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(For those who may be confused, all the trip journals are for 1996, so I'm at least a year behind.)

My bicycle tour of the United States began on April 28, 1996 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. I'm updating my trip reports whenever I have web access, which is very irregular. Since my last trip report I have been to Boston and into Canada via New Hampshire and Vermont. In Canada I visited Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. After riding back into the states, I rode across the midwest as far as Saint Louis before the weather became too cold and wet to continue riding. So I went home, got my car, visited friends and family, and drove to Colorado to spend the winter skiing. Skipping lots of other things that happened, I'm now in Washington state, via Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia. Some day I'll at least summarize what transpired during the gaping hole in my trip notes, but for now the addition of weeks 14 and 15 will have to suffice.

I am carrying a Macintosh Powerbook 520c and some home-made solar cells to keep the batteries charged. My modem is a Hayes Optima V.34 PC-card.

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