Return Path to Eden
(Part 3)

Two Paths


The Silent Truth
(The great secret Jesus revealed)

A Synopsis of the Aquarian Gospel
Interpreted by Michael F. O'Keeffe

There are only two paths in life.  One is full of harm and danger, is very wide and spacious, and is so heavily traveled, most assume it is the only way.   The other path is completely safe, is straight and narrow, and is so lightly traveled, few notice it. This straight, narrow and safe path lies hidden amidst the broad and dangerous one.

Jesus described these two paths.  He said,

“There is a way that leads unto the perfect life.  Few find it at a time.  It is a narrow way.  It lies among the rocks and pitfalls of the carnal life, but in this narrow way there are no pitfalls and no rocks.  There is a way that leads to wretchedness and want; it is a spacious way, and many walk therein.  It lies among the pleasure groves of the carnal life.”

Woe to those who wander at will upon the broad and treacherous path, so full of danger.  There are sharp rocks, pitfalls, snares and stumbling blocks – everywhere.  Each one of these is a trap and has an attractive lure – the promise of pleasure through some form of self-indulgence, yet after a few fleeting moments of pleasure, they bring nothing but misery.

Yes, indulgence brings torrents of misery in the form of difficulties and problems of every kind.  The commonest forms are mistakes, accidents, afflictions, poverty and debt, as well as enslavement by an endless series of difficult tasks and drudgery. 

Other manifestations of the wretchedness created by self-indulgence include irritability and insensitivity; misunderstandings, conflicts and disputes; sadness, and depression; forgetfulness, frustration and foolishness; and eventually, senility and death. 

Conversely, one who overcomes himself, giving up all carnal indulgences, is free of all these miseries.  Furthermore, labor becomes interesting, easy, joyous and fun.  All men and women can attain this state of mind, which is heavenly.  The amount of joy in one’s life is directly proportional to how well one diligently restrains his appetites, passions and desires.  Misery, on the other hand, reflects lack of self-control.

Man, in His natural condition, was meant to be free of all of the miseries, but ever since the fall of man (a very, very long time ago) we have been ensnared (and enslaved) by every one of them.

When we fell, we fell from our natural home, the high planes of the ethereal realm, into the lower planes – and lower still, into this realm, the physical.

The primary curse of the physical realm is the strong, natural inclination to seek physical pleasure – to gratify all the carnal desires (to walk the wide and dangerous path – assuming this is the only way).  The second curse of the physical realm is this: anyone who indulges in physical pleasure (each of us) becomes so completely focused on physical events, he completely forgets the peaceful place from which we fell, and worst of all, he even forgets that the fall took place.

Thus we have been trapped here, in the physical realm, ever since we fell – lost and residing in utter darkness, where confusion and absurdity reign.  Throughout the long duration, we have been unaware from whence we came, and thus we have resided here in the physical realm, one incarnation after another, unaware that we belong somewhere else.  (A little like "Alice in Wonderland,” fallen into the rabbit hole.)

Between incarnations, we dwell for a time in the lower planes of the ethereal realm, but these low planes can be even more confusing than the physical realm.  We often visit these lower planes when we dream (although a few advanced souls sometimes manage rise to higher, less confusing planes).

Christ's mission is to bring light into the world of darkness and confusion.  He tells us of our origin and our heritage, He explains our predicament, and He shows the way out.  Christ reveals the straight and narrow path – the Return Path to Eden!

His word is enlightenment, but because good and evil always struggle here (in this realm) immature, evil men always try to snuff out the truth.  They kill the bearer of the truth – and they dilute and pollute written records of His teachings. 

However, by natural law, Truth eventually conquers all the murders, lies and noisy diversions that evil can muster.  They are no match for the power of Truth.  Thus, the resurgence of the original, uncensored Gospel of Christ is a fact; and

we can  read

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, The Christ.


In Chapter 44 of the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus explained (to an assembly of learned men and women) how one may escape from the curse of our physical senses.  He said,

“The senses were ordained to bring into the mind mere pictures of the things that pass away; they do not deal with real things; they do not comprehend eternal law.  But man has something in his soul, a something that will tear the veil apart, so that he may see the world of real things.  We call this something, spirit consciousness; it sleeps in every soul, and cannot be awakened till the Holy Breath becomes a welcome guest. 

“This Holy Breath knocks at the door of every soul, but cannot enter in until the will of man throws wide the door.  There is no power in intellect to turn the key; philosophy and science both have toiled to get a glimpse behind the veil; but they have failed.  The secret spring that throws ajar the door of soul is touched by nothing else than purity in life, by prayer and holy thought.”

