Day 99 - upgrade mac - Su (beginning week 15, August 4)

This was a good day to work on the computer.  Bill and I networked our
machines together, and I upgraded mine to System 7.5.3 over the net.
Appletalk isn't fast, but it's nice to have it available at times like

I updated my trip journal on my Mac, but I'm a long way from getting it
ready to post.  I've been taking only rough notes each day, instead of
writing a detailed entry as I did in the past.

Day 100 - hang out - Mo

Nothing of note happened today.  At least not that I remember.  There will
be a few days like this in the next couple of weeks.  I just didn't take any
notes for several days, and I can't think now (two weeks later) what happened
those days.

Day 101 - Salem - Tu

This morning I visited the AAA office and picked up lots of maps of Canada
and the northeastern states.  Once I reach Maine, I won't be following the
nice Adventure Cycling maps, so I will have to guess which roads are
lightly travelled and good for cycling.

I took the commuter train from Boston to Salem.  There is a pretty good
network of commuter lines in the Boston area.  Boston itself doesn't
cover much area, but the surrounding cities and towns (sometimes included
when people talk of "Boston") spread out a great distance.  It's like
Atlanta in that I always say I'm from Atlanta, but I haven't lived in
the city proper since 1987.  Most people haven't heard of Marietta, GA.
However, Atlanta has no commuter trains, so everyone drives in from the
suburbs; traffic can be pretty bad.

The town of Salem seems packed with witch-related tourist traps.  There
are many shops, a witch museum, a wax museum, fortune tellers, and more.
I saw the witch museum and learned an awful lot about the Salem witch
trials.  The 1600's were not a good time to be unpopular in a small
town in Massachusetts!

I also passed through lots of shops as I made my way to the Salem Maritime
National Historic Site.  Salem was a major international port during the 
early years of our country, so it was also a major source of revenue.  Before
income tax, our government made all its revenues from import duties, so the
customs house in Salem passed a lot of money on to the treasury.  Nathaniel
Hawthorne once served as a customs agent!

I too a tour through the old customs house and a house once owned by a
privateer entrepreneur (privateers were government-sponsored pirates!), 
who was also our country's first millionaire.  The tour guide also showed
us where the ships docked.  At low tide the ships would be beached and
resting on their bottoms while their cargo was unloaded.

There are lots of other historic sites to visit in Salem - Hawthorne's
House of the Seven Gables is famous - but I reached my limit and headed

Day 102 - hang out - We

Once again nothing happened worth mentioning.

Day 103 - wheel-building 101 - Th

After carrying a spare rim for over 1000 miles, I decided to rebuild my
front wheel.  It helps that Bill has a wheel truing jig and Jobst Brandt's
book, "The Bicycle Wheel" - recommended reading for anyone truing or building
a wheel.

First I had to take off the old rim, and after doing that I wished I had
done it sooner.  The holes in the factory rim were not centered or even
in a consistent line!  Rim holes should alternate from side to side about
the center line, because alternating spokes go to alternating sides of the
hub.  But the old rim wasn't even close.  It would be nearly impossible to
build a true wheel with even spoke tension with the old rim.

Trek owners beware.  This was a Trek wheel built in the Trek factory.  I would 
have returned the rim, but it's six months out of warranty.  If you care about 
your wheels, look them over carefully.  This is especially important for a
touring bike, on which the wheels take serious abuse.

I laced up the wheel, trued it, and brought it to a reasonable tension.  This
took me a lot longer than it should - about two hours, but not bad for a
beginner.  Bill took a look a the wheel and said it needed higher tension in
the spokes.  I'll take care of that tomorrow

Day 104 - finish building wheel - F

Betsy and I went shopping and I finished tensioning my wheel.  After building
one, I appreciate good wheels a lot more.  The new rim (Mavic Mod 3) is much 
better than the factory rim, and I know the wheel is built better than the
factory wheel.  It gives me a little more confidence to have a good wheel and
to know that I built it.

Day 105 - dinner with Kathy - Sa

This evening Betsy made an excellent leg of lamb dinner, which we shared with
Bill and Betsy's friend, Kathy.  It was a pleasant evening with good food and
interesting conversation.

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