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What did Masters say about Healing?

Healing, Reference #1:

In his teenage years Jesus was a pupil of Udraka, a Hindu healer. Jesus sought to learn the art of healing. Udraka explained.

[AG 23:5-25, Udraka]

"The laws of nature are the laws of health, and he who lives according to these laws is never sick. Transgression of these laws is sin, and he who sins is sick. He who obeys the laws, maintains an equilibrium in all his parts, and thus ensures true harmony; and harmony is health, while discord is disease.

"That which produces harmony in all the parts of man is medicine, ensuring health. The body is a harpsichord, and when its strings are too relaxed, or are too tense, the instrument is out of tune, the man is sick. Now, everything in nature has been made to meet the wants of man; so everything is found in medical arcanes. And when the harpsichord of man is out of tune the vast expanse of nature may be searched for remedy; there is cure for every ailment of the flesh.

"Of course the will of man is remedy supreme; and by the vigorous exercise of will, man may make tense a chord that is relaxed, or may relax one that is too tense, and thus may heal himself. When man has reached the place where he has faith in God, in nature and himself, he knows the Word of power; his word is balm for every wound, is cure for all the ills of life.

"The healer is the man who can inspire faith. The tongue may speak to human ears, but souls are reached by souls that speak to souls. He is the forceful man whose soul is large, .... inspiring hope in those who have no hope, and faith in those who have no faith in God, in nature, nor in man.

"There is no universal balm for those who tread the common walks of life. A thousand things produce inharmony and make men sick; a thousand things may tune the harpsichord, and make men well. That which is medicine for one is poison for another one; so one is healed by what would kill another one. An herb may heal the one; a drink of water may restore another one; a mountain breeze may bring to life one seeming past all help; A coal of fire, or a bit of earth, may cure another one; and one may wash in certain streams, or pools, and be made whole.

"The virtue from the hand or breath may heal a thousand more; but love is queen. Thought, reinforced by love, is God's great sovereign balm. But many of the broken chords in life, and discords that so vex the soul, are caused by evil spirits of the air that men see not; that lead men on through ignorance to break the laws of nature and of God. These powers act like demons, and they speak; they rend the man; they drive him to despair.

"But he who is healer, true, is master of the soul, and can, by force of will, control these evil ones. Some spirits of the air are master spirits and are strong, too strong for human power alone; but man has helpers in the higher realms that may be importuned, and they will help to drive the demons out."

Healing, Reference #2

Many years after being a pupil of Udraka, Jesus healed many in the temple, in Jerusalem.

[AG 74:2-8, Jesus]

"The blind, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed were there, and Jesus spoke the Word, and they were healed. On some he laid his hands, and they were healed; to others he just spoke the Word, and they were full restored to health; but others had to go and wash in certain pools; and others he anointed with a holy oil.

"A doctor asked him why he healed in diverse ways, and he replied, Disease is discord in the human form, and discords are produced in many ways. The body is a harpsichord; sometimes the strings are too relaxed, and then inharmony results. Sometimes we find the strings too tense, and then another form of discord is induced. Disease is many-formed, and there are many ways to cure, to tune anew the mystic harpsichord.


Healing Reference #3

[AG 41, Jesus]

A FLOWING spring that people called the Healing Fount was near Persepolis.
2) And all the people thought that at a certain time of the year their deity came down and gave a virtue to the waters of the fount, and that the sick who then would plunge into the fount and wash would be made whole.
3) About the fount a multitude of people were in waiting for the Holy One to come and potentise the waters of the fount.
4) The blind, the lame, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed were there.
5) And Jesus, standing in the midst of them, exclaimed,
Behold the spring of life! These waters that will fail are honored as the special blessing of your God.
6) From whence do healing virtues come? Why is your God so partial with his gifts? Why does he bless this spring today, and then tomorrow take his blessings all away?
7) A deity of power could fill these waters full of healing virtue every day.
8) Hear me, you sick, disconsolate: The virtue of this fount is not a special gift of God.
9) Faith is the healing power of every drop of all the waters of this spring.
10) He who believes with all his heart that he will be made whole by washing in this fount will be made whole when he has washed; and he may wash at any time.
11) Let every one who has this faith in God and in himself plunge in these waters now and wash.

12) And many of the people plunged into the crystal fount; and they were healed.
13) And then there was a rush, for all the people were inspired with faith, and each one strove to be among the first to wash, lest all the virtue be absorbed.
14) And Jesus saw a little child, weak, faint and helpless, sitting all alone beyond the surging crowd; and there was none to help her to the fount.
15) And Jesus said,
My little one, why do you sit and wait? Why not arise and hasten to the fount and wash, and be made well?
16) The child replied,
I need not haste; the blessings of my Father in the sky are measured not in tiny cups; they never fail; their virtues are the same for evermore.
17) When these whose faith is weak and must haste to wash for fear their faith will fail, have all been cured, these waters will be just as powerful for me.
18) Then I can go and stay a long, long time within the blessed waters of the spring.
19) And Jesus said,
Behold a master soul! She came to earth to teach to men the power of faith.
20) And then he lifted up the child and said,
Why wait for anything? The very air we breathe is filled with balm of life. Breathe in this balm of life in faith and be made whole.
21) The child breathed in the balm of life in faith, and she was well.
22) The people marveled much at what they heard and saw; they said, This man must surely be the god of health made flesh.
23) And Jesus said,
The fount of life is not a little pool; it is as wide as are the spaces of the heavens.
24) The waters of the fount are love; the potency is faith, and he who plunges deep into the living springs, in living faith, may wash away his guilt and be made whole, and freed from sin.



----------There are several other references to healing in The Aquarian Gospel.


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