The New Book of Scripture


By Michael F. O’Keeffe


The Bible is a collection of books written by men (and women) of God; that is, they were written by people who were blessed and were able to understand God (to a degree), and they recorded their understanding.  Scholars of the Bible are well aware that the authors of these books were verbose (to say the least) and some seemed to merely record historical accounts of their peoples and times. Some of these descriptions are interesting, some are boring, but in the long run, they all seem to provide us with some understanding of God, the creator of Man and the Universe.


Why are all the books of the Bible ancient?  Or let me re-phrase: Why doesn’t God send us a new book occasionally?  If God teaches us about Himself (and what He expects of us) by inspiring people to write sacred books, isn’t it about time for Him to send us a new book of scripture? 


The answer is, God has already sent us a new book.  It has been here for nearly a hundred years, and He waits for us to notice.  The new book of sacred scripture is known as “The Aquarian Gospel.”  It is the complete, unabridged, uncensored story of Christ, and it is available for us to read.


Any honest person who carefully reads this book will know it comes from God.