Everyone is a Fisherman

(How the Law of Karma works)


When we place a magnet under a sheet of paper with iron filings on top, we clearly see the filings line up along the lines of magnetic force.  Likewise, each person has lines of energy that emanate from his mystic self (his soul).  These lines extend far out into “the sea of life,” and they form a net. 


When a fisherman throws out a net, he catches all the fish in the volume of water enclosed by that net.  A person’s mystic net is different than a fisherman’s net, for it catches only specific kinds of “fish.”  What sorts of fish does it catch?  Each person (by his attitude and behavior) determines the variety of fish he hauls into his “boat.” 


The person who steals another’s wallet has caused his (or her) net to be infused with theft-energy, and he will haul thievery into his “lifeboat.”  Sooner or later, the energy he has infused into his karmic net will bring to him a person who is on the lookout for opportunities to steal, and his wallet will soon be missed.


Jesus described the karmic net as “the law of recompense, which never fails.”  Of course, this law works for us, as well as against us.  Thus, the person who diligently practices honesty, kindness and forgiveness will catch only this type of “fish.”  Whereas, the person who practices dishonesty, selfishness, cruelty and murder will garner these types of catch.  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”  (What goes ‘round, comes ‘round.)


Consequently, the selfish person is cynical, for he encounters selfish people (by the power of his karmic net), and thus he perceives the whole world to be like himself. 


Jesus described the awesome power of the Law of Karma in Chapter 138 of the Aquarian Gospel.  Furthermore, He demonstrated that the karmic net not only catches like-souls, it also keeps at bay unlike souls.  Thus, those, who tried for years (out of selfish, jealous anger), to bring harm to Jesus, could not get near Him, until He (using miraculous power) opened His protective karmic net (allowing murderers through) in the Orchard of Gethsemane.  He did this in willing sacrifice, for it was time for Him to demonstrate that man is capable of conquering death.


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by Michael F. O’Keeffe