Return Path to Eden
(Part 7)

Our Conduit to God

A brief review of the Aquarian Gospel

Interpreted by Michael F. O’Keeffe


Jesus taught that every one of us, as child of God, has a conduit, which runs directly to our Father – to His strength, knowledge, and love – the trinity.  However, anyone who holds any resentment toward any of his human brothers or sisters (regardless of the reason) has constricted the conduit, and has thereby cut himself off from the Trinity.

Forgiveness is the opposite of resentment, and anyone who seeks the peace of God must strive to forgive rather than resent.  One can easily forgive a child who commits a small, childlike offense, but how does one learn to forgive major offenses, which tear at one’s heart and disrupt one’s peace of mind?  Only divine forgiveness will suffice.

The strength to forgive divinely comes through self-restraint.  He who restrains his carnal appetites, passions and desires (and perseveres) has slightly opened the conduit, and he discovers that divine forgiveness flows to (and through) him easily and naturally.  Then one discovers he has the power to forgive divinely, to forgive even major offenses.  Thus, self-restraint empowers one to forgive divinely, and this flow of forgiveness opens wider the conduit to God.


Then comes a bountiful flow.  One receives (from our Father) the three divine attributes: Strength, Knowledge, and Love.  This is how any child of God may become an heir to the Divine – a Son of God or Daughter of God – through faith.


Jesus, a very advanced and wise soul, knew the secret way to open His conduit to the divine.  Because He completely conquered His carnal desires, divine forgiveness flowed to Him, and through Him, like a river; and thus, when some Hebrew brothers and sisters (angered by His criticism, and jealous of His power and fame) drove nails into His wrists and feet, He was incredibly strong, and chose not to resent (not to constrict His conduit to God) but instead, to forgive.


Because Jesus devoted His entire life to making good use of His wisdom and understanding, He had the strength to forgive His Hebrew brothers and sisters when they sentenced Him to the cross.  The resultant flood of deific consciousness and divine strength, which came to Him through the wide-open conduit, brought to Him ALL the powers of God, including the power of self-resurrection.


He announced, “We all are children of our Father-God, and we are eternal.  Every human being is my brother, is my sister.  Hear me, my friends; hear me, my younger brothers and sisters!  Every one of you is invited to follow me!  As children of our Father-God, we all are heirs to the trinity – divine Strength, Wisdom and Love.


“Each physical incarnation our Father gives us is an opportunity to learn The Way.


“Indeed, eventually, every one of you will follow me (and learn The Way) but take stock of yourself before you start to follow me; and don’t look back!”



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