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About Levi, and four more of His compositions

By Michael F. O’Keeffe

Levi transcribed the Aquarian Gospel.  His source was “The Book of God’s Remembrance,” where all of History is perfectly recorded.  Every thought, word and deed of every living creature is recorded there. 

Levi was a native of Ohio and a chaplain in the Union Army of the American Civil War.  Years later, through intense study, devotion and practice, He became strong enough to open the perfect recording of our world’s history.  This “book of God’s remembrance” is also known as the Akashic Records.  (In addition to the Aquarian Gospel, Levi also produced several other publications. A link to four of them appears at the end of this biographic sketch.)


The bio-sketch below appears in most publications of the Aquarian Gospel

"Levi H. Dowling was born on Friday morning, May 18th, 1844 at Bellview, Ohio. His father, of Scotch-Welch descent, was a pioneer preacher among the Disciples of Christ.  Levi was always a student of the deeper things of life.  At the age of 13, in his first public debate, he took the negative side against a Presbyterian Elder on ‘The Everlasting Punishment of the Wicked.’


"He began preaching at the age of sixteen; and at the age of eighteen was a pastor of a small church.  He entered the United States Army at the age of twenty as a Chaplain, and served in this capacity to the end of the Civil War.  In 1866-7 he was a student at Northwestern Christian University at Indianapolis, Indiana.  The next year he began publishing Sunday School Literature, issuing Sunday School Lesson Papers, Song Books, and a children's Sunday School Paper.  Much of his time was devoted to the cause of Prohibition.  He was a graduate of two medical colleges, and practiced medicine for a number of years.  He finally retired from the medical profession to resume literary work.

"Early in life, when but a mere lad, he had a vision in which he was told that he was to 'build a white city.'  This vision was repeated three times with years intervening.  The building of the 'white city' was 'The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, The Christ.”  This book was transcribed between the early morning hours of 2:00am and 6:00am - the absolutely 'quiet hours.'


“Levi passed from Earth-life August 13, 1911.”


(From The Publishers of The Aquarian Gospel.)





In addition to the Aquarian Gospel, Levi gave us several other scriptural documents.  A link to four of them appears below.  They are entitled, “The Cusp of the Ages,”  “Levi’s Commission,” “The Christ,” and “Man.”  His transcription of Jesus’ life is widely published, but His transcriptions of the lives of two other messianic figures, Enoch and Melchezidec, have not yet been published (to the best of my knowledge). 


“The Cusp of the Ages,” “Levi’s Commission,” “The Christ,” and “Man” – Includes an Introduction to the Aquarian Gospel, by Eva S. Dowling (scribe to Levi).


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ


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