude Garcia----bass (?), vocals

The Riot

Colorado Springs mixed race band from 1965/66?

The Rondells


Rubber Band

Short-lived Colorado Springs group with Doug Rymerson, 1968?

The Runnaways

A Denver band from 1965-67?
  • Rick Willett------drums
  • Gary Osbourne----bass
  • Jeff Olivas-----lead, rhythm guitar
  • Jim Toto-----lead, rhythm guitar
  • George Clemetti----organ

The Satin Subway

A Colorado Springs band from 1968/69.

The Schillings

A Boulder band featuring the younger brother of the Astronaut's drummmer Jim Gallagher-Tim.
  • Donn Zarina----rhythm 7 12-string guitar
  • Eric Hansen----lead guitar, vocals
  • John Danville---drummer, vocals
  • Kimm Singer----bass
  • Tim Gallagher---vocals, rhythm guitar

The Seeds

A Colorado Springs band from 1965 to 1968?, based on Todd Ballentine's songs. Initially called "The Trip", they used "The Ceeds" for their single in 1966, and later changed the group's name to Maibe Handle (March, 1967), followed by The Broadway Muse and Shell Band (October 1967). Recorded an album near Santa Barbara during 1968, (as a three piece: Todd/Carman/Davis), but the only copy of the demo tape appears to have been lost.
  • Todd Ballantine--lead guitar, vocals, arrangements, songwriter 
  • Geoff Smith-------vocals, organ, harmonica, tambourine (1966/67) 
  • Jerry Ahlberg----bass (died in October, 1997) 
  • Rick Worden----drums (1965-mid '68?) 
  • Chet Carman----drums (Mid '68-?) 
  • Jack Gallupe---guitar (died in 1984) 
  • Ray Hall---------rhythm guitar (early 1966) 
  • Clark Davis-----rhythm guitar, bass (later) 
  • Ellen Dahl-------vocals (fall 1967 only?) 

Shepard And Shepard

Colorado Springs brother and sister act: Cabell and Vicky Shepard, 1973?

The Showmen

A Denver band from 1963-67?
  • Crick Streamer---rhythm guitar, organ
  • Doug Hays------drums
  • Gary Reed-----bass
  • Rick Malm-----guitar
  • Ray Burroughs---lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Lynn Poyer----9 string guitar

60,000,000 Buffalo

  • Judy Roderick-- lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar 
  • Don Debacker--vocals, acoustic, National, and electric guitar 
  • Brent Williamson--vocals, electric bass, percussion 
  • Ernie Watts--saxophone 
  • John Kerns--drums 
  • Bill Ashford--percussion, beer bottle 

Skylark Church

A Colorado Springs band which started in October of 1969, when Todd returned to town from South Carolina. The nucleus had previous played as the last form of the Seeds from 1967-1968, and split in part due to Todd's marriage in 1968. Original material written by Todd. Initially they were Skylark and later Skylark Church. The group lasted until 1971, playing concerts and club dates, including Kelker Junction.
  • Todd Ballentine---guitar, vocals 
  • Chet Carmen----drums (early only)
  • Bill Hoke--drums (replaced Chet)
  • Darcy McCoy----violin, keyboards 
  • Clark Davis-----bass 
  • Chuck Frazier--sax 

The Sonics

House band at the Lemon Tree 1965-66.

The Soothsayers

Northern Colorado band, who issued two singles in 1966. 
  • Dave Van Omen---guitar 
  • John Gibson--------lead guitar 
  • Rich Sallee---------bass, lead vocals (now part of the jazz group: Images) 
  • Rick Irvine-----------keyboards 
  • Steve Jaynes------drums 

The Soul

Colorado Springs band from 1966/67, one unreleased 45.
  • Randy Bowen--drums 
  • Jim Holleran--? 
  • Jack Roulier----guitar 
  • Ernie Ellington--guitar, vocals 

Soul Society


Soul Survivors

Denver group started in 1965, after the four players minus Day were the Esquires.
  • John Day---------keyboards 
  • Gene Chalk-----guitar 
  • Pat Shannahan--drums 
  • Allen Kemp------guitar 
  • Bob Raymond---bass 

The Spartans


The Statesmen

Early name for the Soothsayers, 1965 or 1966.

