Return Path to Eden
(Part 2)

The Way,
and Christ's Sacrifice

(Does anyone dare murder Messiah again?)

Another synopsis of the Aquarian Gospel
Interpreted by Michael F.  O'Keeffe

Section I

As God's children, we possess all the powers of our Father, however, by His loving mercy, we can gain access to only a very small portion of our powers, because as youth, we often mis-use them, harming ourselves – causing all our own pain and sadness.  An accurate definition of sin is: anything we do that harms ourselves.   We are gradually given greater access to our natural deific powers only when we realize this, and refrain from sin, but we don't know how.

We don’t know the way, because we live in darkness.  Jesus brought enlightenment.  As one of God's mature children, Jesus, our elder brother, came to show us The Way.

Having lived many more rounds of earth-life than we (very many) and therefore having advanced far, (far) beyond us, He came into the world well fit to dissipate the darkness.  He simply exhibited the bright light of full human maturity, and showed us how we will achieve it.  His life was example: a demonstration of living the perfect life, every person's destiny and goal.

Jesus, in His very early years, knew that the only goal worth achieving in Earth-life is the victory over self.  (Masters don't forget lessons learned in past incarnations.)  At a very young age, He began wrestling with the animal within Himself – His own appetites, passions and desires – striving for the perfect life.  With each success, He received a generous increase in access to divine power.  At age thirty, He became Christ, a title conferred upon anyone whose higher self (the god-like self) has completely conquered his lower self (the body of desires and the selfish, carnal mind).

Jesus revealed to His disciples this great secret, hidden from most men and women for many ages.  This secret is called The Way.  Anyone who travels the way, and perseveres, stimulates his own soul to blossom into maturity.  Anyone who does not know the way cannot achieve soul-maturity, and cannot gain access to divine power – until he knows, and until he chooses to travel The Way – the way of self-restraint.

Jesus showed The Way to His disciples and they showed others.  Eventually everyone is shown the way.  He showed them the straight and narrow path, which lies hidden amidst the dangerous rocks and pitfalls of the wide and spacious path, the path of sensual and carnal pleasure.  He made it clear to them that walking the straight and narrow path is simply a metaphor for self restraint.  It's all about exercising self control and will-power !!!  One must conquer one’s self, attaining complete mastery over all the cravings of the lower self .  This is a monumental task and can take many years.

After one achieves this Victory, one must accomplish it again and again, in future incarnations, achieving greater perfection each time; until one becomes so perfect, he (or she) becomes one with God, our Father;  This is Christ, the Messiah.

Jesus explained how anyone who chooses the way, and perseveres, gradually gains access to all his or her innate deific attributes and powers.  A few wise people (scattered among us through all the ages) knew this, and therefore these avatars – these mystics, masters, prophets and seers – practiced fasting, mental concentration and other forms of self-control.

After one has achieved The Victory over his lower self, he becomes his higher self, and is filled with pure, divine love, and his life is peaceful and serene; this is Christ (everyone’s inheritance, everyone’s destiny).  When ordinary men and women attain this "perfect life" (for their first time, as novices) they do so unnoticed, in a private way (saying and doing what the Holy Spirit moves them to say and do) yet the world is unaware that Christ is among us – through them.  This "Christ in low profile" is with us at all times.

Once each age, however, a very lofty, mature soul comes to Earth and achieves the perfect life, and lives the life of Christ in a public way.  (He is a person who has achieved the perfect life many times in previous incarnations.  He is a very mature soul.)  Masters refer to such a person as Christ, the Messiah, and Immanuel.  Addressed as "Lord" or "Master," this person remains in the world for a time; saying and doing in every situation what God Himself would say and do.  (Christ can do nothing else.)

A life of joy, peace and serenity (free of worry and discontent) belongs to Christ, and to all who have overcome the lower self, and this gift can never be taken away from one who has received this inheritance.  A few weeks before His brutal execution at Calvary, Jesus foretold that soon some immature, foolish souls (among the high priests of Jerusalem) envious of His power and fame, and enraged by His embarrassing exposition of their selfishness and cruelty, would attempt to take His serene inheritance away from Him (by means of the most humiliating method available to them – public execution by crucifixion).

