Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling is located at

Adventure Cycling Association
150 E. Pine St.
PO Box 8308
Missoula, MT 59807-9968

Adventure Cycling was originally created to map out a bicycle route across the United States for the Bicentennial, but has expanded its routes to 3 trans-US routes, and east coast route, a west coast route, and several other shorter routes within the US.

AC produces the Cyclists' Yellow Pages - a valuable source of information for the bicycle tourist. The Yellow Pages include articles on planning a trip, bicycle selection, packing, and camping. They also have references for nearly every source of travel info the bicycle touris could want - maps, books, state and country departments of tourism, tour operators, etc. The Yellow Pages are free to all members.

AC also publishes a small touring supply catalog called "Cyclosource" and a bi-monthly magazine called "Adventure Cyclist." I usually read mine from cover to cover.
Membership is $28 in the US, $35 in Canada, and $45 elsewhere.