Return Path to Eden
(Part 1)


The Profound and Simple Truth

(The plan of Salvation is finally revealed – during these times of Revelations)

A synopsis of the Aquarian Gospel
 by Michael F. O'Keeffe

It's all very simple – the mystery of life.  Here is the profound and simple truth:

Children on Earth have parents and elders, who give guidance and example, providing patterns for them to emulate.  Likewise, all of us (children of God) are continually given elders to emulate.  Our Father always sends elder souls to Earth.  They guide, protect and provide examples for us youthful souls.  They are our teachers, yet we seldom notice them.

Furthermore, once every 2,000 years, God (our Father) sends to Earth an extremely advanced Master-Teacher (a very advanced soul) to guide, protect and teach with extraordinary power, and thus provide a pattern for the whole world to emulate.  This mighty Master-soul (sent here to teach us) is rightfully called Christ, the Messiah, or Immanuel.  He is an Avatar – a man who has attained full soul-maturity. 

Maturity of soul is achieved only through the growth and learning provided by the experiences of many, many lives (many incarnations).  Thus, Jesus came to Earth as our elder brother – a Master-soul, who had learned much more than we – through many fruitful incarnations. 

When he incarnated here, and was born in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago, he was (just like all of us) a child of God; but unlike us, his soul was fully grown and matured, for he had experienced much more education of soul than we; and therefore, he was well prepared to provide a pattern for the world.  (Furthermore, his soul mate, Miriam, was equally mature, and she played a vital role in Messiah’s ministries.)

Like all advanced souls, Jesus was given a mission (by God, our Father): to teach us to follow him (to emulate him) so that we may gain eternal life.   Therefore, he lived a life without sin, and by so doing, he acquired access to divine power, and he demonstrated his divine inheritance.  This is the mission of Christ, the Messiah.  He is a Son of God.

As Christ, Jesus gave us a divine-like pattern to emulate, simply by living a mature, God-like life (as does any Master soul).  His life was example – a demonstration of the life that is lived by a Master, showing us what we all will become, after we too have gained maturity. 

Every Child of God eventually matures!

Thus, Peter spoke a profound Truth, when he said, “Lord, we have no place else to go.”

A Messiah visits the world at the beginning of every age, usually by incarnation.  Thus, our Father reveals to us His own Strength, Wisdom and Love through one of His exceptionally mature children – a “Son of God,” who has inherited all of our Father’s attributes.  (And many other advanced souls, both male and female, accompany him, to assist in his ministries). 

In this manner, according to our Father’s plan, we youthful souls learn from our elders, so that we may attain maturity of soul, and become just like them.  This is a simple plan.  This is the plan of Salvation.

An age is actually a little longer than 2,000 years.  Thus, a new age (the Age of Aquarius) is about to commence.  A great teacher, a Christ, is about to come to Earth again.  This is the long awaited “return of Messiah.” 

Usually, when a Christ visits Earth, his unity with God is noticed by only a few.  The rest of the world either takes no notice, or considers him evil and a criminal, and seeks to harm him or take his life.  However, this time will be different.  This time, the whole world will recognize Christ as divine Teacher, and Savior of the world.  This time will also be the Judgment Day.

In the long, long learning and maturation process of souls, there eventually comes a time for each soul when it is appropriate to become aware of these profound truths.  Now may be your time; you are invited to continue reading.

As you read, you will learn how this visitation of Christ to Earth will differ vastly from all previous Messiah-visits.  This time, he will bring peace to the world, and he will teach us to live a heavenly life on Earth.  However, before he can begin to teach, Christ must Judge.  He (and many other Master-souls) will separate all those who are worthy to enter his higher schools of learning from those who are not.  The Judgment Day is near.

And then Classes begin!

Regarding Salvation and Eternity

Salvation is an eternal, forever-ongoing plan (as there are an infinite number of human souls).

Yes, within God's own treasure box, there is an endless supply of eternal soul-seeds, each bearing His Image, and during each creation cycle (lasting many eons) He lavishly sows a vast number these seeds throughout the boundless universe.  Each soul-seed contains, deep within, all the divine attributes and powers, undeveloped.   Thus, each contains, deep within, the essence of God. This is Man!  This is the human race! 

