God’s Magnificent Garden

And the Day of Transition

(Reincarnation Explained)


By Michael F. O’Keeffe


The information presented here is more valuable than a goldmine, and if you comprehend,
you are blessed, for you possess precious wisdom   Most of the world is oblivious to this knowledge,
and does not care to know.



The Aquarian Gospel reveals many of the mysteries of God and our relationship to Him.  Our association with our Father is simple, yet profound, and as youthful offspring, most of us find it difficult to comprehend.  Yet, we can acquire an understanding by grasping the concept called “God’s Magnificent Garden.” 


Here is an explanation:


Many varieties of plant-life can reproduce through "total regeneration."  For example, when small cuttings are taken from common flora and inserted into moist soil, they sprout roots and grow, and become perfect reproductions of the parent plant. Some plants, under lab conditions, can totally regenerate by the removal and transplantation of individual cells.

God is Spirit, and we are God’s children, and He reproduces through "total regeneration."  As His offspring, we are Divine Spirit Cells, removed by our Father, and inserted into fertile soil (called the physical universe).  In this soil, we are expected to learn, grow and develop, and eventually become mature, adult descendants of the divine – perfect offspring of our parent – God.


We require many incarnations in the soil of physicality before we can achieve this.  As we learn and grow, our souls periodically call for new containers and refreshment of soil.  Thus, each reincarnation is like a new transplantation. 


After many lifetimes of learning, all human souls (every one of us) will eventually attain full human growth and maturity – like Jesus (and like Miriam, his lesser known female collaborator).  Each of us is destined to eventually develop the ability to instantly heal disease and injury with mental power, and furthermore, we will finally discover how to conquer death itself.  Immortality is everyone’s destiny!

The divine descendant who incarnated on Earth over 2,000 years ago (known as Jesus, the Christ) was initially inserted into the soil of physicality during very ancient times (many ages before our original transplantation).  Therefore, when he incarnated here, he was a very ancient soul, who had previously experienced countless incarnations (before this Earth was even formed); and thus, his soul had already attained maturity. 


As a mature soul, Jesus was granted his inheritance – divine power, divine wisdom, and divine love – the trinity-bequest.  And so, as an adult child of God, Jesus had become identical to our Father.  He had become a full-fledged Son of God – living an incarnate life.  Therefore, he came to Earth as our elder brother – much elder.  His mission (his assigned task) was to live a perfect incarnate life, while guiding less mature souls – teaching us to follow him – so that we may become like him.  (This would be his final incarnation.)


Thus, our Lord was sent here to teach us – his youthful brothers and sisters.  And, by so doing, he delivered a message to the whole world (to all human souls mature enough to listen and comprehend).  The message Jesus brought clearly states that every one of us is destined to eventually achieve his level of maturity, and become exactly like him (and like Miriam), and they came to show us the way.  Their lives are our example of what all men and women are capable of becoming (and will become).  We have no place else to go!


What other destiny could exist for God’s own children, other than to eventually attain full maturity, and acquire all the wisdom and power of our Father, and become exactly like Him?  (As Jesus did, and as Miriam did.)  Jesus and Miriam are our example of two human souls who finally attained full maturity, and became identical to our Father – God.  This is the ultimate destiny of every human being! 


And so, now, during these decisive times, we can finally know what it means to be God’s offspring.  We are learning how to become like our Father.  We certainly have no place else to go!  Indeed, our souls have no place else to grow.  Growth in any other direction always leads to misery, sadness and death.


As God’s offspring, we have the power to direct our souls’ growth.  By choosing to harbor certain kinds of thoughts, a soul grows in certain directions.  The person who cultivates thoughts of selfishness, envy, hatred, dishonesty and sensuality causes his soul (and personality) to grow in that direction, and if he ignores natural warning signs (that he is “headed for trouble – going in the wrong direction”), he will continue this wayward growth, and thus will become increasingly selfish and dishonest, and eventually, he will find himself (or herself) living an evil life.  This is how God’s own offspring are capable of becoming criminals of the worst kind.


