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Family Dog 1967/1968

Jim Morrison in Denver on September 29th, 1967.
This photo was taken at the D. U. Student Center.

The Grateful Dead
Human Be-In held in City Park, Denver on September 24, 1967

A flyer for the Spet. 24, 1967 " Human Be In"
Sponsored by Bob Gately

The Family Dog, 1601 West Evans, Denver

1967 Concerts

September 8 & 9  Friday, Saturday:

The Eighth Penny Matter/Blue Cheer/Big Brother & The Holding Company

The Eighth Penny Matter open the club, it was their demo tape that lead Barry Fey to the San Francisco offices of the Family Dog on June 7th 1967, Barry was on his honeymoon (and out of work, having just left the employ of Denver Promoter Ed Weimer), so he decides to drop by the Family Dog office after seeing their Billboard ad in which they'd sought new acts (with original material) for the club. He then makes an appeal on behalf of the band, friends from his earliest days in Colorado, with a 4 song reel recorded in Denver. Chet and Bob then invite him to the Avalon Ballroom that night and give Barry another view of the local scene, with the light show,  Barry returns to Denver, and after hearing of the closing of The Bird, he sees on opening for the Family Dog to expand to Denver, so he calls Bob Cohen, who soon flys out.


September 15 & 16  Friday, Saturday:

Superband/The Charlatans/Quicksilver Messenger Service

September 22 & 23  Friday, Saturday:

Mother Earth/The Grateful Dead

September 29  Friday:

Captain Beefheart/Lothar and the Hand People

September 30  Saturday:

The Crystal Palace Guard/Captain Beefheart/The Doors

Note: the Crystal Palace Guard were not listed on the poster, but I had a message from Cris Williamson (then a DU student and vocalist for the group) and she singled out this show.

October 6 & 7  Friday, Saturday:

The Eighth Penny Matter/Buffalo Springfield

Note: Neil Young had just rejoined the group after parting for most of the summer, and as the late Bill Ashford told me "folks were still buzzing about the show" when he arrived here just after date, in the fall of 1967.


October 13 & 14  Friday, Saturday:

The Daily Flash/Van Morrison

Note: during this show, the street in front of club was blocked off in some sort of checkpoint fashion, leading patrons to the conclusion that the club was either raided or closed.

October 20  Friday:

Allmen Joy/Canned Heat

October 21  Saturday:

American Standard/plus other local bands

All playing in place of the recently arrested Canned Heat.


October 27 & 28  Friday, Saturday:

Allmen Joy/Lothar & The Hand People


November 3 & 4  Friday, Saturday:

The Superfine Dandelion/Blue Cheer


November 7 & 8  Tuesday, Wednesday:

The Other Half/The Jefferson Airplane


November 10 & 11  Friday, Saturday:

The Other Half/The Sons Of Champlin


November 17 & 18  Friday, Saturday:

The New World Blues Dictionary/The Sons Of Champlin/ Chuck Berry (backing by the "New World Blues Dictionary")


December 1 & 2  Friday, Saturday:

Solid Muldoon/The Jim Kweskin Jug Band


December 8 & 9  Friday, Saturday:

The Siegal Schwall Band/Canned Heat


December 15 & 16  Friday, Saturday:

Jimmerfield Legend/Soul Survivors/The Box Tops


December 21  Thurday:

A Benefit Concert for injured college student Sharie Duncan (from the University of Colorado). Performing were Allmen Joy/Eighth Penny Matter/Leopold Fuchs/Jimmerfield Legend and American Standard.

December 22 & 23  Friday, Saturday:

The Amercian Standard/Otis Redding

This Concert was canceled when Otis Redding died in Wisconsin on December 10, the Family Dog staff was shaken, and the dates are left open.

December 29, 30 & 31 Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Gingerbred Blu/Jimmerfield Legend/Allmen Joy/The Doors

note: This series of concerts appears to end the involvement of the San Francisco Family Dog in Denver. According to Marc Richardson they went broke and some things, like his light show equipment just vanished. This was inspite of the fact that the Doors played for free to assist the Club.


1968 Concerts

The shows held at the club in 1968 were booked by Barry Fey, who intended to call his new company "Feline Productions" as to resemble the Family Dog, but the ad man at KIMN radio  made the false assumption that the ad copy was misspelled, so they made the commerical using the phrase "Feyline Productions". I do not believe he produced many posters (the March show for Cream did), but mostly flyers drawn by local artists, who would use the small "family dog" logo on the flyers. In this period the club was just called "the Dog".


