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Return Path to Eden

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by Michael F. O’Keeffe

All about the Aquarian Age Gospel

The Little Book – sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomach.
(The most important book ever written)


The first day of the new age will be the Judgment Day; the Age of Aquarius is about to commence.  All who are found worthy on that important first day will attend an introductory class – a very difficult course of study.  All who take the remarkable course (given worldwide) will pass the test, which calls for exceptional effort, concentration and will-power.


In order to successfully complete this challenging test, one must walk the Return Path to Eden (without looking back); must pass through the low, narrow gate, and finally re-enter Paradise (a state of mind).  Judgment Day will be an inspection, when Masters examine every human soul – to determine all who are worthy (all who are prepared to take the course and pass the test).


The textbook for the New Age introductory course is The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.  This priceless book has been given to us to help us prepare.  All who are hopeful of attending the challenging studies are now advised to carefully read this precious book.  (Transcribed by Levifrom the Book of God’s Remembrance.)


This web publication, “Return Path to Eden,” is dedicated to helping prospective serious students become aware of (and familiar with) the most important book ever written  (The Greatest Story Ever Told).



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Return Path to Eden
(Part 10)

About the Interpreter

(autobiographic sketch)

How I Discovered the Return Path to Eden


By Michael F. O’Keeffe


Introduction to Autobiographic


The great turning point of my life took place when I first read the “Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, The Christ.”  In this amazing book Jesus teaches us how to become worthy of acceptance into that space (that frame of mind) called “Heaven,” and how to become worthy of eternal life.


I divide my life into two categories, BC and AC.  BC (before I read Christ’s book) and AC (the period of my life since then).  BC covers the period from my birth, August 28th, 1945 until that day almost 38 years later, when, as I was reading, I realized the book I held in my hands (the Aquarian Gospel) is a true, accurate and comprehensive account of the life of Jesus.


I did not make note of the date (or even the year) but this occurred, as best as I can recall, in the Spring of 1983.  The realization of the importance of what I had just discovered (and the enormous implications) so affected me, that times and dates seemed unimportant, and since then, time has been a blur.  (As I write these words, it is May, 2001.)


BC certainly was a time of  sin.”  I didn’t realize I was “going the wrong way” (headed for a life of disaster and tragedy) until I read Jesus’ book.  In fact, I considered myself a pretty decent person.  My personal philosophy and my personal goals were based on one simple notion: “try to get some enjoyment out of life without harming others,” and if I had a “religion,” it was based on the idea, “always try to be kind.”


Yet, Jesus’ book makes it very clear that we are required to do much more than this.  Each of us, as a child of God, has certain responsibilities, which we must fulfill, and if we do not strive to do our best to achieve our goal, we suffer tragedy and grief.  The goal we are required to attain is called  the pearl of greatest price.”  This gem is acquired by overcoming all our carnal passions and desires.


He (or she) who wastes his time and does not do his best to achieve this important goal eventually suffers afflictions, pain, regrets and a difficult death.  Yet he will eventually reincarnate, and be given a chance to “try again,” with little or no conscious memory of past lives.  He who does his best (yet still fails to achieve this goal) suffers minimal grief, and experiences an easier death. 


However, he who succeeds has achieved “The Victory,” (has obtained the “pearl of greatest price”) and thus, he finds the state of mind called “Heaven” and is granted (when his earthly tasks are done) a joyous, painless transition to the realm of soul (instead of experiencing death) and he or she is eventually given a blessed and joyous reincarnation to this dominion (the physical realm) with access to memories of previous incarnations.  (This is “eternal life.”)


Jesus explains all this (and much more) in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ.  Honest souls who carefully read this book will understand, but dishonest souls cannot comprehend. 



The following is a brief overview of the BC period of my life, with a short introduction into what my life has been like since I read The Aquarian Gospel.




Hungry for the Truth

When I was a young boy, there were moments when I longed to know the truth.  Intense moments.  I sometimes asked my mother some very fundamental questions about the whys and wherefores of our existence, and the nature of God.  In response to this perhaps, she acquired a collection of many Bible stories (adapted for children), which she often read to us. 

The expulsion from the Garden of Eden was an especially poignant story for me.  I remember experiencing an intense determination that, when I grew up, I would go search the ends of the earth, in hope of finding the return path to Eden, and show others the way. 

