Return Path to Eden
(Part 13)

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by Michael F. O'Keeffe

These brief essays are based on 18 years of study and contemplation of The Aquarian Gospel.


The following is in quotation marks, even though some of it has been edited and changed to modern English.

Jesus proclaimed, "Heaven is not far away, it is not a place with metes and bounds, it is not a country to be reached; it is a state of mind. Just put away your attachment to all physical pleasures as best you can, meditate long and often on your oneness with the Love for all living things, pray for those who trample on your rights, loose yourself in your work – in service to others (and don't look back)...and the state of mind called ‘Heaven’ will gradually come to you; and this Treasure will be yours forevermore."

Death, and The Grand Illusion

You may ask, how can death be an illusion?

All of physical reality is an illusion.  The Spirit world is all there is.  The physical world exists only in the mind(s) of immature God-children.  Because we, as immature children of the divine, have the power of creation, whatever we believe to exist seems to exist.  Because of our fall from Eden, we certainly believe in physical reality.

Since death is a physical process, and all physical reality is an illusion, death is an illusion.  Part of the process of the “fall of man” included our biting into the apple of all the attractions of physical existence – all the apparent pleasures here, in this realm.  These sensations are illusory, but during our fall, we became addicted to them all; we don’t want to let go.  Thus we are stuck here.  Until we follow Christ, by giving up all physical pleasures, we continue to be stuck here.  When we follow Him, then we are free: arisen!  Restored to the place from which we fell - Eden.

The process of redemption has been a long, arduous difficult one.  Eons have passed since we fell.  We have lived many, many lives (incarnations) in the physical world, just so that we can learn countless lessons, and become prepared to comprehend the truth – that physical reality is an illusion.

God, our Father, has nurtured us down through the ages – bringing us to these technological times – where physical illusions are commonplace, projected onto screens (from film, tapes and disks).

Through our experiences with these marvelous physical inventions, our minds are better prepared to comprehend the greatest illusion of all – the three dimensional illusion – the world in which we reside: the grand illusion!   Thus, even technology is part of God’s plan of salvation, helping us become prepared for the Return of Christ.  Great multitudes of people are now prepared to comprehend His message, whereas only a few were able to comprehend when He last came to Earth.

Eden, from which we fell (accurately described – metaphorically – in the Hebrew Bible) was a place (a state of mind) where we had everything we needed, and peace and tranquility reigned.  As soon as we bit into the apple of physical reality (and its pleasures) we began to experience constant shortages of our needs, and ever since ‘the fall’ we have had to struggle to fulfill our needs - by sweat and hard labor; and  as a result, pain, frustration, confusion, misunderstandings, suffering, resentment and warfare became normal.

All true mystics and prophets have had one thing in common.  Quietly, and without fanfare, they abstained from physical pleasure – the only escape from “the fall.”   They abstained.  They fasted.  They practiced the golden rule, and they spent much time practicing meditation and prayer.

Knowing how difficult it is to maintain this lifestyle, they often would say to those who would emulate them, “take stock of yourself before you start to follow me.”  These mystics and avatars know (from experience) that to take up the lifestyle of a true mystic, and then to turn back, is a devastating experience.  Remember Lot’s wife (and Samson’s haircut).

Jesus, the Christ, was the greatest mystic who ever lived.

Following Christ’s advice, those who exert great mental and spiritual effort, trying to overcome the addiction to physical pleasures (and the psychological pleasures of the carnal mind) soon discover (if they persevere) that shortages disappear, along with pain, suffering and sadness.  Peace and tranquility reign again!  Continuity between spans of life replaces death.  Death is no more.

Judge Not


Why do spiritual teachers say “judge not?”  The answer is; to judge another is to judge yourself.  How can this be?  First, one needs to understand the law of karma, and how it is the key to forgiveness (or it can be a curse, depending on how we react to it).


Simply stated, by the law of karma, nothing happens to a person, except that he brought it upon himself.  If you hit a person in the face, you will one day be hit in the face by another – this is the law.  It never fails.  (Thus the Hebrew saying: “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”) It may take weeks, years, or another lifetime before the energy you created by your act returns to you in kind, exactly as you gave it out.  This is God’s most basic law.


When some evil thing happens to you (your car is stolen, your home broken into, or a hateful comment is directed at you) this is karma in action.  You once did the same thing to another; otherwise it would not (could not) happen to you.  You may not remember it, but this matters not.  The law of recompense never fails.


Karma serves us, for it is our opportunity to be forgiven.  No one is ever forgiven an evil act except that he forgives himself.  One forgives one’s self by forgiving the person who brings his karma.  If you judge harshly the thief or the slanderer (or any other offender) you have judged yourself.  They are merely people you have been, returned to you, for you to forgive!