Christ, who said, “Follow me,” harbored only noble, unselfish, honest thoughts.  Whenever selfish, envious or dishonest thoughts occurred, he chose not to harbor them.  He gave them no energy; he simply refused to cultivate them, and he proactively filled his mind with thoughts of blessedness, kindness, helpfulness and love.   In this way, he was always vigilant – on guard against all selfishness and evil, and thus, his soul continuously grew toward kindness and love – toward Godliness.


Souls that grow in selfish directions become sick (mentally and spiritually), and soon the physical body (in which the soul temporarily resides) experience sadness, stress, ailments and pain; and the intensity of this misery is always directly proportional to the extent of the selfishness (and deviant soul-growth). 


Jesus, who lived a perfect (selfish-free) life, never experienced sickness, injury or pain, and he conquered death. His mission was to teach us how to do the same.  He taught that we must learn to think like our Father, as he had learned to do.  He taught that thinking selfishly is sin, and that the person who thinks selfishly soon behaves selfishly, because thought is the power of creation.  He taught that banishing all selfish thoughts from one’s mind is a monumental task, and the only way we can learn this is to follow the instructions of one who has learned; and this is Christ.  Thus, he said, “You may follow me.”


For ages, we (youthful souls) have been unaware that thoughts of selfishness and self-indulgence are the source of unhappiness (and irregular soul-development), and so we have continued in our ways (during each incarnation) and our souls have continued to experience wayward growth (during each incarnation); yet, we are always learning.  Selfish thoughts (and unhealthy growth of soul) always bring these unpleasant consequences: pain, incapacity, sorrow, and death.  These are the wages of sin.


Furthermore, human groups (such as cities, nations, religious associations and commercial enterprises), which encourage a culture of selfishness and excessive carnal gratification, experience these same dreadful consequences, and they become sick in spirit, and if they do not reform, eventually, they fail and pass away. 


Our Divine Father’s plan calls upon us to learn how to conduct our lives in a way that promotes perfect, healthy growth of soul.  He requires that we to learn how to live a sinless life (the life of Christ), as Jesus and Miriam demonstrated.  However, we (human souls) must achieve a certain level of maturity before we can understand (and accept) this requirement.  Only then are we prepared to decide to engage in The Struggle – the struggle to attain a sinless life (by following The Way). 


In order to achieve the required threshold of maturity (and develop understanding, and become willing to pursue this vital struggle) our souls undergo a very long, gradual process of learning.


For example, during each lifetime in the physical realm, we carry subconscious memories of our past lives, including memories of unpleasant, fearsome consequences we have suffered due to selfish living; and therefore, we experience a sense of fear and trepidation when faced with opportunities to repeat previous modes of selfishness, sensuality and transgression.  And so, gradually, we learn to live less selfishly (less sinfully), as our incarnations pass by… one after another.  This is how our souls slowly attain the required threshold of maturity and understanding.


Furthermore, because the unpleasant consequences of deviant soul-development are so very distasteful us (and so unsightly to God), He mercifully grants us opportunities to recover.  He accomplishes this by burning away all wayward growth (between incarnations).  This purification process is not pleasant, and the duration and intensity of this procedure is also directly proportional to the degree of deviation.  Our subconscious memories include recollection of these unpleasant cleansing experiences.  (Many childish nightmares are flashbacks.)


After human souls are cleansed of delinquent, unwholesome development (between incarnations – when necessary), each one moves on – to one’s next incarnation, and then, on to the next (each re-incarnation being like a day in the long, long life of a soul); and by divine plan, each person eventually re-experiences every situation in which he or she had previously chosen selfish paths. 


In this way, we are given opportunities to choose differently – to make unselfish (sinless) choices, which promote suitable, healthy growth of soul.  (We often need to re-experience a situation many times before we “get it right,” and thus we are sometimes strangely aware that we have previously faced certain situations, and we call this peculiar awareness déjà vu.) 


God’s plan calls upon all his children to eventually attain full, wholesome maturity of soul, by finally achieving a totally sinless incarnate life – as Jesus demonstrated.  Indeed, our Father requires this of every one of us.  Because He requires this (and because He owns Eternity) the sinless life of Christ is everyone’s eventual destiny.  We truly have no place else to go.


