When John’s Mother Died


When John (the harbinger of Messiah) was twelve years old, his mother died, and he was deeply grieved.  His teacher, Matheno, consoled him:


“…Matheno said,
It is not well to weep because of death.
3) Death is no enemy of man; it is a friend who, when the work of life is done, just cuts the cord that binds the human boat to earth, that it may sail on smoother seas.
4) No language can describe a mother's worth, and yours was tried and true. But she was not called hence until her tasks were done.
5) The calls of death are always for the best, for we are solving problems there as well as here; and one is sure to find himself where he can solve his problems best.
6) It is but selfishness that makes one wish to call again to earth departed souls.
7) Then let your mother rest in peace. Just let her noble life be strength and inspiration unto you.
8) A crisis in your life has come, and you must have a clear conception of the work that you are called to do.
9) The sages of the ages call you harbinger. The prophets look to you and say, He is Elijah come again.
10) Your mission here is that of harbinger; for you will go before Messiah's face to pave his way, and make the people ready to receive their king.


(from AG 15: 2-10)




prepared by Michael F. O’Keeffe