Thus, by harshly judging any offender, you have missed an opportunity to forgive yourself.  Worse than this, by judging harshly (and/or retaliating) you have created more unpleasant karma for yourself (you have increased, rather than decreased, your karmic debt) and you will eventually be just as harshly judged when you offend another (as you surely will).


Through the blessing of karma, our Father-God gives us opportunities to undo our sins; and we must undo every one of them.  Prophets are men and women who have paid (or nearly paid) their entire karmic debts.


Thus, mystics have always taught:

Judge not, for as you judge others, you have judged yourself!



One might ask, if one receives only that which one has created by the law of karma, what about Jesus’ crucifixion?  Was it karma?


The answer to this (a logical question) lies in the mystery of holy sacrifice.  All prophets and prophetesses, as men and women of God (who have paid up their karmic debts) are protected from those who would harm them.  Yet, these master souls have the power to remove this protection, when it serves God to do so.  (This is the sacrifice of Christ!)


Mystics are always maligned and persecuted by those who hate the truth.  This is the sacrifice our Father (eventually) requires of all of us.  And not just once, but many times, until one achieves the zenith of perfection, which God Himself calls “Christ, the Messiah – Immanuel.”


Jesus, Christ the Messiah – Immanuel was able to escape all attempts to harm Him (and there were many such attempts) because He was shielded from harm, by the non-existence of harmful karmic debt, but when the time came for Him to give His life in willing sacrifice, He removed His protective karmic shield (as Master Souls can do); He allowed evil men to have their way with Him.  Jesus’ death on the cross was a sacrifice.  And by this sacrifice, He blessed His executioners (and all the world).


It behooves us to honor and to emulate our Lord and Master.



Star Over Bethlehem – the Mystery is Solved-


For many centuries people have wondered about the star over Bethlehem.  What was it?  We now have the answer.  This mystery is now revealed, during these times of revelation.


Souls on Earth are at various stages of development and maturity.  The term, “wise men” (in scripture) refers to elder, more mature souls, who are indeed wiser than most.  In ancient days some of the wise men and women of Persia were very advanced in wisdom; they were “seers.”  They had developed the ability to see things which most of us cannot.  They could see souls.  Some of these masters were priests of the tradition of Zarathustra in Persia.  They were known as the Magi.


When souls are about to incarnate on the earth, seers can see them approaching.  They appear in the skies as points of light moving toward Earth (looking much like stars).  Two thousand years ago, some of the Magi of Persia observed an unusually bright “star” approaching the earth.  As this bright soul approached, they soon realized it was extremely brilliant – far beyond any they had ever seen – more like the noonday sun than a star.  (Thus, the term, “day star.”)


They knew a very rare event was about to occur; they knew a mighty master soul was about to incarnate on earth.  They observed with great anticipation and wonderment as this brilliant light descended to Earth, toward the west, in Palestine.  They discerned the child to be male, and they knew he would be born near Jerusalem. They also knew he was destined for greatness, because of his advanced wisdom, understanding and power.  They also knew about Hebrew scriptures which foretold of the incarnation of a great King, and thus they felt the arrival of this brilliant soul fulfilled prophecy.


Three of them, Kaspar, Zara and Melzone, desired to honor the newborn king.  They prepared provisions for the long journey to Palestine, and they arrived in Judea shortly after the child’s birth.  When these three wise men from the East arrived in Jerusalem, their inquiries astonished the people of the city, because they inquired, “Where is the child that has been born a king?  While yet beyond the Euphrates we saw his star arise, and we have come to honor him.”


The star over Bethlehem is no longer a mystery.




The Aquarian Gospel, in one sentence:


To be human is to be an angelic spirit being (a child of God) trapped in a physical body filled with selfish desires and a selfish ego, and our goal is to conquer the carnal self, in order that we may become the angelic beings we are, but have not yet realized.



The Star of David-


The six-pointed star, the Star of David, has been the symbol of Judaism and the Jewish culture for many centuries.  The meaning of this symbol can be interpreted in various ways.  In light of the revelations contained within The Aquarian Gospel, I present the following interpretation of the symbolic meaning of the six-pointed star:


God is Truth.  He has three attributes: Strength, Wisdom and Love.  An appropriate symbol for God is a triangle.  What better way to symbolize God than with a simple, equilateral triangle, standing upright?  Structural experts say the equilateral triangle is the strongest shape.  Wisdom and Love, conjoined, form an apex, and they stand on the foundation, Strength.  A triangle is simple and uncomplicated, as is our God, our Father.  He is pure strength, pure wisdom and pure love.


Every person has God’s image and likeness within his soul, but Man fell from his position, because we strayed, by disobeying our Father’s command – not to bite into the apple (of physical pleasure).  Our Father knew we would do this.