He stated that those who earnestly strive to follow Him must not expect to be immune to similar maltreatment, because anyone who unwaveringly restrains his carnal desires and steadfastly cultivates truth, love, decency and mercy (the path that leads to Christ) will be scorned, and may be regarded (and even judged) as if he were one of the worst, most dangerous criminals.

Immature, selfish souls despise honest souls who follow the path of Masters.  Therefore, dishonest lawyers, officials, scholars and priests often seek to discredit children of the Light.  Such arrogant, insincere, ignorant souls are determined to search for any excuse (which can be found or fabricated) to legitimize the arrest and prosecution of those who walk The Way.  And eventually, these immature and foolish people mete out their harshest wrath upon those who follow Christ (by execution); “but with the consciousness of duty done, the peace of God will lift the load, dispel the pain and light the way…and by your sacrifice, you will bless your persecutors.” (AG 127:20)

Now and throughout the history of the world, men and women who walk the way of Christ have been persecuted, prosecuted and slain.  Even in His early Youth, Jesus knew He walked the path that eventually leads to death by public execution.  He was well aware that this is the Sacrifice our Father requires of all His mature children.  Mature God-Children are given the task of teaching their younger brethren.  Self Sacrifice (including the sacrifice of life itself) is an essential, and powerful teaching device.

Jesus explained this to sincere young souls, who earnestly sought the way to God:  He said, “A man who walks the straight and narrow path, as I do, is often compelled to say things (and do things) which expose the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of proud, pompous, and foolish souls.  This enrages them so, that they seek to take the life of the one who speaks these powerful words of truth.  I walk The Way,” He said, “and I speak as I am compelled to speak, and foolish men and women are in a rage, and they seek to take my life; and I can help them learn to be not so foolish by my sacrifice (by handing my life over to them – at the proper time).  You may follow me,… but take stock of yourself before you start to follow me.”

Among immature souls, the most misguided and most foolish are the ones who think of themselves as the elite.  Our Father knows that the only way these men and women can learn to become humble (and wise) is for Him to allow them to do their evil works, and then to suffer the awful consequences. 

Therefore, God comes to the foolish – through children of the Light (but the foolish do not recognize God in them) and after they have maltreated and slain His prophets and other holy men and women (as well as Messiah Himself) the wicked ones are shown (in life-review) how God came to them (through their elder and wiser brethren) and how they, in their foolishness, chose to maltreat and slay them.  Then, they experience the awful consequences.

What is the nature of these awful consequences?  We have an example.  Many of the people of Israel participated in the infamous and foolish execution of Jesus at Calvary, and later they persecuted and executed many of those who followed the Lord.  (God never interferes with man’s free will.  Our Father allowed the Jewish nation to expel the light from her midst!)  Thus, the only people left in Israel were the unenlightened – the foolish.  The wise had been expelled by persecution and execution.

However, retribution came – as it always does to those who maltreat innocent human brothers and sisters.  This awful retribution has been on-going for many generations.  The persecutors and executioners of Christ (and his disciples) have just experienced many, many incarnations of awful consequences.  The Jewish nation has experienced nearly 2,000 years of indescribable retribution.

These awful consequences began shortly after the maltreatment of the innocents, and included the destruction of Jerusalem, the exile from the holy land, as well as the horrors at Masada; and these terrible consequences continued for many generations, even unto Auschwitz, and beyond.  Such is the nature of the karma  (the awful consequences) which, by natural law, must come to those who maltreat children of The Light.

Does anyone dare murder Messiah again?

But soon the horrible days of tribulation will have been fulfilled.  The anti Jewish times are now finally, gradually coming to an end.

Soon God, our Father, will again send enlightened men and women (prophets and seers) to Israel – the nation, through which, He chose to reveal Himself (and His plan of salvation) to the world.  After 2,000 years of self imposed darkness, Israel will again be given the Light!


Yes, soon Messiah (the Prince of Peace) will return, and He will walk in Jerusalem; and, all the wiser now, Israel (having learned her lesson well, and so relieved and grateful that the Prince of Peace has returned) will never again banish The Light from her midst.