The Status Seekers

Aurora group from 1965/66.
  • Ray Johnson----piano
  • Tom Behm----drums
  • Wayne Street----lead guitar
  • Styles Adamson---bass

The Stonebreakers

A Denver group from 1965/66.
  • Jim Blackledge---drums
  • Jerry Barlow----lead guitar
  • Stuart Gray---rhythm guitar
  • Geoff Ibbot---bass

The Stratocasters


The Stringreys

Early sixties Pueblo band.
  • Larry Montoya 
  • Ron Hudson 
  • Carl Finnegan 
  • Gilbert Rezo 


A Denver band from 1966-1968, who opened for the Monkees when they appeared at the Denver Coliseum in the summer of 1967.

Super Band

A Denver group from the summer of 1967. One time Wild Ones guitarist (and Denver native) Ron Morgan had traveled to Southern California after the break up of the Wild Ones in fall of 1965 and worked with Peter Lewis and his group "Peter and the Wolves", although I've yet to discover if Ron's work is on their recordings. Returning to Denver, he gigged with the post Wild Ones band called "Group Therapy" with Roger Liston opening for some important Denver shows in 1966. Ron's brother Bob said that Ron also worked with an early version of Iron Butterfly about time. Ron did record with the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, a hollywood based psychedelic group run by Bob Markley, playing lead guitar on their first 3 Reprise lps (1966/67) (since reissued by Sundazed). One lp features Ron Morgan's song (co-written with Markley) called "The Smell of Incense" which had some chart success when recorded by the Texas group "Southwest F.O.B.". Morgan had brought Denver singer/ songwriter Bob Yeazel into the group to join Hollywood resident Greenspoon and San Diego bassist Roger Bryant as the touring unit with Markley as the "W.C.P.A.E.B.". I believe this would have been late 1966 and early 1967, but the foursome split off from the older, eccentric Markley and traveled to Colorado; where they aquired former Galaxies drummer Myron Pollock and dubbed themselves "Super Band". The group took up residence at the Exodus club over the summer of 1967 and with the assistance of the owner they recorded a single in south Denver on the one-shot capricorn label (after the astrological sign of the Exodus owner-Denny Sheneman). Note that the single does not feature the guitar of Ron Morgan, who missed the hasty afternoon session. Rhythm guitarist Bob Yeazel filled in the missing Mr Morgan. The b-side of the 45 "Acid Indigestion" was banded from local airplay, due to it's drug theme. One notable gig is their Family Dog appearance opening for the Charlatans and Quicksilver Messanger Service in October of '67. The band broke up when Jimmy Grenspoon returned to California in the fall and began talks which would lead to the formation of Three Dog Night. Ron Morgan followed Jimmy to California and into the Three Dog Night project, but backed out of the contract and returned to Denver. He would then join a late version of the Electric Prunes, returning to Denver until his death in the mid seventies. Bob Yeazel and Roger Bryant went on to form the Beast. I believe Myron went on to work with Sugarloaf.
  • Ron Morgan---lead guitar
  • Bob Yeazel---rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Greenspoon---keyboards
  • Roger Bryant----bass
  • Myron Pollock---drums



The Surf Raiders

A Denver band from 1966, lead by two Regis students.
  • Larry Sierra----bass
  • Rich Novak----drums
  • Nick James----lead and rhythm guitar
  • Charles Van Ausdall----lead and rhythm guitar
  • Tom Novak----rhythm guitar

Sweet Taste Of Peppermint


The Teardrops

Pueblo 1963-65.
  • Ernie Watta 
  • Ange Rotondo 
  • Rick Witcowich 
  • Ron Myers 

The Three Dimensions


The Time System

A Pueblo based band from 1968/69.

The Titans/Titan V

In 1965 "Little Johnny Justice" reformed the band after his brothers all joined the service and guitarist/keyboardist Pete Wyatt moved on. The new incarnation realized almost instant success due to the fact we ranged in from 10 -13, and we could really rock! We were blessed with great connections and received alot of attention. The band was originally a four-piece with John Justice on drums, Cheryl Justice on keyboard, Dave Feager on guitar, and myself on bass. Mark Seigert (guitar) joined in 1966, and we renamed ourselves the Titan Five. We were coached by (and opened shows for) some great local musicians like Pete Wyatt (Mayfield Spinning Wheel and Hardwater), Dolf _?__(The Fantabulous Jags), Denny Flannigan (The Moonrakers), The Soul Survivors, The Monocles, and many more that I've since forgotten. We sent Paul McCartney a tape and received a letter of encouragement back when he was in Denver to see actress Jane Asher. Don Rickles wanted to "skyrocket" our careers, but was rebuffed by our parents. Hmmm, what if? We recorded an original 45 at Western Cine Studios in 1967, titled "Don't Cry Girl" (about a guy leaving for Viet Nam) We played some great gigs, both as opening acts and on our own. Lakeside Moonlight Ballroom (many times) The Lemontree Lounge (with The Jags) Bears Stadium (between innings at a Bears game!) Hullabaloo TV Show 5th place - 1966 or 67 Teen Fair (The Monocles won) DU & CU Frat parties Plus the usual church and High School dances, skating rinks, shopping centers, and of course classic road trips to exotic places such as Alliance Nebraska.
  • John Justice---drums
  • Cheryl Justice----keyboards
  • Dave Feager---guitar
  • Mark Seigert---guitar (joined in 1966)
  • Greg Schriener---bass
  • Pete Wyatt----guitar/keyboards (left in early 1965?)
  • ? Justice---guitar (left to join the service, early 1965?)
  • ? Justice---bass (left to join the service, early 1965?)