Later (in Chapter 71) He elaborated.  He said,

“I cannot show the king unless you see with eyes of soul, because the kingdom of the king is in the soul.  And every soul a kingdom is. There is a king for every man.  This king is love, and when this love becomes the greatest power in life, it is the Christ; so Christ is king. 

“And every one may have this Christ dwell in his soul, as Christ dwells in my soul.  The body is the temple of the king, and men may call a holy man a king.  He who will cleanse his mortal form and make it pure, so pure that love and righteousness may dwell unsullied side by side within its walls, is king.”

Let us focus our attention away from all the noisy diversions, and hear The Silent Truth:

Every single indulgence in carnal pleasure obstructs our ability to see with eyes of soul, and brings only a few fleeting moments of pleasure, while the price we pay is all our troubles.  When we indulge, we bite a baited hook, and Misery is its name.

I personally know about the miseries of indulgence, because I used to be a sucker for the bait – hook, line and sinker.  However, once when I cried out in anguish from the resultant misery – in prayer, I asked God for help.  Soon, Jesus knocked on the door of my soul, and when I opened it, He said, “You are going the wrong way.  Go this Way,” and He showed me the way of self-restraint.

Refraining from indulgence causes one's troubles to fade away.  They are replaced by peace and joy.  The self-imposed slavery is abolished!  Refraining from indulgence causes certain natural laws of the physical realm to slowly recede, and gradually reinstates some of the peaceful laws of the high ethereal planes – our natural, blissful condition is restored.  (Eden is reclaimed!  Nirvana is found!)

This is the great secret that Jesus and all mystics, masters and prophets have always shared with those willing to listen.  (Those willing to listen are they whose ears have been attuned to hear and comprehend the truth – by the experiences of many, many physical and ethereal spans of life.)

Be forewarned!  Restoration of the peaceful, ethereal laws requires great effort and will-power, and is very difficult to achieve.  Extra large measures of determination and perseverance are essential.  We are addicted to the pleasures of the physical body, and our addiction is strong, very strong. 

Thus, Jesus said, "Take stock of yourself before you start to follow me. . . .  and don't look back – remember Lot's wife."  And recall our Lord's advice about the man who begins building a tower or a house without counting well the cost; he runs out of funds before the project is complete, and becomes the butt of ridicule.  (I can personally attest to the truth of this metaphor.  I "ran out of funds" many times, and became the butt of ridicule.)

He who knows and understands The Way, and decides to follow where Masters have tread, never wanders onto the wide, heavily traveled and dangerous way, but instead, confines himself to the safe, straight and narrow path.  This person is rescued from the perils of carnal living, and is free, and he or she gradually becomes aware of another reality beyond the physical, and begins living (in a measure) The Perfect Life (which brings a peaceful, heavenly state of mind – called Paradise).

As one becomes aware of this “other reality,” it soon becomes clear that it is actually the true reality, whereas the physical realm we see with eyes of flesh is merely an illusion, which passes away.  Only those who steadfastly follow the Way of Christ enter the realm of true reality, where love is King.  The rest of us are bound to the world of illusions.  Thus Jesus often said, “the kingdom is just at hand, but he who sins cannot see it come…prepare to meet your King.” 

Preparing to meet our King is a task which can take many years, and can even be a lifelong struggle, but there is no other goal available to man which is worth achieving.  This is the only goal our Father would have us pursue.  In the eyes of Christ (and all masters) the pursuit of any other goal is foolishness.

Knowledge of the hidden, narrow path (the way of Life) is knowledge of The Pearl of Greatest Price.  Only a few at a time (each earth-round of life) attain this knowledge.  The sincere and devout, practicing fasting, meditation and abstinence, discover it.  (Sometimes, a fortunate person is informed by one who has made the discovery, but he must then go find the way, and discover for himself.)

The greatest paradox is: He who restrains himself is free.

The truth has set him free!

(When a man finds a field containing croppings of a wondrous mine of gold, he straightaway goes and sells all he has and buys that field, and all that lies beneath.)

Now you know the meaning of three symbols of Christ: the straight and narrow path, the pearl of greatest price and the field containing a hidden goldmine.  They all refer to The Way.  It's all about exercising self-control and will-power (refraining from self-indulgence).

Few are willing to travel this route, but eventually everyone does, as the eons pass.