I expressed this desire to my mother, and she told me of the power of prayer, and gently suggested I study the Bible after I learned to read, and if I studied well, my efforts would certainly help me find the return path to Eden.

I did pray, and soon after I learned to read, I began to read the Bible in earnest (with high hope and expectation).  I read from both the Hebrew and the Christian Testaments.  What a disappointment.  I felt a little angry with God, because I felt He could do better, and I told Him so.

I longed for a clearer book, and prayed something like: “Excuse me, but I expected a book given to us by God to be more clearly written.  Surely you are capable of giving us a book that is clear and easy to understand – a book that spells it out simply and clearly – the mystery of life,...what a person is supposed to do,’ and tells us how to find the path that leads back to the gate of Eden.  I feel so lost.  (The Bible is so full of ambiguities and long, arduous passages that offer little insight into our relationship with God.)  Please send me a clear, unambiguous book.”

As time went on, I dropped out of this "prayer mode," becoming absorbed in, and obsessed with, sports, politics (as an avid observer) and the opposite sex (more than just an avid observer).

Occasionally, the stresses and disappointments of life caused me to search for “the answer” again; thus I spent my sophomore year of high school in a seminary boarding school.  But my three obsessions (as well as laziness and slothfulness) overwhelmed my perseverance.

Went to college, and at the beginning of my sophomore year, actually re-entered the seminary for a few short weeks (still searching).  The requirement that all seminarians rise for morning Mass each day at 5:00 AM was more than I could handle.  I couldn’t bring myself to rise each day at this hour.  This was not allowed, and thus, I was asked to leave the seminary.

I became agonistically inclined, graduated from college (barely) quickly joined the U. S. Air Force as soon as my draft notice arrived (Viet Nam was raging). 

During my four years in the Air Force, I met and married a lovely woman, and fathered a fine son (who, years later, as an adult, made some shameful threatening phone calls to a Jewish Community Center, and spent 6 months in a county jail – I am hopeful he will become more enlightened one day).

We divorced 13 years into the marriage – my fault, mostly – I had become obsessed with another woman, who dropped me before my divorce was even finalized.  What a fool!  Before I even knew it, I had gone through mid-life crisis and crashed – big time.

Devastated, I started reading the Bible again (just Mathew, Mark, Luke and John – the rest didn't interest me much) and ended up in the same place I had been as a child: wishing for a book of clarification.  I could see that Jesus' words are indeed powerful, and I was convinced that a mere man could not have spoken as He did, and concluded He must have had some close connection with The Creator.  I wanted to know more.

I was haunted by the feeling that the Four Gospels are not “the whole story;” that parts are missing; perhaps parts of the Christian Bible had been altered or deleted.  The more I read and re-read, the more I felt this.  I believed in the power of prayer, however.

My prayer mode went something like: "I would like to know the rest of the story!...request Your help.  I believe the truth is out there somewhere.  Perhaps there is still a mystic scroll or tablet somewhere under a rock, or in a cave, containing the missing information.  Won't You guide me to it?" I was intense about this, and I found myself spontaneously repeating this "prayer mode" on a number of occasions.

One day (in the Spring of 1983, approximately) a woman friend handed me a book, without saying a word.  I took it home, but I was not inclined to read it.  "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ;" ..."what an odd title," I thought..."probably another one of those." It remained on a shelf in my living room for weeks.

Out of respect for the person who had given me the book, I decided one day to at least take a look.  I quickly realized it is essentially the same familiar story as told by the Four Gospels – Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  As I read on, I began to notice two things: #1) There are details I had never come across before, and #2) The prose is remarkably and exquisitely clear – no ambiguities, and no long, arduous, irrelevant or enigmatic passages.

I noticed that most of the new details are very pertinent – they shed light upon questions that had always arisen whenever I studied the Christian Testament.  I also noticed that these details are very satisfying – they make sense, they are crystal clear, profound, and they are astounding.  The further I read, the more astounding was each page and chapter I read, and the more astonished was I.

And when I reached the sections dealing with Jesus' public ministry in Palestine, the deep profoundness and the crystal clarity of every page was so unique and so inspiring (far beyond anything I had ever read) I realized I held in my hands nothing less than the most precious thing that exists – the original, uncensored Christian Testament – the original Gospel of Christ! 