Sometimes a person wanders extremely far astray (deep into selfish and sensuous ways and dreadful crimes), resulting in extreme distress and misery, and this soul’s colossal, unsightly, errant growth becomes utterly ugly in God’s eyes.  If He deems such a soul to be irredeemable, this unwise person, after passing on, must linger in the purifying fires until nothing remains except the original Divine Cell; and then, this indestructible, eternal sacred seed must begin anew.  Thus, the soul, like a bush cut back to its root, sprouts again.


And so, a person may lose his or her soul, yet deep within the root of every soul there is a part that can never be destroyed, because we are God’s offspring (each soul having originated from a divine cell, which is eternal).  Loss of soul (our “worst nightmare”) is so fearsome and unpleasant; prophets and masters have called it “the second death.”


Fortunate (more mature) souls gradually awaken to the fact that God truly is our Father, and He requires that we become mature (sinless) descendants.  Souls who are aware of this (who have ears to hear) become devout, earnest and prayerful; and consequently, they receive a great blessing: they experience a pruning process during their incarnate lives.  That is, they are given learning experiences, which impel them to give up selfishness.  They have advanced beyond the maturity threshold, and can recognize (and follow) The Way.  Thus, they avoid the purifying fires, and their existence between incarnations (in the realm of souls) is pleasant and rewarding.


In the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus explains how we can achieve the life of Christ, by learning to continuously grow in the “right” direction – traveling the path of unselfishness and self-sacrifice – the path that is totally free of the awful snares and pitfalls (known as disease, injury, poverty, stress, grief and death). 


Our Lord’s life-story demonstrates The Way – the way of life that fosters perfect soul-development, and thus precludes the need for both pruning and purification – the way of life that leads to perpetual tranquility and eternal life.  He explains that anyone can follow this Way – by conquering the strong human tendency to revere sensuality and live selfishly. 


Thus, the Lord teaches us how to overcome all the voluminous and various forms of selfishness – a very difficult accomplishment.  Few souls (at a time) achieve this, yet eventually everyone does, and after one has finally achieved this, sadness and pain no longer exist.  Life is full of tranquility and peace; and there is no death! 


Our Father selects His greatest prophets (and other holy teachers) from those who have achieved this – from men and women who have won The Victory – the victory over the carnal self.


We are eternal spirit-beings, and we have been growing for many ages, yet most of us are still immature and selfish, and thus, we still experience incidents of pain, misery, sadness and gloom, as well as death.  Mature (unselfish) souls never experience these.  They know that death is merely an illusion, and they know how to overcome it. 


Messiah’s strongest desire is to teach us – his younger brothers and sisters – so we may learn to conquer the source of human sadness and demise.  He works diligently to convince us to give up all carnal gratification and indulgence – the cause of all human melancholy, and the cause of mortality!  When a Messiah comes to Earth, he teaches by word and by example.  He leads the way, and we must follow.


God sends us a fully mature soul very rarely – at the beginning of every age, and an age consists a little more than 2,000 years.  When he comes, he is an elder who can be called Christ or Messiah.  He instructs all (who are willing to listen) how to put away selfish tendencies, and thus attain a peaceful, heavenly state of mind. 


Any person who achieves this never lacks for anything, because he or she has found (and acquired) a field of buried treasure!  Many less mature souls, who are unaware of this, constantly indulge in sensual and selfish ways, and thus, these unenlightened brethren often experience shortages of the necessities of life, and their lives include countless episodes of strife, intrigue, sadness, sickness, and misery.


Another way of stating the situation is this:  Men and women who engage in a life of self-indulgence (the party lifestyle) experience some fun and enjoyment (for a time), but this is foolishness, and if they persist (without reforming and developing a much more mature, responsible way of life), they soon experience many devastating consequences, such as ailments, poverty, gloom, rage, anxiety and death.