The Trolls

A very "English" band from Pueblo they covered Stones and Kinks songs. They started with Gonzales, Head, Brescher and one/two additional players in 1964 and made what proved to be a worthless trip to Los Angeles in the winter of that year. They retooled the band with the addition of Rymerson and Baker from the visiting Radiants from southern Minnesota. Unhappy with the Radiants the pair jumped ship and into the "New" Trolls. This lineup traveled to Amarillo, Texas to record for Ray Ruff and his new Ruff record label, already having regional (KOMA radio) success with the Blue Things. The first single "That's The Way My Love Is/Into My Arms" featured both sides penned by the organist, Fred Breschler and while anywhere from four to ten additional tracks may have been recorded-all masters where lost when Ruff's facility in Amarillo burned in 1968. This includes an unreleased track with the interesting title: "Trash Talk". The next recording session was in Clovis, New Mexico with Norman Petty in late 1965 or early in 1966. The resulting single: "Stupid Girl/I Don't Recall" was packaged in a picture sleeve which omitted a member (Fred B.?) because he was in the hospital. One additional local recording session produced what Richard described as "all cymbals!" and resulting unhappiness with the master scuttled plans to release it as a disc. The departure of Monty Baker in the fall of 1966 was the end of band, he left to join the Colorado Springs band: The New World Blues Dictionary. Richard stopping performing and moved to Orange County in Southern California for a few years, only to join in his drummer brother Leroy in White Lightning in 1968. During 1967 I believe Doug Rymerson and Phil Head worked with bands called The Chosen Few and the Rubber Band, details to follow soon. Fred Breschers's post-Trolls work is unknown.
  • Richard Gonzales--lead vocals, guitar (later in White Lightning.) 
  • Doug Rymerson----lead guitar (later in Baby Magic.) 
  • Monty Baker---------bass, vocals (left to join the NWBD.)
  • Phil Head-------------drums (later in Baby Magic, The Frantics
  • Fred Brescher-------organ (post-Trolls work is unknown)(passed away Feburary of 2003

Tyler And The Bandits

An east Denver group from 65-67, lead by drummer Tyler Plotzke. In their later days, they performed as "Tyler".
  • Tyler Plotzke------drums 
  • Steve Adler--------piano, organ (left in late 1967)
  • James Casewott-----keyboards (late 1967-1969)
  • Wayne Brown-----lead guitar (left in late 1967
  • Greg Reed----lead guitar (late 1967-1969)
  • Harold Coggan---rhythm guitar (left in 1966?) 
  • Jim Stallings-----rhythm guitar (1967-1969)
  • Mike Zitzkin---------lead vocals, bass (left in late 1967)
  • Cliff Smith----------bass (late 1967-1969)

The Tymes & Places

An Aurora band from 1966/67.
  • Fred Buerger-----lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Gary Buzick------bass, vocals
  • Bob Bennett-----electric piano
  • Jim Burg-----rhythm guitar
  • Bob Hosworth-----drums

U.S. Male

Once known as the "Dimensions", "U.S. Male" took 2nd place in the 1967 Regional JayCees Battle of the Bands behind the ACTION BRASS. Playing mainly school dances they attracted quite a large following. Mark Fisher left to go solo in '68, and was replaced by Brian O'Meara/guitar of the DANIELS and Brett Tuggle/keys. Tuggle went on to work w/ Steppenwolf, Rick Springfield, David Lee Roth & is currently playing w/ Chris Isaak & STevie Nicks.
  • Mark Fisher---guitar (left in 1968)
  • Brian o'Meara---guitar (replaced Mark Fisher, X-Daniels)
  • Kent Borucki-----bass
  • Tim (Slim) Stephenson----guitar
  • Rene Ulibarri------drums
  • Brett Tuggle-----keyboards


