What are the first one million digits of Pi?

Boredom@smileyface.com broke up his or her tedious schoolday with this so-called challenge to mrlucky.

It certainly isn't difficult to obtain this information. In fact, searching the web, the problem is finding a site that gives you ONLY the first one million digits of pi!

ftp://sailor.gutenberg.org/pub/gutenberg/etext93/pimil10.txt is the place where I found the specific number of digits that dear Boredom requested. If you type "pi AND digits" as a boolean expression in your favorite search engine, (or just "pi digits" in Google, for instance,) you will be overwhelmed with pi pages, paeons of praise to pi, pi calculators, etc., until you are sorry you ever asked mrlucky this question.

If you, Boredom, don't care to visit the remarkable Gutenberg site, you may receive your million digits in this handy zip file I've made, just for you. Simply click here. The file is over 800 k, so be patient if you don't have a fast connection.

If you really didn't care about the first one million digits of pi, but simply wanted to see if mrlucky would bite, here is the abbreviated answer. Pi out to the specified number of digits =


For the intervening 999,980 digits, use the tools I provided above.


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