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A Letter to Albert Einstein


Dear Mr. Einstein


Here is your Unified Field.


Traditional science does not include the understanding that men and women can cause (or influence) physical events, simply by the power of thought.  Most religions also fail to take this into account.  Science and Religion do not conflict.  They simply have some mutual blind spots, which give the illusion that they conflict. 


Thus, in the ever-present quest to determine if there are other “inhabited worlds” out there (orbiting other suns), Science has assumed that earthlike planets are random happenstances.


Wrong!  This is part of the blind spot of Western Science, which is unaware of the fact that “Earths” are caused – formed by the thoughts of very advanced minds. 


Religions assume that only God, our Father, can create an “Earth.”  They are unaware that very mature human souls have been given access to divine powers – by our Father-God.  They are unaware that He grants to his children such access  (when they have proven their worthiness) because God and Man are One.


Because of this oneness, and because God loves His children so dearly, advanced human souls eventually inherit all our Father’s attributes and powers; and, using these powers, they create worlds.  They accomplish this by using mind-power to influence the formation of planets and by establishing their orbits, and they can station the moons.  Thus, by the power of thought, they form inhabitable “Earths.”


The universe is filled with Earth-like worlds, inhabited by men and women much like us – youthful souls, and by animals and plants; and every one of these worlds was formed by the power of creative thought – by the thoughts of men and women who have matured, and have realized our oneness with our Father in Heaven.  Thus, when we pray for weather beneficial to our comfort and our survival, we are simply asking very advanced human brothers and sisters to utilize their inherited access to divine power – for our benefit.


When Judgment Day soon arrives, these “gods” (these men and women who can form worlds and control the weather) will reveal themselves, and they will conduct the judgment.  Those of us (youthful souls) who have been striving to cultivate unselfishness, kindness and sincerity, will be granted entry into a sacred school, where we will be taught how to access and utilize the vast creative powers of the human mind, and we will (after much learning) eventually achieve our teachers’ level of maturity, and thus learn to form worlds by the power of thought, and to travel instantaneously among them, as we become teachers – mature children of God, who lead youthful souls to the most sacred Truth: that God and Man are one.


Those found unworthy on the Judgment Day will experience deep grief, for they will be required to wait a long, long time, until there is another Judgment Day, after the passage of many eons (and countless incarnations and reincarnations).  Then, these men and women will finally be reconsidered for admission to the sacred, secret dimension – the school for gods.


The Judgment Day (the harvest time of souls), like all harvests, is cyclical, occurring over and over again – eternally.   However, Judgment Day is an extremely rare event.   Yet, since God owns eternity, all His children are eventually redeemed; ALL are eventually found worthy of admission to heaven’s “High School” – the highest school of human learning.  (Our Earth’s Judgment Day is very near.)


Mr. Einstein, I urge you to ponder this oneness of God and Mankind as described here, and after you have contemplated all of the implications, I’m sure you will realize that this oneness (this union of Man and the Divine) forms the fabric of what you have long sought – the “holy grail” of Science, the Unified Field.




Michael F. O’Keeffe


P. S.  This Letter is based on nearly 20 years of study and contemplation of  The Aquarian Gospel,” the book which reveals God (our Father) and us, His Children (and our inheritance).




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