[While I was with my parents, I unloaded some gear and replaced some
others.  I left my cold weather clothes with them, and I got a down
sleeping bag and air mattress.

A down bag is amazing; it compresses into a tiny bag and weighs next 
to nothing.  The new bag and mattress will save a lot of space and 

I'm starting the trip again in Washington, DC, where my parents
dropped me off.  It is June 28, 3 months into the trip.]

Day 63 - on the road again, a short day - Sa

I had a late start because I had to pack up the last bit of stuff.  My
parents drove me to the Arlington Memorial Bridge, where I started to

The first thing I discovered was that my bike computer didn't work.  I
had trouble with it in Indiana, and I think the wire from the sensor is
broken.  Because of that I don't know how far I rode, but I think I only
did 28 or 29 miles.  The road was hilly and it had been a long time since
I was on the bike, so this was plenty of miles for me.

There aren't any campgrounds near Gaithersburg or Rockville, so I am
holed up in the Comfort Inn.  The room is $72!  That's a far cry from the
Baltimore Youth Hostel where I had planned to spend the night.

Mileage for the day: around 27.

I stopped by the Rock Creek bike path to talk to some kids who were selling
drinks to raise money for a present for one of their moms.  They were such
nice kids that I bought a bottle of spring water from them for a dollar.
Once I was out of DC, I hit hills with a vengeance.  I'm going to be very
sore for the next few days.  Thank goodness I only have a 40 mile ride
planned for tomorrow.

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