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A message from the Sounds of Silence

All about the Aquarian Age Gospel  – the Little Book – sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomach.

The first day of the New Age will be the Judgment Day; the Age of Aquarius is about to commence.   All who are found worthy on that important first day will attend an introductory class – a very difficult course of study.  All who take the remarkable course (given worldwide) will pass the test, which calls for exceptional effort, concentration and will-power.  In order to successfully complete this challenging test, one must walk the Return Path to Eden (without looking back); must then pass through the low, narrow gate, and finally re-enter Paradise.  Judgment Day will be an inspection, when Masters examine every human soul; to determine all who are worthy – all who are prepared to take the course and pass the test.


The textbook for this preparatory course is The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ – the Little Book.  This priceless book has been given to us to help us prepare.  All who are hopeful of attending the challenging course are now advised to become familiar with this precious book (authored by Jesus, transcribed by Levi – honest souls who carefully read the Aquarian Gospel will know this is true).


This web publication, “Return Path to Eden,” is dedicated to helping prospective serious students become familiar with the most important textbook ever written.

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Jesus refers to gang violence, school and workplace shootings, terrorism and wars


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