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The Star of David


The six-pointed star, the Star of David, has been the symbol of Judaism and the Jewish culture for many centuries.  The meaning of this symbol can be interpreted in various ways.  In light of the revelations contained within The Aquarian Gospel, I present the following interpretation of the symbolic meaning of the six-pointed star:


God is Truth.  He has three attributes: Power, Wisdom and Love.  An appropriate symbol for God is a triangle.  What better way to symbolize God than with a simple, equilateral triangle, standing upright?  Structural experts say the equilateral triangle is the strongest shape.  Wisdom and Love, conjoined, form an apex, and they stand on the foundation, Power.  A triangle is simple and uncomplicated, as is our God, our Father.  He is pure power, pure wisdom and pure love.


Every person has God’s image and likeness within his soul, but Man fell from his position, because we strayed, by disobeying our Father’s command – not to bite into the apple (of physical pleasure).  Our Father knew we would do this.


Man, in his fallen condition, is Truth reversed.  What better way to symbolize Man than by a triangle identical to that of God, but fallen – inverse (upside down!)?  If we overlay these two triangles, we have a six-pointed star, the Star of David.  This overlay symbolizes that God, forever upright, never abandons His fallen Children, but remains eternally linked to Mankind, in an ever-present pose of upright Truth.  He stands silently upright, waiting for Man, His offspring, to right himself.


What better way to symbolize the religion and the culture chosen by God (to deliver to the entire world His message of Salvation) than by the Star of David?


And, what better way to symbolize the imminent reunification of Judaism and Christianity than with the Star of David – combined with the cross of Christ, standing firmly upright upon the foundation, Power, enclosed by Wisdom and Love?


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