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The lucky Foundation is worldwide in its scope. Its sophisticated metastructure contains literally millions of nodes, providing information on subjects exotic and mundane. The foundation's CIO, mrlucky himself, pursues each request for knowledge with the fierce dedication of...

Well, of a middle-aged man with too much spare time, combined with DSL, a library card and a subscription to the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online (at three bucks a month, one of the best values anywhere online!) Oh, yeah, and a telephone.

ask mrlucky originated in late 1997 as a column in the short-lived in-house newsletter of Swell, Incorporated. Even in a world filled with Cecil Adams, Dave Feldman and myriad other trivia/significa writers, there still seemed to be room for one more seeker of fact. With a circulation of almost seventy, mrlucky did not have to worry about close scrutiny. Still, he strove for accuracy, and was generally exacting, if not pithy.

Having produced several thousand words for the erratically published Menacing Swell Newsletter, mrlucky decided to migrate his musings to the Web. The archives you'll find elsewhere on this site represent a year's worth of rumination and research, cut short when the majority of questions asked turned fairly absurd and/or tiresome.

Now, more than two years later, mrlucky has returned from his self-imposed exile within a cryptically labeled subdirectory, to resume his selfless search on behalf of others unwilling to seek themselves the straight d...(oops, copyright infringement!)

Your quest for answers might be trivial to others, but to mrlucky, nothing is trivial! Go ahead: ask mrlucky!

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