Why do people at Swell call timecoded videotape "bone"?

Next, I manipulated Robert Bial into asking me, "Why do people at Swell call time-coded videotape stock bone."

Well, kiddies, this is a tale that takes us to the earliest days of Swell Pictures (nee’ Cinetronics, Ltd.). The first colorist at our fledging firm was a clever fellow, name of Richard Garibaldi. Rich found it difficult to use mundane terminology for anything. When he was in the tape room at Editel and someone asked if a tape had been properly time-coded, (or striped, or based), he would simply say, "Yep, it’s been coded to the bone!" (The bone he referred to was, of course, the reel hub.) By the time Cinetronics opened, we were too busy making television history to have time for full sentences; thus, when queried as before, he simply said, "Yep. It’s boned." Soon thereafter, we all cut to the chase and asked him if there was any ‘Bone’. This term has expanded to a few shops in town, where Swell alumnae have become leaders. I have never asked Rich, who has worked for many years in California, if his clever lexicon has been adopted by any of the Hollyweird shops he’s worked at over the years.

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