Jesus discusses His own Resurrection
(spoken to some disciples)



10) And Jesus sat down in the vacant chair; and then the wise men knew it was the Hebrew prophet who had come.
11) And Jesus said,
Behold, for I am risen from the dead. Look at my hands, my feet, my side.
12) The Roman soldiers pierced my hands and feet with nails; and then one pierced my heart.
13) They put me in a tomb, and then I wrestled with the conqueror of men. I conquered death, I stamped upon him and arose;
14) Brought immortality to light and painted on the walls of time a rainbow for the sons of men; and what I did all men shall do.
15) This gospel of the resurrection of the dead is not confined to Jew and Greek; it is the heritage of every man of every time and clime; and I am here a demonstration of the power of man.
16) Then he arose and pressed the hand of every man and of the royal host, and said,
17) Behold, I am not myth made of the fleeting winds, for I am flesh and bone and brawn; but I can cross the borderland at will.
18) And then they talked together there a long, long time. Then Jesus said,
19) I go my way, but you shall go to all the world and preach the gospel of the omnipotence of men, the power of truth, the resurrection of the dead;
20) He who believes this gospel of the son of man shall never die; the dead shall live again.
21) Then Jesus disappeared…  *


*  AG 176:10-21


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