Colorado Music Page
Denver Timeline 1965-1975
Family Dog 1967/1968

May1967-The Doppler Effect and The Fantastic Zoo
1601 West Evans, just months before the Dog.


  • Tulagi's
  • The Buff Club
  • The Honeybucket
  • The Skunk Creek Inn
Denver Area
  • The Analyst 311 East 20th Avenue
  • The Baja Stout Street
  • The Bandbox Colfax (1957-64)
  • The Cave Littleton
  • The Cinnamon Cinder S. Colorado near Arkansas Ave. (1964-65)
  • Ebbets Field 14th & Curtis/downtown
  • The Electric Lite Show at The Electric Outlet 220 South Broadway (1967)
  • The Exodus 1999 North Lincoln
  • The Galaxy West Alameda Avenue & Sheridan Blvd.
  • Hal Baby's East Montview & Dayton, Aurora
  • LaPichet 1750 West Mississippi
  • Le Bristro A-Go-Go formerly the Bandbox
  • The Lemon Tree Lounge 11475 West Colfax Avenue
  • The Library 4165 South Broadway, Englewood (1964-65)
  • Mammoth Gardens
  • Marvelous Marv's 14th & Curtis/downtown
  • The Peppermint Cave 1420 Logan
  • Pussy Cat A Go Go Santa Fe & Louisiana
  • The Red Room West 63rd & Federal Blvd.
  • The RUG-ged Room 268 South Pierce, Lakewood
  • Sam's Club Lookout Mountain
  • The Sugar Shack Colfax Avenue
  • Whisky A-Go-Go 1601 W. Evans (1965, early 1966)

Colorado Springs:

  • The Annex South Tejon

  • Folk/Bluegrass
  • The Apple 1 West Las Vegas (?)

  • This is the successor to the "Lady Bug", from the summer of 1969?
  • Caravan Night Club 2311 East Platte Avenue

  • Appears to have closed in '68, may have reopened under a different name.
    This building is now used by Acme Pawn.
  • City Auditorium Kiowa Street
  • Club Go-Go 210 East Cimarron

  • This location went through many changes before closing as an entertainment spot
    and is currently used for consignment sales of antiques and collectibles.
  • Duncan's Cotton Club 25 West Colorado Avenue

  • I believe this block was leveled in the late seventies.
  • George's Pizza Parlor Downtown on Colorado Avenue, near the 119.
  • The Hackney House 900 East Fillmore

  • This is now the Omelette Parlor.
  • The Hogan 2817 North Nevada

  • In the sixties this was a C & W club with many national acts appearing there,
    in the late seventies it reopened as Country/Rock club. In 1976 they hosted one of the
    first shows by Firefall, John Stewart & Gene Clarke also played there in the 1970s.
  • The Honeybucket 504 East Pikes Peak

  • A used building supply business called "Architectural Salvage" uses this location.
  • The Hullabaloo 3200 North Nevada

  • Operated around the years of 1966-68, this club was associated with the TV show of the same name. This Butler building is currently used by KTTV, channel 11.
  • The Hungry Farmer 575 W. Garden Of The Gods Rd

  • This restaurant offered Country/Rock & Bluegrass in the "Still" starting in the mid-1970s. Including Radford & Lewis, Fall River Road, Mountain Flyer and the Clones of the Pioneers.
  • Kelker Junction 2540 Weston Road

  • Large 3.2 southside concert hall operated from March of 1967 until sometime in 1970. Lights by Capt. Whizzo (The late Benny Goodbar).A trucking company now uses this location.
  • The Krazy Kat 3905 North Nevada

  • This one-time VFW hall was operated as beer-dance hall throughout the sixties,
    and was known later as "The Kat", with it's distinctive logo of a Cat with a tophat.
    It was started by Manitou Springs businessman Art Walk and his son in the early sixties. Then around 1964 it was purchased by Jim Crumb, who had owned the motel across the street. A indoor pool was added during July of 1969. Jim ran it until a fire destroyed the building on Sunday, September 26, 1971.
  • The Lady Bug 1 West Las Vegas

  • A Dance Club around the years of 1967-69, started by the late Tom Deutsch.
    This building still exists.
  • The Merry Go Round 3020 West Colorado

  • A late sixties Supper club featuring high quality acts from out of town, operated by the late Tony Paris.
  • The Middle Earth 123 South Nevada

  • A short-lived (Winter/Spring 1968) spin-off from Kelker Junction, this downtown bar featured a liquid light show: Leprechaun Light Show.
    Most of this block remains as a furniture store, the numbers have changed.
  • Neteen Club 2400 block of West Colorado Avenue

  • Open around 1968/69, this small westside "teen club" club serviced
    sandwiches (like the Yellow Submarine), soft drinks and a steady diet of local bands. A Frank Freddes project, this club was closed due the patrons refusal to stop smoking dope in his establishment.
  • New Joes South Nevada around the corner from Sil's Barn.

  • Operated by Joe Bonicelli, Sil's brother.
  • The Old Corral 2106 East Platte Avenue

  • Longtime location of the Pure Energy night club, this club is reopening as the Velvet Underground.
  • The 119 Tap Room East Colorado Avenue

  • The club advertised itself as the having "the hottest beer, loudest music and the
    ugliest girls". It was located between Tejon & Nevada, this block was leveled around 1975.
  • The Outer Limits South Highway 85/87, Security

  • Location unknown.
  • The Pink Panther 222 East Moreno (Downtown)

  • Open only 1964.
  • The Ramsgate ? S. Tejon ?

  • A downtown Teen Club.
  • The Red Ram 126 South Tejon St.

  • Open around 1969, this club was part of a national chain of clubs that offered 6% beer
    and food. In the summer, the Sixth Sense were the house band there.
  • Reed Ranch North of Garden Of The Gods Road, just off of Wilson Road.

  • This one-time Horse Ranch was used as a concert site (in the large horse barn) for several years starting in the summer of 1969 and continuing until 1971 or 1972.
    The ranch site has given way to a housing development.
  • Sil's Barn Downtown on Colorado Avenue, across from the 119 Tap Room.

  • Operated by Sil Bonicelli, the brother of Joe Bonicelli.
  • Superstar South Academy

  • Tony Paris's 1970-72? rock equivalent of his Merry-Go-Round, which was later used for the Homer's Odyssey dance club.
  • The Velvet Hammer 2540 Weston road

  • A short-lived title (1971 only ) for the club former known as Kelker Junction, just before it closed as a live club.
  • The Village Idiot 504 E. Pikes Peak

  • formerly the Honeybucket.
  • The VIP 4630 Austin Bluffs Road (Templeton Gap)

  • Around 1970 this 3.2 club offered bands on the weekends such Paxtons & The Mir.
    Later this club was taken over by George Argos, who changed it to a C & W club
    called the T-Gap Lounge, currently this location is home to an adult night club called TNT's.
  • The Wagon Wheel Lounge 2308 East Platte Avenue

  • Still open at this location.
  • Weston Electric 2540 Weston Road

  • Opening after 1972, this dance club also featured added drumming from a live performer.
    The same location as Kelker Junction (67-70) and the Velvet Hammer (1971).
  • The Fantastic Zoo
  • The Hi-Fi Club
  • The Honeybucket
  • Jerry's Drive-In
  • Pinocchio's
  • Silver Saddle