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Accidents, Disease, Storms and Earthquakes:
What really causes them?


by Michael F. O’Keeffe
(Based on 18 years of study of “The Opened Book.”)

(composed 02-03-01)



Nothing happens, except that it is caused.  There are no random happenings.  Natural law governs all events.  Nothing happens, except that God Himself (or one of His children) has chosen to use one of the divine powers at his or her disposal to bring about the event – intentionally or unintentionally.  God’s children (often unaware of their own divine powers) cause many things to happen – including many tragedies and catastrophes.  Most of us are unaware that our thoughts and actions influence natural forces, such as the weather, earth stresses, as well as the health of our own bodies.  Like small children with access to dangerous, powerful tools and machines, we often wreak terrible havoc upon ourselves.


Jesus was a man who knew about our ability to influence natural forces, and He learned to carefully and skillfully utilize these powers, and thus, He could command a storm to cease its fury, and He could command a departed soul to cease its torments of a living person, making it depart (end its possession); and He healed by the power of thought, and He also mastered many other miraculous skills. 


Jesus taught that we (all men and women) as children of our divine Father in heaven, have divine powers at our disposal, but when we sin (when we thoughtlessly and carelessly violate certain natural laws) we cause all kinds of unpleasant occurrences. 


Much of Earth’s population, as immature children, is unaware of this; and we do not want to become aware.  We resist understanding, because we do not want to take responsibility.  We seek to be excused.


Nevertheless, the Truth is:


When people conspire against one another, using every ill manner of deceit and intrigue, disasters occur.  Hurricanes and tornadoes (and other types of catastrophes) happen.  Normal natural forces, such as weather systems (intended to bring us needed gentle winds and rains) transform into raging, destructive storms.


When we (children of God) use divine powers (always at our disposal) to maltreat the poor, abuse animals, condemn the innocent and kill infants (born or unborn), various disasters, like earthquakes, volcanoes and even devastating attacks by foreign foes, eventually occur. 


When men and women abuse their right to Nature’s gift of ever-present adequate food supply (by constantly consuming more than our rightful share) all kinds of misfortunes eventually ensue, including poverty, scarcity and tyranny, as well as accidents and disease – often leading to painful and frightening forms of death. 


When people constantly do all of the above (and more) without remorse or contrition, for an extended period of time, the resulting natural imbalances eventually bring on incidents of carnage and war, famine, epidemics, floods, earth-changes, planetoidal collisions, and scourges of all kinds.


When we live sinfully (or when we worship anything other than God, our Father)* we unknowingly misuse divine powers (we don’t even know we have) and we create great tragedies.  (We are immature children of God, unaware; and by our sinful ways, we unknowingly influence powerful natural forces.)


When we are unknowingly misusing our powers, we receive, by natural law, many warnings (isolated instances of what’s headed our way – by our own doing) and these events begin to arrive more quickly prior to the great cataclysmic events.


Here are some warning signs we have seen in recent times:


Mt. St. Helens and other volcanoes.

Columbine and other carnage.

Loma Prieta, Northridge, Western India and other quakes.

The string of pearls and Jupiter.

Powerful hurricanes, tornadoes and firestorms.

Greedy, insane and unashamedly corrupt government officials.

Courts and legislative bodies unwilling (and afraid) to depose unashamedly corrupt government officials.

Judicial bodies (and entire nations) willing to cast a blind eye toward high officials who commit appalling crimes.

Economic chaos, shortages and wars.

Gross mistakes and miscarriages of justice in human courts of law.

Pfiesteria, mad cow disease and other kinds of pestilence and scourges.

Strange sightings and encounters, and mysterious abductions.


Cataclysmic events are headed our way.*


Each Individual experiences the horrors (personally) in proportion to one’s participation in sinful ways.  Furthermore, the horrors one experiences are often similar in nature to one’s violations of natural justice; i.e. a person who habitually abuses animals for purposes of “medical or cosmetic” research may find himself being abducted by members of a much more powerful culture, and similarly abused and used for research or experimentation.


The wise, who understand this Revelation, have an obligation to try to warn and teach the foolish.  (These are the times of Revelation.)  But we must be careful how we approach unenlightened brothers and sisters.  Remember, Jesus taught: if you try to help a hungry dog by throwing precious diamonds to it, it will either run away, or attack you.  A bad situation will have been made worse.  The knowledge that we are God’s children (who have divine powers) is precious information indeed, but let us be careful not to prematurely cast these pearls and gems of Truth toward someone not yet prepared to comprehend, for he is sure to behave like a frightened, hungry animal; and he will have been driven further away from comprehending.


By studying The Aquarian Gospel, we can learn how the wise may prepare the foolish to understand and accept precious gems of Truth.


 A nation, which worships the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, is in danger of self-destructing.


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