The Aquarian Age will differ vastly from all previous ages.  All found worthy on the Judgment Day will be blessed, and will learn, and will persevere; and we will finally be willing to travel that marvelous trail – the path of self restraint – which leads back to that heretofore hidden gate, the entrance to Eden!

Some will achieve this before the judgment day!

Meanwhile, we must do our best: we must prepare.  Judgment Day is near. 

Since the ages began, those who have found and traveled The Way, and persevered, found joy, peace and continuity of life.  These people have been known as Avatars, Buddhas, or Christs, and also as sages, seers, mystics, masters, and prophets.  All of these were Christ, but were not publicly known as such.  One of them (each 2,000 years) has been publicly known as Christ.  This is Messiah - Immanuel.

All who have walked the way of Christ were abused.  Some were put to death.  This mistreatment did not diminish their joyous, peaceful, liberty nor their continuity, but rather, enhanced them, for when any person forgives ignorant ones trampling on his rights (especially the right to be alive) our Father-God knows, and this person is greatly blessed.

The rest of us, who did not find The Way, and persevere, did not attain these most precious, marvelous gifts (the way of life and the state of mind that are filled with peace, joy and continuity).  Instead, we continued to reside in the shadow of the grave.

The extent to which one experiences the marvelous gifts is proportional to one's adherence to the straight and narrow path.  For example, a person who has not yet won The Victory (has not yet conquered all his carnal desires) but has striven to be honest, sincere and unselfish (practicing self restraint) will experience an easier transition to the next life – the ethereal realm – and his stay there will be rewarding and enjoyable; whereas, a person who has lived a selfish physical life, filled with self indulgence, is destined to experience a difficult, terrifying and painful death – proportional to the degree of self indulgence, and his stay in the ethereal realm will be quite unpleasant, and may be prolonged.

Furthermore, if one has blood on his hands, he or she is destined to experience the horror of death at the hands of another.  This is the law of karma.  We do not always see this law of karma in action, because karmic debt is often carried over into future physical incarnations.  Simply stated: anyone who commits murder must eventually experience murder, either in this earth-round of life, or in a future incarnation.

There is no reason to fret when a man "gets away with murder" in the trial-courts of men, for God's law of recompense never fails.  His law meets out perfect justice.  That which one does to any other person always rebounds.  “The scourger becomes the scourged, the murderer becomes the victim,” whereas the kindhearted, the loving and the merciful will find kindness, love and mercy.

Thus, we have these scriptural sayings: “as ye sow, so shall ye reap;”  “judge not, lest ye be judged;” and even the Biblical saying, “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life,” is an ancient Hebrew description of karmic law.

As stated previously, the "new age," the Aquarian Age, just now dawning, will be a blessed age indeed, for in this coming age all the righteous peoples of the earth will be blessed; the Masters will reveal themselves, and teach.  They will lead us into the perfect age, and all will learn The Way – and persevere.  As a result, all sadness, sickness, accidents (and death itself) will fade away.  (This is the redemption of the Earth.  This is Heaven.)

However, the first day of the new age will indeed be a day of judgment: the meek, with joy, will begin learning the lessons of the age – as they receive their inheritance.  The selfish and the wicked will discover they are unprepared, bringing them profound grief.  (But Jesus advised, “Rejoice not over fallen foes.”)  True, they will not be allowed to participate in the wondrous events of the age; yet, after countless eons pass, they will again have an opportunity to participate in such glorious times (when the ages roll again).

And we will help them.  We will help lead them to the light!

Yes, in future rollings of the ages, we will be there.  We will be their guides (their prophets and their seers) and lo, we will often lay ourselves down upon the altar of the Lord.  Remembering the Christ whom we follow, we will eat the bread, and drink the wine, (not once, but many times) giving up our lives in willing sacrifice, that they (and others) may learn, and follow us – to Eternal Life.

When Jesus taught His disciples, by example, how to give ones life in self-sacrifice, it was not His first sacrificial offering.  He had often given His life.  He had eaten of this bread and drunk of this wine many times, but when He gave his life upon the cross at Calvary, He accomplished His final and supreme self-sacrifice – He completed His final physical incarnation.  When His apostles gave their lives, following Him, this was their first consumption of the supper of the Lord.

When a man (or woman) for the first time, gives his or her life in willing sacrifice upon the sacred altar, He has returned to His Father, and become One with Him again, just as he was before he bit into the apple of carnal pleasure, and fell from Eden.  He (or she) has traveled the long, long journey from soul-infancy to soul-maturity.

