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There is No Such Thing as “the End of the World”

(An essay by Michael F. O’Keeffe)


What is this event often referred to as "the end of the world?"  Actually, this concept is a misunderstanding of four real events, which are all linked, and will soon take place.  These four events are: the end of the Age of Pisces, the return of Christ, the Judgment Day, and the Redemption of the Earth. 


First, let's address the end of the Age of Pisces.  Every 2000+ years a new age begins, coinciding with the end of the on-going age.  This is where we get the term, “the end times,” and this phrase has often been misinterpreted to mean the end of the world. 


Each new age commences with a visitation to the world of a mighty master soul, a soul so advanced and so wise, and so close to God, He can be called Christ, the Messiah, or Immanuel.  The Piscean Age began with the incarnation of the brilliant master soul, Jehoshua (more commonly known as Jesus).  Over 2,000 years have elapsed.  The Age of Pisces is now coming to a close; the Age of Aquarius dawns; the return of Christ (the Messiah) is near. 


He comes again, as always, to teach.  But this time, He also comes to preside over the Judgment Day.  The Judgment Day is a major milestone in the plan of Salvation.  Many have often equated the Judgment Day with the end of the world.  It is not the end.  However, a great change will commence shortly after that day a transformation, an uplifting, referred to as The Redemption of the Earth.


Let’s take a look at the Redemption of the Earth.  When the fall of man happened, mankind and the earth itself (and the animal world) fell we fell from our natural home, the higher planes of the ethereal world (sometimes called the realm of soul).  We fell into this realm, called the physical. 

The physical world is coarse, inefficient and sluggish.  Only with great effort and hard labor do we manage to find the things we need for survival, and we find it necessary to kill other living things to obtain our food.  The place from which we fell is not like this.  In the upper planes of the ethereal world (our natural home) food is obtained without killing, and problems are solved easily and efficiently.


We do not belong here in the physical world, but God does not lift us up.  He sends master souls to us at the beginning of each age to show us how to lift ourselves back up to our natural home.  Many ages are required for us to learn all we need to know to lift ourselves.  This great up-lifting is “The Redemption of the Earth.”  The coming new age, the Aquarian Age, is the age of Redemption.


Thus, four events are about to transpire (very soon).  They are, sequentially: the transition to the Aquarian Age, the return of Christ, the Judgment Day, and the commencement of the Redemption of the Earth. 


Those found unworthy on the Judgment Day will not be included in the Redemption.  However, these unfortunate ones will be given other opportunities – when the ages roll again.  (The ages always roll again and again, eternally, according to God’s plan.)  Thus, by this magnificent plan, everyone is eventually judged worthy of Redemption.  A perfect plan.




Part II


Thus, there is indeed, no such thing as “the end of the world."   However, the four great events will soon take place.  All of them are just ahead; and we must (each) prepare ourselves; we must now prepare for nothing less than the harvest time of souls – rapidly approaching.  How?  By adopting a loving, forgiving attitude, by practicing meditation and prayer, by practicing unselfishness (including minimal consumption of food and beverage) and by studying the words and teachings of Christ.


It is true that we now live in “the end times” (the end times of an Age).  Jesus said, regarding these times "None can know the day nor the hour…keep watch at every season of the year…let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared...and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief."  


It is now time to end the great public misunderstanding of "the end of the world."  There is no such thing.  It is now time for men and women to know what truly is coming – soon.  We must now prepare for the four great events (and the terrible times that are prophesied to precede them).


The “terrible times” preceding the four great events are described in chapter 157, vs. 21-41 of the Aquarian Gospel.  Jesus tells of a terrible, frightening and violent war, which will take place worldwide, as "the anti-Jewish times" finally come to an end – just prior to the return of Christ.


I believe that, except for a few die-hards here and there, the anti-Jewish times finally came to an end between 1945 and 2,000.  The Anti Semitism that was so deeply entrenched in nearly all the cultures of the West (and many of the East) finally began disappearing shortly after WWII.  The occasional spates of anti-Semitisms we see today are (in my opinion) the throes of rigormortis of that great corpse. 


The attack upon the United States Sept. 11, 2001, and the ensuing war (along with the increased violence in the Middle East) indicate that the terrible war, which is prophesied to precede the four great events, is not far away.




When the Redemption of the Earth is completed, the physical manifestation of Earth (and the universe) will cease.  They will continue to exist, however, in the ethereal realm – our natural home.  Thus, Jesus said: “The heavens and earth that are will change and pass away; the word of God is sure; it cannot pass until it shall accomplish that where-unto it hath been sent.


This prophecy describes the restoration of the earth to the ethereal realm (and the cessation of its physical manifestation).  This cessation of Earth’s physical state has also been misinterpreted to mean Earth’s termination; the earth will not come to an end.  However, Earth (and all physical creation) will undergo a very remarkable and amazing transformation.


This essay is based on 18 years of study of the Aquarian Gospel, the book written by Jesus.  For an explanation of how He authored this book, see the Foreword of the Aquarian Gospel.  (The Foreword has been inserted into this website publication of His book.) 



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