January 12 & 13 Friday, Saturday:

Beggars Opera Company/American Standard/The Eighth Penny Matter

January 19 & 20 Friday, Saturday:

The Eighth Penny Matter/October Country

January 26 & 27 Friday, Saturday:

Last Friday's Fire/The New World Blues Dictionary


February 2 & 3 Friday, Saturday:

Leopold Fuchs Hate Band/The Fugs

February 9 & 10 Friday, Saturday:

American Standard/Leopold Fuchs H. Bomb


February 14, Wednesday: 

Jimi Hendrix stops by to jam after his show at the Regis College Fieldhouse that night. Members of the Eighth Penny Matter describe Jimi as playing on their equipment, most likely set up for the upcoming friday show. Leslie Haseman has stated that it was a private situtation.

March 5 & 6 Tuesday, Wednesday:

Blue Cheer

March 8 & 9 Friday, Saturday:

The Siegal Schwall Blues Band


March 15 & 16 Friday, Saturday:


Note: shortly after this gig, the band (with the exception of member Brandenburg), become the Electric Prunes after Rich Fifield suggests them to Capitol record executives in LA.

March 19, Tuesday: 

Magic Mice/Black Pearl

Although Cream is booked,  Jack Bruce is detained while attempting to return to the US from Tijuana, Mexico. Barry calls in the Magic Mice at the last moment.

March 20, Wednesday: 

Black Pearl, Cream

Note from Van Dorn:

"Another time I was in the audience right up next to the stage, the night Cream played.
They played a lot of songs, but I think I particlualry remember them playing BADGE, and during Clapton's middle break where that famous riff starts, everybody in the place was transformed.
Eric was right on with every note he threw at us that night, and Jack's singing was amazing. Ginger may have had too much travel and too much drink because I remember that Eric and Jack had to help him on and off the stage, but his drumming was TOO fine for words. His drums were tuned in the finest tones that only he knows how to do, his double bass drumming was flawless, and his meters were spellbinding, just a bit laid back in a groove that only Cream could ever stabilize.
I'm glad I was there and have that memory. "

Note: Cream return to Southern California the next day, and Eric and most the Buffalo Springfield get busted in a local canyon house (a girlfriend of Stills). Stills himself flees the police via a bathroom window, but not the rest of group and Eric. This event effectively ends the band and they stop gigging within weeks.


March 27, Wednesday:

Canned Heat

The concert flyer mentions the song "My Crime", a reference to Bob Hite's song written after the October 1967 Denver arrest.

April 6, Saturday:

The Fugs

April/May?  A Matthew Katz show, including Moby Grape,  It's A Beautiful Day and two lesser known Bay Area acts: Black Swan and Indian Pudding and Pipe. All of whom were names that he controlled, and so he'd staff them as needed.  Given how obscure the acts were, it's unknown who may've performed, most were are present on the record album Mr Katz had just issued called: "San Francisco Sound".


April ? Wednesday (Ladies Night), Friday and Saturday:

"Winter" and The Conqueroo.

The original Texas power trio with Johnny Winter, Uncle John Turner and Tommy Shannon. Shannon would later perform with Stevie Ray Vaughan.  

May 3, Friday:

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention


May ?

"The Electric Flag" possibly with Howlin Wolf

June 8, Saturday:

The Byrds

This in one of their final appearances with Gram Parsons. They appear wearing matching soft leather jackets. Electrical Power has to be restored to the club via a makeshift attachment to a power line, made possible by one of the Byrds crew.


June 14 & 15  Friday, Saturday:

Josh White/Fever Tree

June 28 & 29  Friday, Saturday:

Big Brother and the Holding Company

July 19th, Friday:

Blue Cheer


The November 1967 show with Soul Survivors, is not the same as the local act "The Soul Survivors" with Gene Chalk and Pat Shannhan.

The Allmen Joy is not the same group of musicians as those in Allman Joy with Duane and Greg Allman. Information from Lu Stephens of the Allmen Joy

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1967 Canned Heat incident in Denver while playing at the Family Dog

The Grateful Dead
September 24, 1967 as part of the Be-In concert.

The Eighth Penny Matter
Four of the original members reunite in 2006.

The Magic Mice
Photograph taked behind the Exodus Club in 1968.