Aquarian Gospel

Foreword – Part II
 by Michael F. O'Keeffe

Aquarian Gospel text

The Human Family

The Aquarian Gospel reunifies Judaism and Christianity.  Indeed, this remarkable publication unites all the sacred traditions and faiths of the Earth (both religious and non-religious) that cherish truth, kindness, peace, decency and liberty.  Every person who holds these things dear is invited to read this beautiful epic, the greatest book ever written, the greatest story ever told.

  Jesus’ female partner,
and the nature of Full Human Maturity

The “little book” contains the life story of Jesus, as well as that of Miriam, a kindred soul, who synchronized her ministry with that of Jesus. As very mature souls, they performed wondrous deeds, far beyond what we consider “normal human potential.”  Furthermore, their story includes the revelation that we all are eternal spirit-beings (Children of God) destined to attain maturity of soul, and thus become just like Jesus and His soul mate – our elder brother and sister – capable of instantly healing sickness and injury by the power of thought (and much, much more).

After we have learned to follow Christ (and have thereby attained soul-maturity) we will be given the key of wisdom and of power, and we will go on our way, as adult souls, to incarnate many times into various worlds of the physical realm, where we will teach youthful, lost souls – and during each life we will gain additional maturity.  And finally, each one of us will eventually live an incarnate life (somewhere in unbounded Space) where we will achieve perfection and Immortality – oneness with God, our Father – as did Jesus and Miriam. 

Let us be mindful, however, that we have a long way to go before we can achieve this.  Jesus advised that we should simply unfold each day, as do the flowers, and absorb the light of Truth; and that we should be conscious of our divine lineage, and be honest, reverent, kind, loving and forgiving (even toward those who would seek to do us harm, for they are immature souls who gain maturity only through the forgiveness and tolerance that we, their elder brethren, extend to them).  Furthermore, He said, we should be prayerful and avoid self-indulgence, and do our best to be of service to mankind (and all living things); and by and by, we shall achieve our destiny – soul-maturity, Eternal Life and Immortality.

(The Eternal Plan of Salvation has been revealed!  These are the times of Revelations.) 

Binary Souls (the nature of soul mates)
The Unity of Man and Woman

Every human soul is binary.  That is, each person is really only half a person.  Thus, we have gender.  The male half and the female half of each pair of human souls (together) travel the long road to perfection and immortality.  Adult souls know this, and during each incarnation, the two find one another again (and again) and live their lives together, in a partnership of service.  They serve God.  Yet they know that men and women serve God by serving other men and women; that is, by devoting their lives to the sacred service of helping others comprehend our oneness with God (our divine heritage).


Thus, for each man, there is one woman; and for each woman, there is one man, and they are one.  Prophets and other enlightened teachers, down through the ages, often spoke of the holiness of the marriage tie, because separate (or involved in illicit ties) men and women flounder on the lengthy trek to soul-maturity (and Immortality). 


These are the times of Revelations! 

Signs & prophecies regarding the “end times”

First, let’s clarify the meaning of the phrase, “end times.”  An age lasts a little longer than 2,000 years.  Messiah comes to Earth at the beginning of every age.  We are at the “end times” of the current age, and a new age will soon commence.  Messiah is about to usher in the dawning “new age” (the Age of Aquarius).

Jesus described this time of transition.  He indicated that, as the first day of the New Age (Judgment Day) draws near, the world would experience a period of extraordinary faithlessness, selfishness and greed.  He said these would grow and intensify, producing a period of appalling worldwide brutality and warfare; and furthermore, there will be widespread epidemics, catastrophes, chaos and famine.  Hearts of the strongest men will faint in fear, in expectation of the coming of more frightful things upon the earth.”¹  He also stated that during these tumultuous times there will be many false and deluded prophets (and Christ-imposters), and some of them will be very convincing – and they will deceive many (even among the wise).

Jesus also indicated that unwarranted, insane brutality and hostilities would be common.  Intense unrest will abound in every nation, and there will be appalling murders and mayhem, sometimes without reason or provocation.  Then, He said, many fierce battles will finally erupt, and they will rage on land and at sea, and “the very air will seem surcharged with smoke of death; and pestilence will follow close upon the sword;”¹ and just when this furious pervasive violence seems certain to threaten the continued existence of human life on Earth, Messiah will speak.  Standing above the clouds of Heaven, He will say again, “Peace, peace on Earth, good will to men.”¹

All the world will hear (and all will listen), and no one will doubt who has spoken.  Every weapon will be hastily discarded; and shortly thereafter, Judgment Day will occur, and each will find his own kind.  The meek will then inherit the earth, and peace will reign on Earth forevermore.

