Do revolving doors rotate the same way everywhere in the world?

My first question came from the unique brain of editor Bill Sheahan. He wondered, "Do revolving doors in London go the same way as those in the United States?"

Of course, Bill presupposed that all doors in the USA go the same way. In so stipulating, he laid bare the first fallacy to avoid in researching definitive information about our happening world; anecdotum provum nuttin. Anecdotal information cannot result in a rigorous proof of anything. The doors downstairs at NBC rotate counterclockwise. Every revolving door we can remember going through also rotates CCW. So what? What about the doors you havenít used, bub?

I sought expert opinion about revolving doors from Adam Jaworski, the president of Dynamic Door Service in Hoffman Estates. He confirmed that, indeed, revolving doors in the USA rotate CCW. (Actually, they can go either way, but have hardware mounted to motivate exclusively CCW usage.)

Whyfore this rotational imperative, I wondered aloud. Is there a powerful portal coriolis effect (which would mean that doors in the US and UK would revolve the same, but in Rio they would rotate clockwise)? Or is the imperative one motivated by civil engineering, to make traffic patterns flow to the right as people exit a building?

Adamís answer revealed a second principle which I will follow in this column: It is Occamís Razor, which states that when choosing an answer from a spectrum of possibilities, the simplest answer is generally correct.

In point of fact, Mr. Jaworski explained, revolving doors are designed to rotate counter-clockwise because most people are right-handed, and CCW rotation takes advantage of rightiesí hand placement to make the doors spin easier.

Glen Tracy of Crane Full View Door Company in Lake Bluff supervises the construction of revolving doors for both the US and the UK. He chuckled at the overthinking applied to this topic, although he agreed that, since Brits do so many things opposite from the colonies, speculation on revolving doors was at least reasonable.

Still, rife with peculiarity as the British seem to Yanks, most of them are right-handed, just like us. British revolving doors, Glen asserted, rotate the same way as do our own here in America, as do doors in the other twenty countries he has visited: Counterclockwise.

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