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Denver Timeline 1965-1975
Denver Timeline 1965-1975
Family Dog 1967/1968

The Beatles at Red Rocks, August ,1964.

Denver Music Timeline 1965-1975

Denver Concerts and Events:



May 30 the Moonrakers/Glen Campbell/Dick & Dee Dee/Beach Boys
Denver Auditorium
August ? The Beatles, Red Rocks
November 11 the Galaxies/Boenzee Cryque/The McCoys/Beau Brummels/
Freddie and the Dreamers, Denver Auditorium
November 27 KIMN "Battle Of The Bands"
November 29 the Rolling Stones, Denver Colliseum


March 13 Bob Dylan (& the Band), Denver Auditorium
November 18 the Kingston Trio, Regis Fieldhouse


June 8 Boenzee Cryque/Buffalo Springfield, Hal Baby's
July 30 Free concert in Washington Park
  • Odetta
  • Beggar's Opera Company
  • Eighth Penny Matter
  • George
  • Hannigan's Greenhouse
  • The Silver Streak
  • The Crosstown Bus
  • The Crystal Palace Guard
August ? The Monkees. Denver Coliseum
September 24 Free Concert in Washington Park (?)
  • The Grateful Dead
  • Mother Earth
  • Captain Beefheart
  • Beggar's Opera Company
  • The Crystal Palace Guard
  • Boenzee Cryque
September ? The Doors, Student Union, Univ. of Denver
A "Rush Night" concert on friday night.
December 2 The Astronauts, The Exodus
December 3 Mother's Children, The Exodus
December 6 Collections, The Exodus
December 7 Beggar's Opera Company, The Exodus


February 14 The Soft Machine/Jimi Hendrix, Regis College
December 26 Led Zeppelin/Spirit/Vanilla Fudge
The appearance of Led Zeppelin was not announced before the show. This was the
first concert by Led Zeppelin in the USA.



June 27/Friday "The Denver Pop Festival", Mile High Stadium
Aum/The Flock/Zephyr/Iron Butterfly/Mothers Of Invention
June 28/Saturday Big Mama Thornton/Sweetwater/Tim Buckley/Poco/Johnny Winter
June 29/Saturday Rev. Cleophus Robinson/Joe Cocker/Zephyr/CCR/Jimi Hendrix Experience
September 1 Jimi Hendrix, Red Rocks
November 29 CSNY, Denver Coliseum
Also in 1969:
B.B. King/Terry Reid/The Rolling Stones, Fieldhouse Univ. of Northern Colorado, Ft. Collins
A "Tuneup" gig for the national tour.


March 25 Led Zeppelin, Denver Auditorium Arena
April ? The Doors, Univ. of Denver Auditorium
May 12 CSNY, Denver Coliseum
May 15, 16 Blues Image/Shocking Blue/Mountain, Mammoth Gardens
May 22, 23 Fever Tree/Eric Burdon & War
May 23 Wilbert Harrison/Ike & Tina Turner Revue/Creedence Clearwater Revival
Denver Coliseum
June 2, 3 Frummox/Sandy Bull, unknown venue
June 5, 6 Gypsy/Pentangle/Spirit, Mammoth Gardens
June 9 The Who, Mammoth Gardens
December 11 The Moody Blues, Denver Coliseum


February 20 We Five, Marvelous Marv's
February 27 Black Sabbath/Mountain, Denver Coliseum
March 14 Savoy Brown/The Faces, Denver Coliseum
March 18 Jo Mama/Carole King/James Taylor, Denver Auditorium
April 10 Canned Heat, Univ. of Denver Arena
April 11 Cat Stevens, Denver Auditorium Theater
April 15 Arlo Guthrie, Denver Auditorium
April 19 Bloodrock/Grand Funk Railroad, Denver Coliseum
April 29 Elton John, Denver Auditorium
May 16, 17 The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Regis College
May 28 The James Gang/Quicksilver Messenger Service, Denver Coliseum
May 30 Zephyr, Student Union, Univ. of Denver
July 6 (or Aug 9th) Chase/Stephen Stills, Red Rocks Amphitheater
July 18, 20 Chicago
August 28 Judy Collins, Red Rocks Amphitheater
September 5 Freddie King/Leon Russell, Denver Coliseum
September 28, 29 Santana, Denver Coliseum
October 29 Zephyr, Auditorium-Univ. of Denver
November 1 Ten Years After, Denver Coliseum
November 6 John Denver, Denver Auditorium
November 7 Richie Havens, Denver Auditorium
November 23 Cat Stevens, Denver Coliseum
December 4, 5 The Who, Denver Coliseum


June 21 Led Zeppelin, Denver Coliseum
July 25 Manassas, Denver Coliseum
August 3 The Eagles, Denver Coliseum
August 3 ELP, Denver ??
September 19 Pink Floyd, Fieldhouse, Univ. of Denver


January 23 America, Regis Fieldhouse
March 12, 13 Neil Young, Denver Coliseum
May 25 Led Zeppelin, Denver Coliseum
May ? Taj Mahal, Ebbet's Field
May 30 Muddy Waters, Ebbet's Field
June 4 Return To Forever, Ebbet's Field
July 18-20 Little Feat, Ebbet's Field
July 9 Jethro Tull, Red Rocks
August 23 Howlin' Wolf, Ebbet's Field
December 3 Proctor & Bergman, Ebbet's Field
December 10 Poco, unknown venue


January 31 Loggins & Messina, unknown venue
February 6 Bob Dylan (& the Band), Denver Coliseum
March 26 Edgar Winter, unknown venue
March 27-30 Ozark Mountain daredevils/Brewer & Shipley, unknown venue
April 3, 4 Deep Purple, unknown venue
April 16 Mott The Hoople, Ebbets Field?
April ? The Outlaws, Ebbet's Field
April ? The Strawbs, Ebbet's Field
May 23 Fairport Convention, Ebbet's Field
July 8 Bob Seger, Ebbet's Field
July 23 Eric Clapton, ? Denver
July 21 Allman Brothers, Mile High Stadium
July 25 CSNY, Mile High Stadium
August 11 Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer/Bad Company, unknown venue
August 12 Chris Jagger, Ebbets Field?
August 21, 22 Seals & Crofts, unknown venue
August 28 Black Oak Arkansas/The Guess Who, unknown venue
August 31 Joni Mitchell, unknown venue
October 30 Spirit, Ebbet's Field
December 10-16 Jose Feliciano, unknown venue
Also in 1974 at Ebbet's Field: Freddie King, Roy Buchannan, Tom Waits


January 8-11 The Flying Burrito Brothers, unknown venue
February 19 Gene Clark, Ebbets Field
March 4-6 Leo Sayer, unknown venue
May ?? Chris Hillman Band, Ebbets Field
May 16 Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ebbets Field?
July 17 Stephen Stills, Red Rocks Amphitheater
July 20 The Rolling Stones, unknown venue
July 23 The Outlaws, Ebbets Field
August 7 America, Red Rocks Amphitheater
August 12 Eric Clapton, Denver Coliseum
August 18, 19 Dan Fogelberg/The Eagles, Red Rocks Amphitheater
August 27 Blue Oyster Cult, unknown venue
October 10 Edgar Winter, unknown venue
October 31 Jefferson Starship, McNichols Arena
Grace Slick's birthday.
November 13 Loggins & Messina, Denver Coliseum
December 3-7 Tom Waits, Ebbets Field?

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