Thus, the following prophecy will have finally been fulfilled (spoken by Simeon in the Temple in Jerusalem, when he first laid eyes upon the infant, Jesus – over 2,000 years ago):  Behold, this child will bring a sword upon my people, Israel, and all the world; but he will break the sword and then the nations will learn war no more.²  (God’s plan of Salvation unfolds slowly – by human standards.)

Jesus also indicated that before Christ speaks (during the worst of the violence) there will be many signs.  Strange sights and sounds will appear on the earth and in the skies; in the sun and moon and stars; and some will be astonishing, and some will be frightening and perplexing. 

Already, numerous mysterious signs have appeared around the world.  They include many of the bewildering crop circles and formations, some of the unexplainable forms and objects seen in our skies, peculiar encounters with strange beings (often associated with missing time), bizarre and inexplicable mutilations of farm animals, and other puzzling sights, sounds and sensations that seem to emanate from other worlds and other realms.

Most conventional news and media organizations have ignored, dismissed and ridiculed reports of these baffling occurrences.  (Apparently, they are in a perpetual state of denial.)  Most alternative news organizations have not performed much better.  Although a few have been willing to report some of the “signs of the times,” they have interjected confusion and mistrust by emphasizing fabricated bizarre stories, perhaps, just to increase profits.

Jesus also prophesied that much of the world will be caught unprepared when Judgment Day arrives, and the wicked will weep.  Just as Noah prepared for the mighty flood while most about him were oblivious to their coming doom, so too, as the wise of these end-times prepare for Judgment Day, much of the world is totally unmindful of the coming “day of reckoning.”  

Jesus cautioned however, that we should not rejoice over these “fallen foes,” for this is hypocrisy, and he who indulges in such rejoicing may find himself among those he scorns.  Instead, He advised, we should pray for lost souls, and “Keep watch at every season of the year,... let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared...and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief.”³

Other events preceding Judgment Day

After Christ speaks (and all the world listens) a span of days will transpire before the Judgment Day.  During these days masters will come and open wide the Book of God’s Remembrance, and each person’s life-story will become an “open book.”   Every person will be able to read for himself the story that he has written (in this current life-manifestation, as well as in previous incarnations), and therefore, each will know where he stands (and each will find his own kind). 

Thus, before the Judge speaks, each will know his own judgment.  The Judge will merely confirm that which each one already knows.  Let us prepare!  The last war on Earth and the Christ-announcement are near.  And then, Judgment Day, followed by the new age.

The Age of Aquarius

The new age will be a bi-millennium of world peace and tranquility, and a wondrous era of spiritual learning.  During this remarkable, peaceful age, all (who have inherited the earth) will be taught much about what is required of us (as God’s Children) so that we may know how to grow and attain maturity; and become full-fledged Sons and Daughters of our Father-God, as did Jesus and Miriam.

Now hear a message that comes from deep within the Sounds of Silence:

The Age of Aquarius, in ancient scripture, has been referred to as “Heaven,” because during this imminent New Age, all the peoples and nations of Earth will be convinced to walk the Return Path to Eden, and not look back (requiring vigorous exercise of mind and will); and, by so doing, all will finally re-enter the low, narrow gate of Paradise, and thus reside in Heaven – a state of mind; and all will finally comprehend The Most Sacred Truth, that God and Man are one! 


(Yes, we will re-enter Paradise, but not all together.  “The last shall be first, the first shall be last.”)

The sweetness and the bitterness


As the Book of Revelation indicates, the “little book” is sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach.  What does this mean?


In the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus reveals the great mystery – the origin of Man, and this revelation is indeed sweet.  It’s very simple.  He explains that we, as God’s Children, are gods.  (What else can God’s children be?)  Thus, through the power of love and forgiveness, and by learning how to direct the power of thought, all human beings, as they attain maturity of soul, will eventually learn to instantly heal any disease or injury, control the weather, and even prevent disastrous quakes, eruptions and cosmic collisions; and we will develop other miraculous powers as we gradually attain deific maturity.


Furthermore, our Father so loves the world that He sends to us a Messiah at the beginning of every age, so that we may learn, and view a demonstration of full human maturity (which is everyone’s destiny).  Jesus’ life (2,000 years ago) is a demonstration of that which we all shall eventually become!  These revelations are sweet to consume. 


However, the reader soon experiences the bitterness.  One who carefully studies the little book soon realizes that we (divine offspring) are youthful gods, and we have a long way to go before we can attain maturity (like Jesus and Miriam).  Indeed, we experience countless incarnations along the way to maturity, and each incarnation is but a “day” in the life of one’s soul, and we have many “days,” “weeks,” and “months” of difficult lessons ahead of us before we can become fully mature Sons and Daughters.


