Photograph of God


By Michael F. O’Keeffe


I began listening to Coast to Coast AM on late night radio during the mid 1990’s.  One of the first programs I heard was an interview by Art Bell of Brad Steiger.  It was obvious that Brad is an honest man, and deeply spiritual, and that he is one of those rare individuals who can articulate the consistencies and parallels between spiritual faith and pure science.  Art asked many philosophical, scientific and religious questions.  One question in particular (and Brad’s response) has stuck in my mind ever since that night.  Art asked, “Who was Jesus?”  Brad replied, “He is our photograph of God.”


It was way past time to go to a commercial, and so Art abruptly cut off the segment, and proceeded to the commercial interruption.  However, Art managed to squeeze in a two-word response to Brad’s statement as the commercial ensued.    Art said, (very quickly, and almost under his breath), “That’s wonderful.”


The question, Brad’s reply and Art’s (almost inaudible) two-word response have remained with me ever since.  These three short sentences took all of five seconds to utter; yet this tiny interval (broadcast “coast to coast,” and worldwide) is one of those rare moments in time that captures “everything important.”  This fantastic five-second radio-moment “says it all.”


As a longtime student of the life of Jesus, I was well aware that Brad’s statement is “right on,” and so was Art’s response.  Furthermore, as a lifelong student, I have read numerous accounts of His life.  Most are reasonably accurate, yet most give us only small, disjointed segments.  Thus, they are, at best, blurred and fuzzy pictures of God.


Then, there is “The Aquarian Gospel.”  This book contains the entire life of Jesus.  Anyone who wishes to view a clear, untarnished “image of The Divine,” needs only to read this book.  Any honest person who reads this marvelous book (carefully and comprehensively) will know it is authentic and genuine.  Furthermore, he will have a permanent, indelible “photograph of God” imprinted on his consciousness, and he (or she) will feel compelled to view and review this “portrait” many times.


The Aquarian Gospel is a “must read” for any serious student of Spirituality or Theology.


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