Heaven’s Jailhouse
by Michael F. O’Keeffe


Levi H. Dowling opened the Book of God’s Remembrance (the Akashic Records) near the end of the nineteenth century.  He transcribed the Aquarian Gospel from these sacred archives.  His transcription is the little book – sweet in the mouth, and bitter in the stomach.  Since Levi gained access to the sacred Archives of Time, and transcribed the little book, has not the world experienced most of the desolation and despair of the seven seals? 


The seven seals of Revelation describe the awful consequences that happen to God’s children when they disregard the laws of Heaven (which are also the laws of Earth, because Earth is a part of Heaven).*


Yes, Earth is simply a section of Heaven (set-aside for ignorant and foolish children of God – those who disregard Heaven’s laws).  Thus, Earth is “Heaven’s jailhouse” where we are taught to reform; and Christ (through mercy) occasionally enters the facility, and teaches the inmates, and then departs, saying, “follow me, I am the Way  (the way out).


Earth (and nearby space) is the scene of the “final war,” the war between good and evil.  Anyone who participates in the violence and deceit of this horrible war has joined the side of evil, and has demonstrated that he (or she) is not yet eligible to be released from confinement.  There is no place in heaven for violence and deceit (except the Jailhouse).


Therefore, when Earth becomes transformed (after Judgment Day) into a “heavenly place,” those who have proven themselves unworthy of “liberty in heaven” will not be allowed to remain.  They will pass on, and reincarnate, in due time, into worlds that are still ages way from Judgment Day and the wondrous transformation.


* see AG 129:11-19


The cause of all Accidents, Disease, and Natural Disasters