Thus, we truly are God’s Children; and our Father entrusts us into the care of His elder and wiser sons and daughters – the prophets, sages, and seers – the Buddhas and the Christs, and other master souls; and each of us must learn and grow and attain maturity, by noticing (and following) our teachers – our elder brethren.

As beneficiaries of this care and learning, we are destined, through the efforts of many spans of life, to awaken unto the consciousness of our divine heritage, to unfold and develop our deific attributes and powers, to grow to full maturity, and finally, to attain immortality.  This is our destiny!

Eventually, every human being attains full maturity, and becomes just like our Father (as did Jesus).  Therefore, after much learning, each of us will one day live a life as Jesus did, on a world somewhere in our Father’s universe.

Jesus (and Miriam) overcame all carnal appetites, passions and desires, and thus, lived the Perfect Life here on this world.  They showed us the life each of us is destined to one day live (on a world our Father selects).  There, we will teach The Word (that love is King), heal the sick, and do other mighty works, and indeed, like Jesus, we will do and say the Truth with such power and authority that the hypocrisy of selfish, immature, ignorant souls will be exposed, and they will be stirred into a jealous rage.  And yes, we will even submit to execution at the hands of such youthful, ignorant Children, and resurrect, achieving immortality.  This is the destiny of every human male.  

Each woman will live a life near her soul mate, and become immortal along with him - as did Miriam, Jesus' soul mate.  When he sincerely and earnestly prayed for forgiveness for the foolish, youthful souls who had just nailed him to the cross, his immortality was achieved.  When she, standing just a few feet away, also forgave, her immortality was also assured.  (It was just as difficult for her to stand nearby and watch, with forgiveness, as it was for him to willingly submit – with forgiveness.

Our Father calls upon all men and women to advance toward this high level of will power.  This is the divine level.  All of us will eventually attain this level, because, as offspring of our Father-God, we have no place else to go.

Redemption is for Everyone

Even the ignorant souls who foolishly murder Our Father’s prophets and seers will eventually mature, and in turn, become His prophets and seers, and, in turn, they will offer themselves up in sacrifice, helping younger souls find The Way.  By this eternal, awesome cyclical plan, all men and women are eventually redeemed!

How can this be?  The immature souls who participate in the execution of Christ are greatly blessed by his sacrifice of life.  These men and women are stirred unto the very depths of their souls by the experience, enabling them to one day rise up (in future incarnations) to higher levels of consciousness, and to eventually become, themselves, blessed and holy, and finally to give their lives, in turn, for the youthful souls of their era.  This is the mystery, which the wise can now understand – the mystery of Christ's sacrifice.  God's plan of salvation is now revealed!

These are the times of Revelations.

An Eternal Plan

Since the number of God’s children is limitless, this process called Salvation continues, always.  This is a mighty plan, and it is eternal.

There is always a long procession of souls traveling the lengthy road to perfection and immortality.  This plan includes all His children.  Not a single human being is ever left out.  Even the most vile and evil persons among us will eventually reform and turn toward unselfishness and love.  Hundreds (even thousands) of incarnations may be required.  Yet, eventually, everyone follows Christ through the low, narrow gate, to eternal life. 

We, who understand the plan of Salvation, must live a prayerful, self disciplined life, for we are always either helping others move toward holiness, or drawing people further away from God; and none can advance on the path to Salvation except by helping others advance.

Whenever we hate a single one of God’s Children (no matter what the reason), we move away from God, and we dissipate the divine powers within us.  Jesus knew this; and so, making use of the powers of prayer and fasting, he found the strength to discipline himself to hate no one.  Like God, our Father, he loved and forgave all, even those who nailed him to a cross.  Thus, his divine powers remained untarnished and unfettered; and he was able to self-resurrect.  All of us must eventually achieve this.  This is the profound and simple truth.

The long path to Salvation
(many mistakes along the way)

Each physical span of life that we live is merely but a "day" in the life on one's soul; and during each one of these incarnations we are given a review of lessons learned in past lives, and we are introduced to many new ones.  Furthermore, each situation we have faced in the past, where we chose to do the wrong thing, we must face again, and yet again and again, until we choose to do the right thing.  (This is a primary source of what is called “deja vu.”)

