Our Father’s Plan of Salvation – Revealed


The long journey of the soul,
and the difference between Eternal Life and Immortality

by Michael F. O’Keeffe

(The Plan of Salvation is described in the following four paragraphs)


God is our Father.  We are His Children.  Thus, we are gods.  However, as immature souls, we make many mistakes, and therefore we suffer many awful consequences – from mishandling inherent divine powers.


Every human soul is on a very long trek, which leads to full human maturity (and Immortality); because we are indeed, God’s Children.  Even though our goal seems “oh so distant,” there is cause for rejoicing, because we now know (through the revelations in the Aquarian Gospel) that the person who succeeds in conquering his or her carnal nature (the lower self) has attained The Victory (has purchased the Pearl of Greatest Price) and has thereby attained Eternal Life!  He (or she) is on the path that leads to full Human maturity, and eventually, Immortality.  (It's very difficult to
win The Victory, but this is what God, our Father, requires.)

The person who has overcome his (or her) carnal self owns the pearl of greatest price, and is therefore free.  There is no more suffering.  When Earthly work is done, the victorious person makes an easy, joyous transition to the realm of soul (instead of experiencing the tragic, frightening and often difficult transition – called “death”).  Furthermore, he is given many opportunities to learn additional deific lessons in subsequent incarnations.  He (or she) can call to mind all previous incarnations, and all the lessons that were learned.  This is Eternal Life. (But not yet Immortality.)


Finally, every victorious soul, after several incarnations of highly advanced learning, is given the responsibility of performing the supreme human task – to incarnate into a world (somewhere in our Father’s universe) and become a Savior – a Messiah.  When this is accomplished, Full Human Maturity is achieved.  Incarnations are no longer required.  Immortality has finally been attained.  Jesus and Miriam attained Immortality on this world 2,000 years ago.  They are our elder brother and sister, and they are our example of that which we all will eventually become.


God’s plan of Salvation has been revealed!




The story of Jesus and Miriam is our shining example.  As two very advanced souls, they attained Full Human Maturity, and thus achieved Immortality.  We can gaze upon them (by reading their story) and be confident we shall eventually become just like them.  As eternal spirit-beings (Children of God), we are given as many incarnations as required (and we must always do our best).  Immortality is everyone’s destiny.  (Thus, Peter spoke a profound Truth when he said to Jesus, “Lord, we have no place else to go.”)


The precious life-story of Jesus and Miriam (magnificently described in the Aquarian Gospel) is our beacon light in the night, drawing each of us toward our distant destination.  God, our Father, waits for us.  He has all the time in the world.



The procreation of God – we are His Children