Each time one consumes this most sacred "Passover meal," He does so in a more powerful and more dramatic way than previously, until He finally achieves His ultimate and supreme self-sacrifice (and his final physical incarnation).  There is no shortage of opportunities for a master soul to advance to His or Her final offering.  God can always find a world in need of Messiah.

When one achieves His final and supreme self-sacrifice, bringing the message of redemption to an entire world, He becomes virtually indistinguishable from God, Our Father; yet He retains His individual, personal human identity.  All knowledge and all power belong to Him.  He can self-resurrect.  Jesus demonstrated this.  (It can certainly be said that the plan of salvation is a plan whereby God continually re-creates Himself.  He re-creates Himself through men and women, for God and Man are One – and the same.)

During the Aquarian Age, God, our Father, will enable men and women to look back into History and see the life that Jesus led, and hear every word He spoke, for He will teach us how to become strong enough to open up the Book of His Remembrance (to see and hear past events recorded there) just as He has already done for Levi, the man who transcribed every word recorded in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, The Christ, the book that has been given us, to help us prepare; the greatest book ever written!!!

We are now witnessing some very dramatic events in the unfolding of the plan of salvation.  This plan is the gift of Life, which God gives to all men.  By this plan, the "baton" of Eternal Life is forever passed on, from the hands of men, into the hands of men, through self-sacrifice and forgiveness.

This plan of salvation may seem harsh to the uninitiated person, but be aware that the life of Christ is a life spent in such intense peace, joy and happiness, it cannot be described, and when the hour of self-sacrifice comes, God's grace dispels the pain.  (Anyone who can heal the sick and raise the dead can certainly, by the power of his own mind, block pain sensation within his own body.)  Remember: Death is an illusion!

The great age of deific learning fast approaches – the New Age, The Age of Aquarius is now dawning!

Let us prepare!

Regarding the approaching judgment day, Jesus advised: "None can know the day nor the hour…keep watch at every season of the year,... let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared...and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief."*

* The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ." Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling, Devorss Publications, Marina Del Rey, Ca., ch. 112 vs. 16, and ch. 157 vs. 38, 39.

Interpreter's footnotes:

Note #1:  (Regarding the ethereal and the physical realms.)  The lower planes of the ethereal realm are similar in many ways to the physical realm – they are adjacent to the physical.  Good and evil struggle there, just as they do here; and there is much self-indulgence, strife and confusion.  When we dream, we sometimes visit these lower planes of the ethereal.  These dreams take place on the very borderland between here and there – and this is where we experience sexual dreams.

Recently deceased souls (many of whom are unable to rise up to the higher planes) often linger in this borderland, and we can sometimes see these souls (as ghosts) and some of them try to torment us (as a form of entertainment.)  Sometimes they invade our dreams.  (Others, more benevolent, linger in the borderland for other reasons.)

He who has striven to live a good and unselfish life here can fly when he visits the ethereal planes (Dreamland).  He or she can ascend to higher planes, but sin (self-indulgence) causes one to forget how to fly.  Children, who are often born with the ability to fly in Dreamland, sometimes lose this ability.  A strong, unwavering commitment to return to unselfish ways (the ways of self restraint) can restore this ability.  (Pay attention to your dreams.  They are an indication of your current state of being.)

He who has conquered himself, not only flies, but also soars like an eagle when he visits there; he (or she) can rise up to even higher planes – he can "find a nest in Heaven."  A person who still resides here in the physical realm, and has not yet learned to soar in Dreamland, sometimes experiences a brief flash of what it's like to soar (in a waking, or a sleeping dream).

Many people have reported such brief, out of body "soaring experiences."  These occur usually three to six weeks after one has achieved some difficult feat – requiring much self sacrifice – achieving a partial (but significant) victory over some aspect of one's lower self.

Note #2:  Indulgence – there are two kinds, physical and mental.  When we strive to refrain from carnal pleasure, it is important to renounce both of these.  The methods of refraining from physical indulgence are obvious, but the methods of restraining the carnal desires of the mind are less apparent.  One must purge one’s mind of all selfish and evil thoughts.  This is accomplished through frequent and persistent meditation and prayer (and it is difficult work).

Note #3:  A word to the wise: even though everyone is eventually exalted to the high position of Son of God, or Daughter of God, no one is ever exalted until he has become wise enough to humble himself before God and men; before God, in meditation and prayer, and before men, in thought, word and deed.

Note #4:  You have just read an essay based on 18 years of study of the Aquarian Gospel – the astonishing book that reunifies Judaism and Christianity (and unifies all peoples, nations, tribes and tongues of Earth).

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