Between each physical span of life, there is an ethereal span, a time spent in the realm of soul.  They, who earnestly tried to be righteous and kind in their most recent physical incarnation, learn many new and valuable lessons in their subsequent ethereal span of life – in a pleasant, loving environment.  They, who made the foolish mistake of living a selfish, wicked physical lifespan, experience nothing but frustration and torment.  They cannot rise up to the pleasant ethereal planes. 

The only heaven or hell that exists is that which each person has created for himself, for, as God’s Children, we have the power of creation, and all of us (by our own thoughts, words and deeds) constantly create the conditions and situations of our future spans of life.  Thus, each of us creates his own future. 

Therefore, the cruel man or woman will eventually experience cruelty; the murderer will find himself among murderers, and will discover what it’s like to be the victim; the deceitful, insincere and proud will live amidst these conditions and experience this hypocrisy; whereas the kind, the merciful and the virtuous will be situated among their own kind.  They will experience kindness, love and mercy.  (Yet, each wise soul is often required to spend some of his lifetime (as a teacher) among foolish ones, so that the foolish may learn.)

Our Father-God is merciful, and everyone eventually concludes his current span of life, and goes on to the next span (at his or her appointed time).  The good go on to learn new lessons; the wicked go forth to right all their wrongs – in order to eventually become good and upright.  Even the good have been foolish though, and at times did selfish and wicked things; and so, as we learn our new lessons (in both the physical and ethereal realms) we must also make right many wrongs.

There are many perils along the road to salvation.  One can become so steeped in selfishness and insincerity, and so corrupt, that he or she is not allowed to proceed.  Such a soul must be consumed in God's purifying fires.  All that remains is the original soul-seed – the eternal, indestructible part of every one of God's children. 

(Loss of soul is the most tragic event and most painful experience that can befall a human being.  Notice though, that there is a part of every person that is indestructible, even in these fires.  This is that part of us that is also part of God, and no part of God can ever be destroyed.  The person who loses his or her soul simply must begin anew.  The process of acquiring a new soul takes eons.)

A sincere and honest soul overcomes the perils along the way, and through the efforts of countless spans of life, eventually climbs to a high plateau of learning along the lengthy path to perfection.  However, there is only one way men and women may advance to still greater heights of learning.  In order to learn, we must teach – by example, and through self-sacrifice. 

By natural law, Our Father-God can give to us only that which we give to others.  Thus, when we help others learn, advance, and rise up, His law provides that highly advanced souls will touch our lives, and help us learn, advance, and rise up – to higher consciousness; to the awareness of our own divine heritage, so that we too may find (and walk upon) the Return Path to Eden.

Judgment Day – the harvest time

After our Father completes His lavish sowing of human soul-seeds throughout the universe (during each creation cycle) they sprout and begin to grow, and He cares for them, guiding and nurturing them for many ages; until eventually, the harvest time arrives (the harvest time of souls).  This is known as Judgment Day, the day that marks the beginning of a New Age, the Age of Aquarius.

What will the new age be like?

Those found worthy  on Judgment Day (bearing good fruit) will be admitted to the coming “perfect age,” a wondrous time when, with the aid of Master teachers, great multitudes of budding, juvenile human souls will blossom into the awareness of our own divine heritage.  The masters will urge us on, bestowing upon us countless precious blessings; and every one of us will learn much about the responsibilities of being a mature God-child.  Each of us will surpass important major milestones on the path to maturity.  We will acquire deific wisdom, and learn all about God's altar of sacrifice.

This glorious time of deific learning, the Aquarian Age, has been called “Heaven” in ancient books of scripture.

However, Jesus prophesied that, in the years preceding Judgment Day, the world will experience a period of extreme faithlessness, selfishness, and greed, which will lead to widespread horrible violence and intense warfare; and there will be many false and deluded prophets during these terrible times (as well as some Christ-imposters) and they will deceive many.

He also said that when Christ truly returns, he will speak, and all the world will hear him and recognize him.  There will be no doubt.  Every weapon will be hastily abandoned; and with his help, the world will be transformed – restored to its original pristine beauty. 

The meek will then inherit the Earth.