Man, in his fallen condition, is Truth reversed.  What better way to symbolize Man than by a triangle identical to that of God, but fallen – inverse (upside down!)?  If we overlay these two triangles, we have a six-pointed star, the Star of David.  This overlay symbolizes that God, forever upright, never abandons His fallen Children, but remains eternally linked to Mankind, in an ever-present pose of upright Truth.  He stands silently upright, waiting for Man, His offspring, to right himself.


What better way to symbolize the religion and the culture chosen by God to deliver to the entire world His message of Salvation than by the Star of David?


And, what better way to symbolize the imminent reunification of Judaism and Christianity than with the Star of David – combined with the cross of Christ, standing firmly upright upon the foundation, Strength, enclosed by Wisdom and Love?




A brief overview of Salvation-


How does God’s plan of salvation work?  His law says that any of His Children, who bites into the apple (of physical pleasure) becomes blind to his own divine nature, and he can comprehend only his lower self, his animal self – his physical body.  He becomes deceived.  He thinks that he is his body. 


Our Father knows that every youthful soul falls, and experiences this deception.  Everyone must fall, in order to grow strong, by getting up.  Each and every fallen Child of God must recover from the fall.  Salvation is a long, long plan by which we are taught how to recover. 


We are shown that by overcoming the passions and desires of the body, we recover, and re-enter Paradise.  His law says that none may be given his divine inheritance until he has grown strong, by recovering from the fall, and this strength must be demonstrated.  Our Father gives us many incarnation experiences, until we finally recover from the fall.


Thus, even though all of physical reality is actually an illusion, our Father requires that each of us learn to deal with this illusion in a blessed, peaceful god-like way before he admits us to the “real kingdom.”  Each child of God is “performance-tested” before he is granted his legacy.  Each of us must defeat the grand illusion – the physical body, the body of desires. 


Salvation is the process by which we get up, and stand erect before our Father-God and receive the crown that He waits patiently to place upon the head of every one of His children.  This is the Crown of Life – Eternal Life.


Jesus received The Crown in spectacular glory; and said, “You may follow me.”



If you have studied “A Course in Miracles,” you may recall that the transcriber of that three volume publication wrote that the Crucifixion at Calvary never happened!  Thus, some have questioned whether “A Course in Miracles” contradicts sacred scripture.  Actually, “A Course in Miracles” merely confirms the fact that illusions are not reality.  Thus, physical events (which are illusions) are real only in so far as they seem real.  Therefore, it is fair to say that “A Course in Miracles” does not contradict scripture. 


Our Father’s plan of salvation requires us to learn to deal with the illusions of physical reality, as if they were real, and only after we learn to deal with physical reality in a blessed and holy manner (perfectly) are we admitted to the Real Kingdom, The Kingdom of The Soul – The Kingdom called Heaven. 


In the physical world (the world of illusions) we are “performance-tested,” before we can be admitted.

Signs of the Times

Chapter 157 tells of the days when the return of Christ is near (and the judgment day).  Vs. 25 states: “…signs that men have never seen will appear in heaven and earth; in sun, and moon, and stars.”  If you wish to view clear evidence that such signs are now appearing, suggest you visit some of these websites: ----- Cropcircles.htm

The Power of Evil

As stated in the Prologue, throughout the history of the world, men and women of God have been persecuted, prosecuted and slain.

Whenever this maltreatment of the children of the Light occurs, there are always some (wiser and braver souls) who choose not to maltreat them, who do not scorn them, nor misjudge them, but instead, see in them, beacon-lights, which they emulate.  And thus, the vine of Christ has always silently, steadily grown (slowly, before the life of Jesus, and rapidly, ever since) and when this invisible vine has become a mighty vine, enveloping the entire earth, evil will be cast out of the world.  This time is near.  We live in the transition times; the New Age is about to commence.  We must prepare.

One of evil’s accomplishments in recent decades is to implant in the mind of many the idea that the New Age is some far-flung, thoughtless and worthless concept to be laughed at and scorned.  Many false and misleading ideas and concepts regarding the New Age have been perpetrated and widely published.  (Such is the power of evil.  Desperate and fearful, the evil one works feverishly to delay his expulsion.  But his time is short.)

The great upwelling of selfishness, greed, hypocrisy and violence, which we now witness, is not a sign that evil is winning the struggle.  It is a signal that evil knows his time on Earth is short, and he is uneasy, anxious and afraid.  These strangely evil and violent times are the death throes (the last gasps) of evil.  He truly is about to be cast out; and our Lord, Jehoshua, shows us the way.

Everlasting Life,

We know from our own childhood experiences, and by observing children, that a small child can seem to live each day as if the previous day never happened. He or she benefits from lessons learned in earlier days, but conscious memory of previous days is fuzzy, at best. As a child matures, memories of past days are more consciously retained, and this continuity enhances the ability to retain learning, and the child’s learning accelerates.