Furthermore, as we make the long trek to maturity, our Father-God requires that we develop enough will-power to conquer all our carnal appetites, passions and desires – and during each incarnation, we must do the best we can.  These revelations are bitter to digest. 



The cause of all human grief, and the remedy
(The treasure buried in a field)


Whenever we succumb to temptations to gratify our carnal desires, we do so at the expense of some other living thing; and since all living things are deity manifests, we gratify ourselves at God’s expense (and our own) and thus, by natural law, we soon experience grief and regret – through one (or more) of the following miseries: sickness, accidents, scarcity, disputes and despair, and other forms of wretchedness, anguish and discontent.


And if we fail to overcome (our appetites, passions and desires), the accumulation of the miseries finally leads to the grand misery – death.  Whereas, the master-soul, who conquers all carnal desires and selfish impulses, escapes the miseries, and experiences ideal health and a peaceful, enjoyable life.  Furthermore, he (or she) has the power to joyously (and easily) depart the physical body when his earthly work is done – instead of experiencing that difficult departure called death.  He (or she) has attained Eternal Life.


Thus, people who have overcome the lower self (by conquering all temptations to gratify) are mature souls – adult offspring of God – free of grief and misery.  They never experience grief, because they never gratify.  They experience health, prosperity and tranquil joy (a heavenly life) because they have won The Victory.  


Knowledge of this Truth is the treasure buried in a field, which, when one discovers it, he may go and sell all he has and buy the field. 


As the eons pass, everyone eventually discovers this treasure, but only a few at a time (each incarnation) and fewer still “buy the field”.  Yet, all God’s children (during future incarnations) eventually become adult souls, and finally purchase the field, and go on to attain immortality.  Our Father-God waits for us.  He has all the time in the world.





A Master is strong, wise and loving – the threefold gift granted to anyone who has conquered his carnal nature.  Our Father pours bountiful blessings upon him, enhancing and magnifying his strength, wisdom and love; and thus, he or she becomes Christ, a Son of God, a Daughter of God – who can speak and act as God on Earth!  (Because God and Man are One.) 

A Christ is anyone who has attained The Victory, and is thereby on the path to full human maturity.  His (and her) mission is to teach the weak, the unwise and the immature, so that we (who are weak, unwise and immature) may learn how to walk the path they have walked – the Return Path to Eden. 


Christ’s signature phrase is, “You may follow me.”  When His earthly work is done, His transition to the next life is easy and joyous (even if evil, jealous men brutally take His life).  Be mindful though, that none can ever take His life, unless He freely hands to them His life – in willing sacrifice (like Jesus).



A brief summary of The Plan of Salvation,
The Long Journey of the Soul


Every human soul is on a very long trek, which leads to human maturity, Eternal Life, and to Immortality.  Even though our goal seems “oh so distant,” there is cause for rejoicing, because we now know (through the Aquarian Gospel) that the person who succeeds in conquering his or her carnal nature (the lower self) has attained The Victory (has purchased the Pearl of Greatest Price) and has thereby become an adult soul, and has attained Eternal Life!  He is on the path that leads to Full Human Maturity and Immortality.


Thus, anyone (man or woman), who has overcome his (or her) carnal self, is mature, and owns the most precious pearl.  He (or she) makes an easy, joyous transition to the realm of soul (instead of experiencing the tragic, frightening and difficult transition – called “death”).  Furthermore, he or she is given many opportunities to advance, and to learn additional deific lessons in subsequent incarnations.  He or she can call to mind all previous incarnations (and all the lessons that were learned).  This is Eternal Life.


Finally, every victorious soul, after several incarnations of exceptionally advanced learning, will come upon a time when he / she is given the responsibility of performing the supreme human task – the mission of incarnating into a world (somewhere in the universe) and becoming a Savior – a Messiah (just like Jesus and Miriam).  When this is accomplished, Full Human Maturity has finally been achieved.  Incarnations are no longer required.  This is Immortality; and this is everyone’s destiny.



Yes, the attainment of Eternal Life and Immortality is the destiny of every human soul.  Thus, Peter once said to Jesus, “We have no place else to go.”4  All the other paths available to men and women (which we have foolishly pursued for eons – like fame, fortune, dominance, frivolity and sensuality) soon lead to a “dead” and bitter end.


Let us be mindful then, that the story of Jesus and Miriam is our shining example.  As two very advanced souls, they came here to Earth and attained Full Human Maturity, and thus achieved Immortality.  We can gaze upon them (by reading their story) and be confident we shall eventually become just like them.  We are given as many incarnations as required.  (Yet, during each incarnation, we must make good use of previous gains, or we suffer the severe penalty of forfeiting them.)  


The life-story of Jesus and Miriam truly is sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach.  Their story is also our beacon light in the night, drawing each of us toward our distant destination. 