Those of us admitted to this upcoming, tranquil New Age will be taught many precious lessons, enabling us to learn the way of life which Masters call the perfect life.  Later (after much time has passed) we will go on (to other worlds) to demonstrate this enlightened way of life; acting as living lighthouses for lost, less mature souls, who still reside in darkness (the darkness of unawareness).

Enlightened souls are often asked (by God) to sacrifice themselves upon His altar; that is, they are asked to teach and demonstrate love, righteousness, patience and human maturity, well aware that their words and deeds and good example are sure to enrage many immature, ignorant, selfish and deceitful souls (who believe they serve God by slaying them!).

They who endure this shameful treatment (and forgive their murderers) have gained Eternal Life, and they are on the path that leads to total, absolute, and pure perfection – and immortality.  Every one of these advanced souls will eventually incarnate into a world (our Father selects) and become a Christ, a Messiah (a Savior of that world) and thereby become immortal – just like Jesus, who has shown us The Way.

How does a soul advance and progress all the way to perfection and immortality?

There is no shortage of worlds in infinite space where enlightened men and women may incarnate (again, and again) advancing toward pure perfection; living many successive lifespans as prophets, sages and seers, acting as guiding lights for the lost, as they attain and demonstrate the perfect life, often laying themselves down upon God's altar of sacrifice.

With each successive incarnation (and each sacrifice of life) these blessed men and women advance closer to their destiny, living each physical lifespan more perfectly than previous ones; until eventually, each person arrives at his and her final incarnation.  Then, he and she incarnate into their assigned world (together) somewhere in the universe, and they publicly display "the perfect life" in full-blown glory, and together they attain the zenith of human potential – the highest degree of human achievement – the degree of Christ, the Messiah!

This is how each person – each child of God – eventually attains immortality.

(The written records of the life of Jesus, and His kindred soul mate, Miriam, are the records of a man and woman who lived such lives, and attained this highest degree, together, on this world, 2,000 years ago.  They achieved immortality.)  Their story is our beacon light.  Their story is now available (recorded completely and precisely) in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ. 

Those found unworthy on Judgment Day – bearing bitter fruit (or none at all); those who have not been cultivating the divine attributes, such as honesty, kindness, forgiveness and self restraint – will not be admitted to the Aquarian Age, the age of deific learning.  Of these, many will be sent to worlds and realms where they may have a chance to eventually become worthy, and in the next creation cycle (when the ages roll again) they may again have an opportunity to be admitted to a perfect age.  Some (as previously mentioned) are so corrupted by hypocrisy and evil ways, they will lose their souls altogether, and must begin anew.

Thus, Judgment Day occurs over and over again, cyclically and eternally, yet it is an extremely rare event.  Countless eons intervene.  (An eon lasts many thousand ages, and an age is over 2,000 years.)

Each incarnation that one is given in this physical universe, one has the responsibility to strive, to grow and learn – to advance toward maturity.  We are not required to make giant strides, but simply to give honest and sincere effort, to make measurable progress.  We do this by cultivating the divine attributes.  Ages ago our Father mercifully gave us the ten commands, because, by our adherence to them, such cultivation is assured.

Masters are all-kind, all-loving and all-forgiving.  (How else would mature children of God behave?)  They shun physical pleasure, and never shirk responsibility.  Our Father requires that we, His youthful children, strive to be like them.  He would have us follow the example of elders He has sent to us through the ages.  Jesus was the eldest (and the brightest beacon-light) ever sent into this world.  He once said, "If you would find the perfect life, you must circumscribe your passions and desires, and stay within the bounds.”

There are always Masters in the world, but they remain mostly unseen and unnoticed – as part of our Father's plan.  He watches us, and watches over us, through them.  When they occasionally reveal themselves, their extraordinary power and grace are usually not noticed.  However, they are sometimes mistaken for angels when they intercede for us, making use of the divine powers at their disposal – sometimes saving us from disasters (which we always bring upon ourselves).  (We would not learn our lessons if they saved us from the consequences of all our mistakes.)

Every painful experience, great or small, is the result of mistakes.  Another word for such mistakes is sin.  We commit sin, sometimes alone, sometimes together in groups, small or large.  When some great disaster befalls a person, a group, a city or a nation, that person, group, city or nation has brought the calamity upon themselves – through sin.