The Way,
and Christ's Sacrifice

Section  II

Our Father requires that anyone who has become The Christ must be willing to sacrifice Himself; must be willing to suffer death (which is an illusion) at the hands of foolish souls – in order that these ignorant men and women may learn many difficult lessons of the soul, and that they, during subsequent incarnations, may eventually become wise.  Then, they will become the teachers.  And they will lead others to The Light, by giving up their lives in willing sacrifice.  Thus, they too will eventually achieve immortality.  This process continues eternally. 

The life of Christ is a life of service and sacrifice – every person’s destiny.

Therefore, as His final earthly task, Christ sometimes performs the ultimate act of human self-control, and the ultimate human drama, in order to demonstrate and teach divine will-power, divine forgiveness and the power of sacrifice, and in order that foolish souls may become wise.  The following is a description of Christ’s will-power and self-sacrifice.

Our Lord's Sacrifice

Christ's powerful, divinely inspired words and deeds expose hypocrisy, angering the hypocrites.  Many of these foolish souls (especially among the rulers and the rich and powerful) become exceedingly envious of His miraculous powers and of His great reputation as a wise teacher.  And when He persists in exposing their hypocrisies, their anger turns to rage; and foolishly, they plot to take His life (by stealth or by public, legal means).

However, as a mature, master soul, who can access divine power, Christ easily thwarts their treacherous plans.  Yet, after all His teachings and other works are completed, He lays Himself down, upon the altar of the Lord.  That is, He hands His life over to these angry men and women, in willing sacrifice.  He allows youthful, ignorant souls to have their way with Him, in their jealous rage.

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus actually did sweat blood, as He foresaw, with perfect clarity, all the cruelty that infantile, small-minded souls would shortly inflict upon Him.  When the angry mob of brutes came for Him, brandishing clubs and swords, He chose not to disappear, nor to use any other divine power of escape, as He had often done during His ministry in Palestine.

Fully aware that we all are eternal, and that death is merely an illusion, Christ, like a lamb before its shearer, tolerates His gruesome execution.  He blesses His executioners with a boundless love as they brutally take His life, and He prays, "My Father-God, forgive these men!"   They are youthful souls (children at play) unaware of the truth.  "They know not what they do."

This great blessing enables these men and women, in future lives, to eventually rise above the level of brutality – to learn the ways of holiness, and to begin the long, long trek to redemption, Eternal Life and Immortality.

Such is the power of Christ's sacrifice.  Without this sacrifice and this blessing, these juvenile children of the Divine would be forever bound to tread the ways of darkness and of death (where there is weeping, and the gnashing of teeth).

Christ's crucifixion is simply the act of a wise, loving and patient Elder, tolerating the awful mischief of ignorant youth.  His sacrifice of physical life, and His prayer for his executioners as they take His life, are His gifts to them; and these are the gifts that all men eventually give to other men.  (This is God's plan of salvation.)

As He completed His final earthly task (upon the cross) Jesus, a fully mature Son of God, received his inheritance – unlimited access to all divine power; and on the third day of His entombment, He performed the ultimate human accomplishment: self-resurrection.

This man, walking the straight and narrow path, saying, "Follow me," became immortal.  Along the way, He also said, "I am the Way, the Life, the Light and the Truth; I am the gateway to everlasting life," and finally He said, "what I have done, everyone can do, and everyone will do…  yet, you must take stock of yourself before you start to follow me, …and don't look back!"

You have just read an essay based on nearly 20 years of study of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ.

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Aquarian Gospel FAQs

Regarding the approaching judgment day, Jesus advised: "None can know the day nor the hour…keep watch at every season of the year,... let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared...and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief."*

* The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ." Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling, Devorss Publications, Marina Del Rey, Ca., ch. 112 vs. 16, and ch. 157 vs. 38, 39.

A word to the wise:

Even though everyone is eventually exalted to the high position of Son of God, or Daughter of God, no one is ever exalted except he who has become wise enough to humble himself before God and men; before God, in meditation and prayer, and before men, in thought, word and deed.