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A great discovery: our cornucopia.

(A letter about health and wellness.)
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Recently, a relative asked me for advice about finding a higher paying job, as his financial responsibilities were outdistancing his income.  Below is the reply I sent to him (revised & edited).  It’s about diet.


Part 1




In response to your question about your money situation, I do have a suggestion.  There is a secret that few people know, but those who know it are very successful.  It's all about the secret link between a person’s pleasure senses and his cornucopia. 


Everyone has a cornucopia (Always having enough).  The concept of a cornucopia is all about "always having enough” food, housing, clothing, health and peace of mind (and freedom from sickness and accidents).  The secret (which few people know about) is this:  The more you gratify the appetites of the body, the more difficult it is to find the aperture to your cornucopia – enough of all the necessities of life.  The less you gratify, the easier it is to find all these things, and more.   


If you want to attain the happiness and satisfaction that is available to you (through this knowledge) you have to begin with dogged determination.  Do not try too hard, though.  Set your sights high, but not too high.  If you set your sights too high, you will experience a brief period of "having enough," but you will then "go on a binge" and you will suffer awful consequences.  (I know.)


Here is a plan (based on knowledge I have gained through years of trying).  If you adopt this plan and stick to it, your financial situation (and other aspects of your life will improve markedly – including your health!)  This plan is best suited to you, at your current level of development and will-power.   It's difficult, but you can do it.



The plan is all about winning a war – the war inside yourself, and you must capture a prisoner.  Here is a description:



“Capture a Prisoner.”



There is a war going on within each person.  It is a war between the selfish self and the noble self, between the spirit self and the physical self.  It is a war between the temporary part of each human being and the eternal part.  It is a war between evil and goodness.  Sinners and criminals are ones who allow the lower self (the body of desires) to win most of the battles.  The responsible, venerable person is one whose higher self (the spirit) wins many of the battles.  These battles simmer within every human being all the time, and sometimes they rage.


Jesus, the Lord, became Messiah because he lived a life on earth in which his higher, eternal, spirit-self won every battle.  Not a single skirmish was ever lost.  He lived a sinless life.  He taught his disciples (who were sinners) how to turn their lives around: he taught them how to win every battle.  The Lord taught that trying to win every battle individually is a noble endeavor, but there will be many lost battles until the lower self has been taken prisoner.  The lower self’s appetites, passions and desires are extremely strong – often too strong, and when a noble battle seems to have been won, the foe counterattacks, and snatches away what seemed like victory.


However, our Lord told his disciples about a strategy that will ensure success.  He described a technique that works well.  It is based on prayer and fasting.  This method is direct and effective, yet he advised caution: he stated that we should prepare carefully, because the lower self’s desires are too strong to be arrested by casual effort.  Thus, he said, “take stock of yourself before you start to follow me…and don’t look back.  Remember Lot’s wife.”


Here is a description of the Lord’s technique:  First, dedicate yourself to frequent prayer and meditation, especially when going to sleep; and be sure to ask the Lord (or God, our Father) for help.  This is important – you cannot achieve your goal without divine help.  Second, begin winning some important smaller victories:  overcome any obvious addictions (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, comfort food, and between-meal snacks).  This may take weeks, months, years (or even decades) – depending on your level of addiction and your willingness and determination.


After you feel confident that you have won these smaller victories, it’s time to begin the third phase: limit yourself to only three small bland meals per day, and nothing in between.  What do I mean by bland?  Cut out flavor intensive foods – pepper, onions, garlic, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard etc., anything that stimulates the tongue’s pleasure senses – eliminate spices and flavorings from your diet.  And cut out temperature-intensive eating; that is, consume only warm food and beverages, never hot or cold.  And (this is important) minimize (or eliminate) meat and fish consumption.


After you have achieved this stage (without “looking back”) you will soon realize why the Lord said “take stock of yourself,” for you are now almost prepared  to begin following him, and you will find that it’s very difficult to maintain this diet.  Your carnal self will protest and call aloud, demanding that you return to the pleasures of flavorings and temperature enjoyment.  However, if you disregard the lower self’s demands, and persevere, you are finally prepared, and you will soon discover why the Lord described The Victory as being “like finding a treasure in a field,” because you will begin to experience some unexpected, priceless, heavenly benefits, even before you finally capture your foe.


You will soon know how win the war, and you will confine the vanquished prisoner (and throw away the key).



This essay is based on 25 years of studying the Aquarian Gospel, and on 20 years of ongoing preparation.


God’s Magnificent Garden



P.P.S.  Avoid excessive sexual stimulation.  (I recommend abstinence.)  (Another hint:  brush your teeth with soap, not tooth paste)  (see Part 2 below)


 Part 2


The following may be out of reach for you this round of earth-life, but just for your information:


The person who can adhere to a regimen of just one meal a day (of a very bland diet – like bread and water, with honey and nuts) gradually discovers he is free from sex desires, and needs almost no sleep at all, and he then discovers that he has broken free from all carnal appetites (and all carnal illusions) and he can learn to walk on water; and if some misguided fools decide he is worthy of being tortured to death, they are unable to lay a hand on him, unless he chooses to hand his life over to them, in sacrifice.  Furthermore, He feels no pain as they carry out their murderous plans, and He can self-resurrect.  He doesn't have to wait (any more) for an opportunity to reincarnate.


This diet plan, and comments, are based on my study and contemplation of The Aquarian Gospel, the book written by Jesus.



hear the sounds of silence:


“The kingdom of the soul is like a treasure hidden in a field which one has found, and straightaway goes his way and sells all that he has and buys the field.” (AG, Ch. 116)


Sin is self-indulgence, gratification of the carnal desires.

“He who sins is slave of sin.”

He who finds the treasure and buys the field is no longer slave,

but is free.
















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