Even a devastating attack upon a city or nation by a foreign (or domestic) foe is actually brought about by that city’s or nation’s sinful ways, for God’s law always protects those who live sincere, just and righteous lives; but conversely, His law allows that those who commit awful sins, by so doing, open up doors of attack-opportunity to the foes of their commonwealth. 

Such retribution seldom happens immediately, because Nature’s wheels of justice usually turn slowly, yet when retribution arrives, these wheels grind their grist into a fine powder.  The total destruction of Jerusalem (about 40 years after Jesus’ crucifixion) is a clear example of this.

Every disaster that has ever befallen men and women throughout History was brought about by their own misdeeds.  As God's children, we are gods, and we use (or abuse) our deific powers unknowingly, and often in a way that brings harm upon us; we have sinned.  Our Father never harms us, but He lets us harm ourselves, that we may grow and learn from our mistakes; may attain maturity, and eventually become just like Him, in whose image we are made.

God, our Father, so loves the world that, at the beginning of each age, He sends to us an extremely advanced Master-soul, who is so superior in wisdom and maturity that he can speak and act as our Father.  He can manifest God’s Strength, Wisdom and Love, and he can demonstrate these three divine attributes to the world.  This is Christ, the Messiah – Immanuel.

Christ lives a perfect life in a public way, setting example for the world to see.  He demonstrates to the world a life without sin, so that we (who listen) may learn how to become free.  He restrains Himself.  That is, by reigning in all selfish thoughts, impulses and desires, he is free, and thus, he has free access to divine power. 

And we (His youthful brothers and sisters) must fully comprehend the meaning of his words, “Follow me.” 

The last time Christ visited us, most of us did not listen.  Many of us ridiculed.  Some crucified.  Furthermore, those who participated in this crime (the most shameful atrocity in History) have been in a state of denial regarding it for nearly 2,000 years (incarnation after incarnation), and have suffered immeasurably during each incarnation – by the awful karma created by the execution of the Lord.

Jesus was this world's most recent Messiah and Christ-example.  (Melchisedek and Enoch were the Christs of two previous ages.)

Each time Messiah manifests in the world, he does so in a brighter, more powerful way than the Christs of previous ages, because the human race makes advancements as History progresses, and those who thirst for Truth are prepared to receive ever greater enlightenment.

An age is slightly longer than 2,000 years; thus the Aquarian Age dawns.  This will be a very special age, for the human race has reached a major milestone.  Vast multitudes are now prepared to learn The Way.  Christ and many other Masters-souls will reveal themselves and teach, and we all will learn The Way.  We all will learn to live a life without sin. 

As a result, all sadness and all suffering will disappear.  (This is a description of the New Age!, …called “heaven” in scripture.)  And as stated previously, we will eventually go on, to other worlds and other times, and be shining beacon-lights, to guide the lost.

Following the instructions of Masters, we will become Masters.  The New Age will indeed be a perfect age.  Mankind finally will have attained the consciousness that "God and Man are one," and that "every person is God made flesh."

It cannot be over-emphasized, however, that before the great learning process of the New Age shall commence, there will be a Judgment Day.  The Masters will closely inspect every human soul, and the unworthy will be banished from the perfect age; not allowed to attend this marvelous school of learning. 

Let us not forget, however, that Jesus taught that we must “rejoice not over fallen foes,” for we who seek to follow Him must always serve God, and we serve our Father by guiding lost souls to The Light – through love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness.  And let us never forget that, after the nails were driven into His wrists and feet, Jesus said, “My Father-God, forgive these men; they know not what they do.”

Let us prepare!

Regarding the approaching Judgment Day, Jesus advised: "None can know the day nor the hour…keep watch at every season of the year,... let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared...and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief."*

* The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ." Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling, Devorss Publications, Marina Del Rey, Ca., ch. 112 vs. 16, and ch. 157 vs. 38, 39.

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A word to the wise:

Even though everyone is eventually exalted to the high position of Son of God, or Daughter of God, no one is ever exalted until he has become wise enough to humble himself before God and men; before God, in meditation and prayer, and before men, in thought, word and deed.