Judgment Day

The Graduation of the Human Race


by Michael F. O’Keeffe


What is Judgment Day?  This timeless question has haunted mankind for ages.  Actually, Judgment Day is like a graduation. 


The human race has been on a course (a very long trek), from almost total ignorance of God (and our relationship with Him), to complete understanding and fulfillment. This extremely long course has taken us through countless centuries of learning – in the school of life.  We have been here for ages, gradually learning our lessons, one incarnation after another.


If one could peer backward in time and see all the lives he (or she) has lived, it would be like the tip of a pine tree peering down upon all of its needles.  We have been here (learning our lessons – the lessons of God’s Children) for a long time indeed. 


Yet, only a few have attained full understanding of God and our relationship with Him.  But this will soon change.


Now (during these darkest of times) there is cause for great rejoicing, for there are milestones along the lengthy course we travel.  We are rapidly approaching the greatest milestone of all – Judgment Day.  The “graduation” of the human race is near. 


All who measure up (and are judged worthy and prepared) will “graduate,” and enter a higher school of learning.  Consequently, vast multitudes of men and women will soon acquire a full understanding of God (and our relationship with Him).


Who will be our teachers?  Where is the school?  The school is the Age of Aquarius.  The Principal of this new school is none other than Jesus, Christ Himself.  The names of many of the other teachers are familiar to us.  They are Moses, Mary and Peter and countless other familiar (and unfamiliar) names.


Judgment Day is very near.  The Age of Aquarius is about to commence.


Our Principal Teacher has provided us with a book – to help us prepare.  This book, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, contains many profound truths Jesus taught His disciples.  This precious information (mysteriously missing from traditional Christian and Jewish Scripture) is now available to anyone who wishes to know.


Let us prepare for graduation!



Aquarian Gospel FAQs

Jesus speaks about death


John (the Baptist) learns about the nature of death


Jesus speaks about reincarnation and karma


Jesus speaks again about reincarnation and karma


Jesus reveals the true nature of Heaven and Hell


Sermon on The Mount – Finally, a complete & unedited version!


God, The Plan of Salvation & the long journey of the soul


Divine Procreation - We are His Children


The man who really traveled in time


How Jesus became Messiah







       Judgment Day is near.