Some people (while wise enough to refrain from the party lifestyle) make a different kind of dreadful mistake: they utilizing their superior vitality and intellect to engage in a different kind of selfishness.  They pursue psychological gratification.  That is, they seek to attain wealth, power, lofty social status and fame; and in quest of these goals, they often exploit the weaknesses of others. 


This lifestyle is also utter foolishness, and these exploiters soon suffer fearsome consequences, because God’s Law of Righteousness requires that his offspring utilize their talents to promote love, unselfishness, kindness and peace – in service to Mankind.  (And so, by our Father’s law of karma, the exploiters soon become the exploited.)


Christ came to convince us to live a noble, forgiving, self-disciplined life, and thereby follow him in The Way of life that brings us tranquility instead of wretchedness and anxiety, yet the essence of this precious message was somehow lost, and is missing from official Christian Scripture.  The Aquarian Gospel (only recently given to us) restores the essence of Messiah’s message, and enables us to prepare for his return. 


Unfortunately, most of the messages (we see and hear in modern media) promote self indulgence and excessive gratification, and the party lifestyle.  These messages (along with many “entertainment” shows) deceive us, and they attempt to convince us to live “the foolish life” of immature souls.  These messages encourage us to remain weak, so that wicked ones (who love to exploit the weak) continue to have weak ones to prey upon.  Thus, many media messages glorify indulgence, deception, stupidity, aggression and hypocrisy. 


These messages are the complete opposite of Christ’s message; and they can therefore rightfully be called “anti-Christ.”  Many of these communications pretend to promote products, but in reality, they subtly (and sometimes unashamedly) encourage malevolent attitudes – by portraying foolish, sinful lifestyles as acceptable, normal and preferable.  Beware of anti-Christ messages.


Deception is the primary tool of the evil one.  Ridicule is his secondary tool; ignorance is his third, and fear is his fourth.  Thus, Evil does everything in his power to convince us to venerate sensuality and irresponsible lifestyles, and he steers people away from precious Truth by heaping ridicule upon those who know, understand (and teach) the essence of Christ’s message, and he works tirelessly to ensure that common people are unaware of the Lord’s precious book – by making it seem fearful – labeling it as “occult”. 


Thus, many religious leaders and modern media have been convinced to ignore (or denounce) Messiah’s publication; and many spiritually inquisitive people have opted not to examine this sacred book, because of this fearsome label.  They have fallen victim to Evil’s primary weapon – deception.


The Aquarian Gospel contains Jesus’ instructions, and this sacred book has been given to us to help us prepare for that extremely rare event – the appearance, on Earth, of a fully mature soul – the return of Messiah!


All who diligently follow our Lord’s instructions will make the transition from immaturity of soul, past adolescence, to young adulthood; and after we have made this transition, we will have learned to abandon most forms of selfishness and self indulgence, and thus, our days of experiencing severe episodes of sadness, disputes, grief and misery will come to an end.  We will have learned to put aside all our petty differences.  Each of us will finally understand that all other human beings are part of one’s self. 


We will comprehend universal oneness, and we will no longer quarrel.  There will be no more war on Earth!  These marvelous, promised times are not far away.  They will occur soon after the Age of Aquarius commences.


Prophecy clearly indicates that current world violence, greed and turmoil and massive disasters, and mysterious, perplexing occurrences in the skies and on the earth (along with an abundance of self-appointed, deluded prophets) – all, signal the conclusion of the current age, and the impending commencement of that new age.  We now experience the “end times.”


There will be a day of transition, marked by a momentous event – a Messianic announcement, which will bring world peace – followed by a sorting of souls, and Judgment Day.  A close inspection of every human soul on that Day will determine who can attend the coming new age – an age of peace, and an age of magnificent, advanced spiritual learning. 


Thus, Judgment Day will be like a major rearrangement and re-transplantation of souls – into broader, more fertile fields (for those who are prepared).  Souls displaying significant selfish growth will be uprooted.*  


Then, guided by the wisdom of Christ, we will re-establish clear telepathic communication, not only among ourselves, but also between us and the animals; and we will thereby re-establish dominion over all earthly creatures (great and small).  We will guide them, and convince them to abandon aggression – to adopt love, gentleness and peace – and finally, “the lion will lay down with the lamb,” as the meek receive their inheritance! 


