Return Path to Eden

The Cornucopia of Life

(Our Inheritance)

Interpreted by Michael F. O’Keeffe


Most of us have seen a cornucopia – depicted by artists as a never-ending, spiraling tube or funnel, with an aperture that opens toward the viewer.  This never-ending tube is filled with abundance, and is suggestive that if one removes some of the abundant wealth from its aperture, there is no worry, because the spiraling tube extends infinitely (to an infinite source) and any wealth removed is naturally replenished.


This myth is not fiction.  There truly is such a thing as a cornucopia!  There is one for each person; Jesus teaches us (in The Aquarian Gospel) how each may gain access to his cornucopia.  This web publication is my effort to share this book (this discovery) with all who care to know.


This web publication is all about how one may gain access to one’s cornucopia.  It is all about the story of Christ, who taught His followers, that we, as God’s children, have everything we need – all the time.  He explained that immature children (youthful souls) are in the habit of behaving is such a way that causes us to be unaware of our wondrous natural wealth.  We are blind to our cornucopian abundance. 


If you study this website publication carefully, you will learn how one gains access to one’s cornucopia.  Hint: it’s all about learning to become unselfish; it’s all about learning to gain self-control.  We must learn to control our physical appetites, because he who seeks to gratify the selfish appetites, passions and desires is blind; he cannot see his cornucopia (which has been right in front of him all the time).


Jesus was so successful at overcoming his carnal desires that He gained access to everything – including divine, miraculous powers.  His access to life itself was so well established that not even a public execution (including piercing of the heart) could separate Him from life. 


Thus, on the third day after His execution, His soul re-entered His body, and using His access to divine, miraculous powers, He brought His body back to life.  He said we all are capable of doing this, because we truly are God’s Children; and this is our inheritance!  No one can take from us that which belongs to us (not even life itself).  However, we cannot experience this abundance until we learn to exercise self-control and behave as mature Sons and Daughters of our Father-God.


The Greatest Paradox is, He who restrains himself is free.


By word and by example, Jesus (an elder brother) showed us The Way.


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ – the book that Jesus wrote.


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