The same principle applies to human spans of life.  A person who has not conquered himself recalls little of previous spans of life.  Any person who has achieved the victory over the lower self retains complete memories of previous life-spans.  This continuity enhances and accelerates learning.  Because of this, men and women (children of God) who have overcome, advance rapidly into divine maturity.  Each lifespan becomes like a day in the of a soul.

This is everlasting life.

A person who has gained Eternal Life (as Jesus taught us) is a master soul, and retains precious memory. Such a person is no longer just a child of God, but a Son of God, a Daughter of God. This is the difference between ordinary people and prophets and seers.  They possess continuity; their concept of time is totally different than ours. Their spans of life (both physical and ethereal) seem to fly by like days. They are conscious of eternity.

In recent decades, many ordinary people have reported being able to partially recall memories of past lives. This is a sign of the times. The judgment day is near; for we, God's youthful children, are nearing the time when we will be ready to learn, prepared to travel the path – the path which leads to the victory, and we will live our spans of life in peace, with continuity and joyous, painless transition...from one span to the next. This is a description of the Age of Aquarius. And this is just a glimpse of “the Earth,” which the meek are about to inherit!

The earth (a living, conscious being) like all living things, exists in both realms.  Each living thing of the physical realm has its counterpart in the ethereal.  When we pass on, we reside in “ethereal Earth” – in the soul of Earth.  When we incarnate into the physical realm, we actually exist (reside) in both realms simultaneously, but our awareness (for the most part) is limited to physical things, including incarnate Earth.  In light of this, we can now understand Our Lord’s words, “The heavens and the Earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away…”  In other words, when God’s plan calls for it to pass away, physical reality will cease to be..


Regarding the Author of the Aquarian Gospel

I have made the statement that the author of the Aquarian Gospel is none other than Jesus, Christ Himself.  How can I make such a statement?  Jesus knew that every word He spoke and every act He performed was being recorded in what masters and mystics call The Book Of God's Remembrance; and He knew that approximately 1,800 years after His lifetime, a man would be born into the world who is strong enough to open that book.  He also knew that this man would transcribe, in great detail, the epic of His entire life (as a precursor to the return of Messiah).  Well aware of this, Jesus was fully conscious of the fact that, as He journeyed through life, He was creating an historic, panoramic drama, and His epic would one day be published worldwide. Therefore, except for the introductory chapters and some of the narrative, Jesus wrote this book!

How can one be sure this work is genuine?  Just read (carefully) and you will know.  One who reads carefully, with an honest, open and sincere attitude, will recognize the strength, wisdom and love of God – manifest in a man – Jesus, the Christ.

This remarkable story reunifies Judaism and Christianity.  Indeed, this story unites all the peoples of the earth (both religious and non-religious) who cherish truth, kindness, decency and liberty.  Every person is invited to read this beautiful epic, the greatest book ever written, the greatest story ever told.

The Book of Revelation contains a prophecy, which refers to someone very strong, who is able to open a book.  The Book of God's Remembrance (The Akashic Records – where all of History is perfectly recorded) has been opened.  Levi H. Dowling (1844 - 1911) an American who lived in Ohio, attained enough strength and knowledge to view this Sacred Recording of Human History by following the path of Christ.

He became strong enough (and worthy enough) to view Our Father’s Perfect Recording sometime after his fiftieth year on Earth.  He gained the strength and know-how through many years of practicing all-night sessions of meditation, combined with fasting.  After reaching his goal, he was able to focus his mind on a particular time and place, and view the events which occurred there, as if happening “here and now.”  He was able to replay events as many times as necessary, in order to provide us with a perfect transcript.  He spent many months transcribing the events he directly witnessed – in “The Book of God’s Remembrance.”

Levi opened only a small portion of God’s History Book (he opened “the little book”) – that part which is the record of the life of Jesus.  His transcription is commonly known as “The Aquarian Gospel.”  There is no longer any reason to wonder who was Jesus, or to speculate or debate what He said or did.  The entire story is now available, and anyone who reads carefully, sincerely and comprehensively will recognize the authenticity; and indeed, only those who read carefully, sincerely and comprehensively will recognize this book’s authenticity.

The “little book” is sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach.
As God’s Children, we are gods; however, our Father requires much of us.

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This physical body, with all its impulses (all of its selfish passions and desires) is not me.  I am an eternal spirit being (a child of God) and I temporarily inhabit this physical body, to enable me to grow strong.  All of the carnal impulses of my physical body provide me with opportunities to gain strength.  By exercising self-restraint (by learning to control all my selfish desires and appetites) I can become master of every one of them.  When my Father sees that I have conquered them all, He will give me an inheritance befitting a child of God, just as He gave to my elder brother, Jesus, the Christ, and to many of His disciples.


(more short essays and meditations will be added to this page.)

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