Part II of the mystery: The illusion

(The sweetness and the bitternessfrom another point of view)

(The diet of a Mystic)


Part II of the mystery is “the illusion.”  What illusion, you may ask?  It’s simply this: the physical world we see is not real; it is an illusion, and we must learn to see beyond it.  Jesus explained that the physical world we see (during incarnate life) is nothing but an illusion.  The real world (hidden behind the illusion) is the Kingdom of Heaven, and we reside within, but we cannot see it, nor can we experience it. 


He said that any person can learn to see beyond the veil of physical reality, and thus experience Heaven, but none can accomplish this without first purifying his heart, mind and body.  How is this accomplished?  The answer is twofold.  First, one may purify the heart and mind by shunning all evil and selfish thoughts (through daily prayer and persistent, arduous meditation); and second, one may purify the body by restricting one’s nutrient intake to a simple, non-indulgent, bare minimum diet.


Jesus said that he who achieves “purity” in this fashion has won The Victory; and is no longer restricted to perceiving the illusionary world, but instead, he (or she) can see past the veil – can see the real universe (Heaven itself); and he can see God.  Yes, he (or she) can see the Divine – everywhere! (always busy at work, ensuring that every situation, event and circumstance provides a learning experience, drawing every creature to its ultimate destiny – perfection). 


This revelation is the sweetness.  The bitterness is the realization of how difficult it is to “purify” one’s heart, mind and body; and it is the realization of the bitter consequences of failing to do so.  Yet, our Father-Mother-God is merciful, and he who sincerely tries his best (yet fails) experiences less bitterness.  He (or she) passes on to the next life more easily, and is sooner given an opportunity to “try again.”


One who has succeeded in purifying himself is a Mystic (a Master), and has purchased the pearl of greatest price.  Masters meditate for many hours each evening, and they restrict their diet to bread and warm water, and not very much of either (or some similar diet).  Maintenance to this lifestyle (without looking back) is extremely difficult, yet this is precisely how one acquires the costliest pearl. 


As God’s children, each of us will one day become a Master – a mature, adult soul.  However, as children, we resist accepting the responsibilities and requirements of maturity.  Yet, we have no place else to go.

The Ark of the Covenant - revealed

The mystery of the Ark of the Covenant is also revealed in the Aquarian Gospel.  If you wish to know this most profound secret, just read Chapter 40, and you will understand.  However, be aware that the information in the previous 39 chapters will enhance your understanding.


Disappearing Cultures
(Straying too far)


Occasionally, a nation or a culture strays far away from righteousness, compassion and love.  The culture becomes useless in God’s eyes, because any soul He might send to incarnate there has little opportunity to make progress on the long, arduous trek to Full Human Maturity.  When this sad condition occurs, God, our Father, mercifully allows what we would call a “natural catastrophe” (or an invasion by foreign powers).  As a result, a new culture arises, so that we may have opportunities to attain soul-maturity.  Our Father does not allow useless cultures to continue. 


Thus, we have the stories of Noah and the flood, of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of Babylon, as well as the tumblin’ walls of Jericho; and we can now understand how cities, nations and other institutions often cause their own demise.  The science of Archeology has revealed the appearance (and “mysterious” disappearance) of many cultures of World History, as this tragic story has often repeated itself. 


These truly are the times of Revelations.


The Camouflage of Evil

Earth is simply a part of Heaven, and until we learn to abide by the laws of Heaven, we cannot experience Heavenly life.5 

There is now a war in Heaven.  This is the last war, and it is a struggle between good and evil.  He who is willing to use violence, threats and deceit has been duped by evil.  There is no place in Heaven for violence and deceit, which soon will be cast out.  The person who knows this Truth is forearmed, and by the power of Truth and prayer, he can see the disguise of evil.

Everything in Heaven serves a purpose, and we (God’s children) now live in a era when we are immersed in a sea of media shows, spectacles and commercial messages, so that we may sharpen our ability to notice deception; to recognize falsity that has been dressed up to look attractive and beautiful – camouflaged by the clever use of images, noise and verbiage. 

These end-times are a prep school for the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.



Who am I?


I have been asked: who are you?  Answer:  I’m a person who has recognized Levi’s transcript for what it is, “the little book” as foretold in Revelation; and it is a genuine, authentic, precious account of Jesus’ life and teachings.  I’m not the first to recognize this; nor am I anyone special.  However, a difficult task has been given to me – to be instrumental in bringing to the attention of the world (to all who will listen) the newest book of divine guidance – the most recent book of sacred scripture – The Aquarian Gospel.


I have been pursuing The Victory ever since I first recognized Jesus’ book, over 20 years ago.  I have not yet succeeded, although I was close once.  Will I succeed (during this incarnation)?  I don’t know.



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