That wonderful time is not far away.  The day of transition is near.  Yet, “none can tell the hour nor the day when man shall be revealed.”


In summary, we are God’s seeds, planted in a soil of His own design, and whenever we incarnate in the physical realm, we have been given opportunity to grow and develop into mature children of the divine.  However, when we chose to live selfish, scandalous lives, we are merely utilizing the divine powers within us to grow awkwardly – to send shoots in ungainly, gnarled directions; and thus we become more deeply embedded in the soil, instead of growing tall and straight, reaching heights well above the surface. 


Those who keep the Ten Commandments naturally tend to grow strong, straight and tall  – into the light of understanding, knowledge and wisdom; and after many incarnations (developing within this nurturing radiance) these blessed ones eventually achieve divine maturity (like Jesus).  Every God-seed finally achieves this.  Every God-seed finally achieves this.  None are lost in eternity.


We possessed telepathic abilities and dominion over the animals prior to “the fall of man.”  However, like an infant who could not maintain a grasp, we lost our precious abilities (many ages ago) because of selfishness.  Judgment Day will separate those of us who are finally prepared to maintain a grip on our inherited God-given abilities, from those who are not.


Jesus’ instructions are now presented to us, in Levi’s marvelous transcript of Messiah’s life and teachings.  Here is my review of his book, The Aquarian Gospela new book of scripture (only recently given to us) to help us prepare.  This book is the most precious publication in History!


Be advised that if you comprehend (and sincerely strive to live the holy life Jesus describes),

 you must prepare yourself to be regarded, at best, as strange (or even insane) and worse, you may be spurned (by friends and family alike),

considered a fool, a failure, and even a criminal.  Yet this isolation will not cause loneliness, for you will hear the still, small voice.

And you will see the face of God. 


“Behold, a man found in a certain field the croppings of a wondrous mine of gold,

and he went forth and sold his home and all he had and bought the field; then he rejoiced in wealth.”



The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ


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Jesus describes the reincarnation process


Judgment Day



























“Man is the delegate of God to do his will on earth, and man can heal the sick, control the spirits of the air, and raise the dead.
40) Because I have the power to do these things is nothing strange. All men may gain the power to do these things; but they must conquer all the passions of the lower self; and they can conquer if they will…  What I have done, all men will do; and what I am, all men will be.”


(chapter 91, v. 39-40 and chapter 176, v. 30)































You may wonder, how can I say, “there is no death?”


This brings us to the definition of death.  Death is the traumatic, difficult passing of the soul from the body, followed by an unpleasant stay in Nature’s purifying fires.  People, who have learned to always grow in the right direction, simply exit the physical body in a painless, easy way (at the proper time), and then they enter a very pleasant region of the realm of souls, where they remain until their next incarnation.  Thus, they do not experience death (by the definition given above).  Furthermore, these men and women can recall past lives and past visits to the realm of souls.  They possess memory-continuity.  This is eternal life.


And so, for the person who has conquered selfishness, passing on is like the end of a day (in the life of his or her soul) and the passing is like going to sleep, and there are sweet dreams, and there are valuable learning experiences – in preparation for the next incarnation.  In comparison, the person, who has not overcome the selfish self, experiences a frightening (and emotionally difficult passing) often accompanied by great physical discomfort, and the purifying fires are like a nightmare.


You may wonder, “what about Jesus’ death upon the cross?…his crucifixion certainly doesn’t sound like an easy, painless exiting of the body.”  The answer to this question is best explained in Jesus’ own words.


For the selfish person, the intensity of the suffering during the exiting of the body is proportional to the degree of selfishness, and the intensity of the purification process is also proportional.  Furthermore, these people experience great difficulty remembering past lives, and their recall is (at best) disjointed and confusing.  Furthermore, they have no desire to recall any purification experiences.


People (who have lived selfishly) may attempt to escape the trauma of death by employing drug-induced death or by means of some other “painless” method, however the mental anguish leading up to the moment of passing on is excruciating for them, and their purification process (we can be sure) is equally unpleasant.






























