More about the diet of a Mystic

By Michael F. O’Keeffe


I mentioned that a Master (a Mystic) meditates many hours each evening and maintains a diet of bread and warm water (and very little of both).  This diet is for the true mystic and master, and it usually takes a person many years to reach this level of Mastery.  The rewards are enormous, however.  One’s health becomes near perfect, and the need for sleep decreases significantly.  Miraculous powers gradually emerge.


A person who wishes to follow the path to Mastery must begin somewhere.  Daily deep prayer and meditation is the first step, and the second step is a daily diet that (within reason) moves one away from old dietary habits, and closer to the dietary habit of a mystic. 


A good way to begin is to limit one’s self to three sparse, bland meals per day.   I recommend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and/or mixed vegetables (no spices or flavorings) with a cup of warm tea (plain, or lightly sweetened with apple or grape juice).  For a little variety, other types of nut butter may be substituted, and honey or raisins may be used instead of jelly.  (For g.i. tract enhancement, 10-12 fig bars can be substituted for a couple of pb&j sandwiches.)


One who can maintain this diet (with nothing between meals) will soon discover that his health has improved markedly.  The common cold and the “flu” disappear entirely for most people.  The person who maintains this diet reduces his chance of developing debilitating disease or a cardiovascular accident to near zero.  Furthermore, his memory improves markedly, and many other subtle benefits are noted. 


The keyword here is “maintain.”  It takes tremendous will power to maintain this diet – and then, to eventually move on – to  the diet of a mystic.  This is why Jesus said, “take stock of yourself before your start to follow me, and don’t look back.”  If one “looks back” (like Lot’s wife) the wondrous benefits quickly disappear, and one knows what it feels like to become a useless “pillar of salt,” instead of  salt of the earth.”


Footnotes:  You may ask, “How do you know these things?”  Let me say up front, I am not a Master (or Mystic), but I have pursued the Mystic meditative and dietary lifestyle for many years, and I have experienced many of the benefits, and I have also found out what it’s like to “look back.”  I personally have not succeeded in my efforts to achieve Mastery, but I have spoken with people who have succeeded.  An advanced Master can appear and disappear at will; he or she can enter a room without opening the door.  He (or she) can look at you and know everything you have ever said or done.  (Advanced Masters will conduct the coming Judgment Day.)


Once a person achieves Mastery, he (she) can learn to use mental powers to turn any food into bread and any beverage into water.  Thus, he may seem to eat what others are eating (when dining with them) but he makes good use of miraculous powers (because the person who has reached Mastery never wants to return to old ways).


If you understand the above (and believe), you have discovered the field containing buried treasure of gold, and you can decide to “go straight away and sell all you have, and buy the field.”