Umbra were a Denver rock band from 1971-1978. We had various vocalists within that time frame. Nick Stoner being the most reliable singer in the history of the band. Nick and Terry still play together. I am in several bands at this time [Lightning County Band, Bustopher Jones, The Jennifer Price Band]. Umbra played all over Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, and numerous other states. In Colorado we played at Friday's and Saturday's, The Rathskeller, The Baja [big 3.2 place downtown], The La Pache[sp? on E. Mississippi- big 3.2 place] Sam's on Look Out Mountain, The Eighth Infinity, Tulagi's in Boulder, The Rest of the Week on E. Colfax, The Draft House [big 3.2 place in Thornton], The Little Bear in Evergreen, The Exodus, The House of Draft, The Hot Spot in Peetsz, Co. and various other venues "A" circuit clubs in a five state area. (Steve Faulkner)
  • Steve Faulkner---drums
  • Terry Lewis----bass
  • Eric Frazee----guitar
  • Nick Stoner----lead vocals

Uncalled For

A band with this name is said to have played in state around 1967.

The Viscounts

Not to be confused with the earlier east coast group, this Colorado outfit appears to have played around 1966/67.


Colorado Springs circa 1969.
  • David Trujillo 
  • Joe Yates 

The Westminsters

Colorado Springs group from 1965-67?, started by Wasson high school students (except Tom Finn, who attended St. Mary's High School).
  • Greg McLean--guitar (left for the Biringham Balloon Company) 
  • Jock Bartley---guitar (replaced Greg McLean) 
  • George Garrison--keyboard 
  • Mike Keliher---bass 
  • Tom Finn--drums (left for the Biringham Balloon Company. Died: March, 1998) 
  • Albie Urban--drums (replaced Tom Finn) 

White Lightning

Pueblo band from 1968-70.
  • Ron Ellis---vocals, lead guitar 
  • Richard Gonzales---guitar (x-vocalist for The Trolls
  • Leroy Gonzales---drums 
  • Joe Ellis----bass 

The Wild Ones

Started in 1963 by Lakewood drummer Roger Liston and guitarist Ron Morgan, the Wild ones played for year each at Sam’s Cowhide corners on Lookout Mountain—packing in about 500 people every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and at Clancy’s in Fort Collins. During this time, they also fronted these concerts in Denver:      DU stadium--Herman and the Hermits with Wayne Fontana and the Mind-benders—summer of 1964 

     Lakeside concert—summer 65: Freddy Cannon, and Charlie Rich Note:  Charlie Rich had just released his first hit “Mohair
     Sam,” but got left in the parking lot after the concert.  Wild One’s drummer roger Liston gave him a lift to his hotel. 

 Downtown Denver--Freddy and the Dreamers—Gary Lewis, etc., winter 1965 

The Wild Ones traveled to Hollywood in the fall of 1965 and got a Killer gig at the Whiskey a go—go splitting sets with a new group
that had just released their first record: Frank Zappa and the Mothers (Of Invention).  

We were then hired to play in Hawaii at the Peppermint Lounge where we also fronted concerts for The Dave Clark Five, Chuck
Berry, and the Righteous Brothers at the same great venue from which Elvis later broadcasted his “Live from Hawaii” concert; the
HIC auditorium.


Mike Williams

Austin singer songwriter who recorded his lp "radio show" in a Denver radio studio.


Denver group from 1970 and 1971, with two x-members of Tyler.
  • Rob Kunkel----keyboards, vocals
  • Cliff Smith----bass
  • George Brangoccio---drums?
  • Jim Stallings----rhythm guitar
  • Scott Ferguson---guitar?

Wowie Zowie

Denver 1967.


  • David Givens--bass, vocals 
  • Candy Givens--vocals, harp 
  • Tommy Bolin--guitar (from the start in 1968 until the spring of 1971 when he started the group Energy) 
  • John Faris--keyboards (until the summer/fall of 1971) 
  • Robbie Chamberlain--drums (winter 1968 to spring 1970, returned to group in 1971) 
  • Bobby Berge---drums (Bobby replaced Robbie as drummer in early 1970, but left with Tommy to start Energy a year later.) 
  • Michael Wooten--drums (worked with the group only during the middle of 1971) 
  • Kim King--guitar (Kim was added after the departure of Tommy, Kim was himself replaced in band in the summer or fall of 1971 by Jock Bartley). 
  • Jock Bartley--guitar (joined during the summer of 1971) 
  • Dan Smyth--keyboards (Dan joined during summer/fall of 1971) 
  • Joan Alfonse--percussion (worked with the group only during the middle of 1971) 


The Soul Survivors, 1966.