Divine Procreation
(Why we are called God’s Children)
By Michael F. O’Keeffe


Gardeners and Botanists know that many plants can reproduce from cuttings, by a process called “total regeneration.”  That is, a small branch or stem can be snipped and inserted in soil, and it will sprout roots and begin to grow independently – a complete, autonomous reproduction of the parent plant. 


Some species of plants are so well adapted to this kind of procreation, a very small cutting will suffice.  In fact, some plants, like carrots (under lab conditions), can totally regenerate from a single cell.


God, our Father, procreates through “total regeneration.”  We are His offspring.  A very long time ago, our Father transplanted tiny pieces of Himself.  He withdrew countless billions of divine-cells from Himself and inserted them into suitable soil (called the physical Universe).  Thus, each human being began as a single divine-spirit-cell (a God-seed ); a tiny piece of our Father – who is the God of Heaven and Earth.  We are identical to God, yet still tiny and immature. Thus, we truly are His Children.  (And this is why it is said, “each person has God’s image and likeness within his soul.”) 


Our Father-God is eternal spirit, both male and female, and therefore, He can rightfully be called our Father-Mother-God.  God has three attributes: strength, wisdom and love.  We, His children, are eternal spirits, both male and female, and we naturally inherit the three divine attributes, and we grow by developing them.*  Furthermore, our Divine Parent is infinite; and we have infinite potential for growth.


As God’s Children, each man has a female counterpart and each woman has a male equivalent.  In spirit, they are one (just like our Father-Mother-God) but in the world of physical manifests (where God-seeds germinate), the woman and her male half (the husband-soul) appear to be separate, yet they are one. 


The physical universe is the soil where we grow and mature, and eventually become aware of our oneness; and finally, after innumerable incarnations, we sprout fourth (breaking through the surface of earthly experience – into the light of spirit awareness); and we thrive in the Light, to eventually become just like our Parent-God – with unbounded strength, wisdom and love.  (And Jesus, along with Miriam – His female equivalent, leads the Way.)


We incarnate into the physical universe countless times, in order to learn all our divine lessons.  During each incarnation, a man is given the task of finding his female soul-mate (his other half) and her task is to find him, and they must learn to recognize each other, and then establish a partnership of service – for the betterment and enlightenment of the human race.  It takes eons for us to learn to do this; and to learn all our other lessons, and finally, to reach deific maturity.


Jesus and Miriam reached full deific maturity during their incarnation on this world 2,000 years ago.  All of us will eventually become just like them, for they are our elder brother and sister.  Their story is well described and well documented in the Aquarian Gospel. 


By reading and studying this marvelous sacred book of scripture, we can learn how to “honor our Father and our Mother,” as did Jesus and Miriam.  By reading their life story, we can view our own future – our natural destiny, and we can follow in their footsteps.  As their younger brethren (and as children of our eternal Father-Mother-God), we have no place else to go.


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Strength is one of the attributes we inherit.  The strength that is mentioned here is not brute strength; it is “strength of character” – the willingness to be honest and sincere in all situations, and a dedication to a life of kindness and forgiveness.  This is the life that exercises our strength and enhances it, and fosters growth (the growth of soul).