“And wicked men will seize you in the streets, and as you kneel in prayer; will charge you with some legal crime, and think they serve their God by putting you to death.
20) But falter not; the load will heavy be, but with the consciousness of duty done, the peace of God will lift the load, dispel the pain and light the way.
21) And we will meet where carnal executioners come not; there we will serve the cruel men, who in their ignorance had tortured us to death.
22) Can we prevent this outrage and this slaughter of our lives? If not we are but creatures of the ebb and flow of carnal things. It would not be a sacrifice of life.
23) But we are masters of the things of time. Lo, we can speak, and all the spirits of the fire, water, earth and air will stand in our defense.
24) We can command and many legions of the angel world would come and strike our enemies to earth.
25) But it is best that not a power of heaven or earth should come to our relief. And it is best that even God should veil his face and seem to hear us not.
26) As I am pattern unto you, so you are patterns for the human race. We show by non-resistance that we give our lives in willing sacrifice for man.”

(AG 127:19-26)





























“This leaven of truth which I have brought to men will stir the demons up, and nations, cities, families will be at war within themselves.
12) The five that have been dwelling in a home of peace will be divided now, and two shall war with three;
13) The son will stand against his sire; the mother and the daughter will contend; yea, strife will reign in every home.
14) The self and greed and doubt will rage into a fever heat, and then, because of me, the earth will be baptized in human blood.
15) But right is king; and when the smoke is cleared away the nations will learn war no more; the Prince of Peace will come to reign…..


   (When the time is close)……

 men will reason not; they will not see, nor care to see a cause for carnage, desolation, thefts; for they will war with friend or foe.
23) The very air will seem surcharged with smoke of death; and pestilence will follow close upon the sword.
24) And signs that men have never seen will appear in heaven and earth; in sun, and moon, and stars.
25) The seas will roar, and sounds will come from heaven that men can never comprehend, and these will bring distress of nations with perplexity.
26) Hearts of the strongest men will faint in fear, in expectation of the coming of more frightful things upon the earth.
27) But while the conflicts rage on land and sea, the Prince of Peace will stand above the clouds of heaven and say again:
28) Peace, peace on earth; good will to men; and every man will throw away his sword, and nations will learn war no more.
29) And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky.
30) The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near.
31) Before these days shall come
(before the days of carnage, desolation, thefts) behold, false Christs and poor deluded prophets will arise in many lands.
32) And they will show forth signs, and do a multitude of mighty works; and they will lead astray the many who are not wise; and many of the wise will be deceived….


Be ready every moment of the day and night, because when you expect him not, the Lord will come.
34) Behold, when he will come with all his messengers of light, the Book of Life, and that of Records, shall be opened up - the books in which the thoughts and words and deeds are written down.
35) And every one can read the records he has written for himself, and he will know his doom before the judge shall speak, and this will be the sifting time.
36) According to their records men will find their own.
37) The judge is Righteousness, the king of all the earth, and he will separate the multitudes as shepherds separate the sheep and goats.
38) The sheep will find their places on the right, the goats upon the left, and every man will know his place.
39) And then the judge will say, to those upon the right, You blessed of the Father-God, come unto your inheritance, which was prepared for you from times of old.”

(AG 113:11-15, 157: 22-32, 158:33-39))












































18) Rejoice when evil men shall drive you from their ways and cause your name to be a hiss and by-word in the street.
19) I say, rejoice; but deal in mercy with the doers of the wrong; they are but children at their play; they know not what they do.
20) Rejoice not over fallen foes. As you help men rise from the depth of sin, so God will help you on to greater heights.



(Chapter 95, vs 18-20   Sermon on the Mount)




































They will be cast into the purifying fires, and in due time, will begin new incarnation-cycles in distant worlds, and will eventually, after many ages, face another Judgment Day.  And if necessary, will face another….and so on.  These vast Judgment cycles continue eternally; and by this divine plan, every human being (every God-seed) eventually fulfills his or her destiny.