My prayers had been answered.  The clear, unambiguous book, which I had requested as a small boy (and later as an adult) was in my hands!  First published in 1908, the mystic tablet I long sought was now right in front of me – and had been available in bookstores for many years!  Furthermore, I soon realized that Jesus’ many profound teachings, in addition to being clear and unambiguous, also provide us with exactly what I had resolved to find when my mother first read many Bible stories to us – the Return Path to Eden!

Two thousand years ago Jesus was tortured to death on a cross, and resurrected; and it had just dawned on me that His word, which men, long ago, also “murdered and buried,” had recently resurrected, and I was holding it in my hands!  "How is it I have never heard of this book?"..., I pondered, "...it seems few people are aware of this book and fewer still are aware of its monumental importance.  How am I going to get the Word out?"

This book can rightfully be called the second resurrection of Christ.  Any honest person who carefully reads this book in its entirety cannot fail to realize this.  A book so profound has never been written, and I am sure the profundity alone is enough to convince any honest, open-minded, sensitive person.

The Aquarian Gospel contains the epic of the entire life of Jesus. The reader is privy to many private conversations between Jesus and other masters of His time.  As we read, we see and hear eyewitness accounts of ancient events; we listen to verbatim instructions and explanations Jesus spoke to His disciples in private.

By “listening in” on these conversations, the reader is given a clear and concise explanation of who Christ is, who we all are, and how we came to be here.  Jesus also explains the nature of the process we all are undergoing, as well as what is expected of each person; and He advises that the return of Christ to Earth will coincide with the harvest time of souls (the judgment day) and we must prepare.

This book (this resurrection of the Word) in a very real sense, constitutes the return of Christ, for if His word has returned, has not He returned?  Certainly, this return of His word is a sign that His return (in person) is very near.

I tried telling people of this book.  (Imagine my enthusiasm.)  Guess what?  No response.  Negative response.  "Go away,”… “leave me alone,”… “another Jesus freak!,”… “get out of my life." Even those nearest and dearest to me shunned my pleas.

I couldn’t blame them much.  “Jesus freaks” and “evangelicals” had been revulsion to me too, for many years.  How was I going to get people to realize – this is “for real,” …this book is a genuine New Book of Scripture, which God has given us.  I asked myself, “Am I the only person who realizes this?”  Of course, I knew that I am not, but it sure has felt like it sometimes.

I ceased telling people after a while, but occasionally, I still try to tweak someone's interest.  After 17 years, I've managed to convince only a handful of people... to do what?...only to read the most important book ever written.  (To this day, I often read, study and re-read.  It never gets boring.)

I decided to change my approach.  Instead of telling people about the Aquarian Gospel, I began to write encapsulated versions of this remarkable book, with the purpose of bringing it's message to the attention of open-minded, spiritual people.  I presented some of my best efforts to people I felt may be interested – among family and friends.  I was not very successful.  Almost none were interested (to my amazement).

I have become painfully aware that so many uninspiring, tasteless, misguided, misleading (and even fraudulent) articles and books have been written about Jesus in recent decades that many people are “turned off” and “tuned out” to the possibility of reading anything that might be genuinely "new" and inspiring. 

Furthermore, I realized that I was not paying full attention to one of Jesus' most important instructions: "a man cannot teach that which He does not demonstrate in life," and I had to face the fact that my various summaries and synopses of The Aquarian Gospel constitute an attempt to teach.  (I am hopeful I will one day find the strength to demonstrate in life that which I would teach.)

Meanwhile, I have completed more than ten essays – reviews and synopses of The Aquarian Gospel, which I consider worthy of publication, and I present them here (as well as the complete text of The Aquarian Gospel).  I do not feel I can be called the author of these essays, but rather, an interpreter.  These essays (and three poems) are my interpretation of  "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ."

After studying this book for many years, I have also realized that the Aquarian Gospel is “the Little Book,” which is prophesied to appear at this time of History, and would be given to us by some strong person during these times of Revelations.  The Foreword, which I have inserted at the beginning of the text, explains how Levi became strong enough to open The Book of God’s Remembrance, from which he transcribed the Aquarian Gospel.

 (Note: this publication is frequently revised, to improve clarity, prose, spelling and grammar.)

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