Return Path to Eden

A message from the Sounds of Silence

by Michael F. O’Keeffe


These are the times of Revelations


All about the Aquarian Age Gospel – Given To Us To Help Us Prepare

The Little Book – sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomach
The most important book ever written;

The Greatest Story ever told


Judgment Day is very near.  The human race is about to enter the Age of Aquarius.  All who are judged worthy (on the important first day) will attend an introductory class – a very difficult course of study.  All who take the remarkable course (given worldwide) will pass the test, which calls for exceptional effort, concentration and will-power.


In order to successfully complete this challenging test, one must walk the Return Path to Eden (without looking back); must pass through the low, narrow gate, and finally re-enter Paradise (a state of mind).  Judgment Day will be an inspection, when Masters examine every human soul – to determine all who are worthy (all who are prepared to take the course and pass the test).


The textbook for the New Age introductory course is The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.  This priceless book has been given to us to help us prepare (and the wise can understand).  All who are hopeful of attending the challenging studies are now advised to carefully read this precious book.  (Transcribed by Levifrom the Book of God’s Remembrance.)


This web publication, “Return Path to Eden,” is dedicated to helping prospective serious students become aware of (and familiar with) the most important book ever written  (The Greatest Story Ever Told).


Aquarian Gospel FAQs                Authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel


A Review of The Aquarian Gospel      Judgment Day is Graduation Day

Jesus speaks about death                   Recovery from The Fall of Man


John (the Baptist) learns about the nature of death


Jesus speaks about reincarnation and karma


Jesus speaks again about reincarnation and karma


Jesus reveals the true nature of Heaven and Hell


Sermon on The Mount – Finally, a complete & unedited version!


Jesus explains the origin of evil


Jesus discusses His Resurrection


Miriam’s song reveals the mystery of the rebuilt Temple in New Jerusalem


John the Baptist reveals one of the primary causes of depression


God, The Plan of Salvation & the long journey of the soul


The man who really traveled in time


Divine Procreation - We are His Children


The Final Days


The Long Journey of the Soul


Everyone is a Fisherman


How Jesus became Messiah


Jesus speaks about labor and toil


Return Path to Eden -- explained in a letter


Jesus speaks about the Oracle of Delphi


Jesus speaks about evolution and creation


Jesus explains how to find the Ark of the Covenant


Why a new book of Scripture now?


The Still, Small Voice


Why so much violence today?


Jesus learns the ancient Hindu art of healing


Maturity of soul                    Heaven’s Jailhouse


Binary Souls - Man and Woman are One

Signs of the "End Times"             The Mystery – Revealed      


Gang violence, catastrophes, terrorism, wars & other signs of the times

The Age of Aquarius


Photograph of God


The Camouflage of Evil


The mystery of Karma and Christ’s Sacrifice
(Why Jesus taught forgiveness)


The treasure buried in a field


How to buy the field containing buried treasure


Salvation Overview


The Elohim

Birds, ants and bees - Jesus speaks about animals


Disappearing Cultures


When the mother of John the Baptist died


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