Return Path to Eden
The Greatest Paradox

“He who believes this Gospel of the Son of man shall never die.”

Table of Contents

                  Aquarian Gospel – Introductory

Introduction - Homepage – a great discovery – a Book Review.
Recovery from The Fall of Man
Biblical Censorshiphow The Aquarian Gospel breaks through Biblical censorship.
Aquarian Gospel - A New Book of Scripturethe unabridged, uncensored story of Christ.
Little Book Announcement
– Why sweet in the mouth, and bitter in the stomach?
Preface  – What is The Aquarian Gospel?
Regarding the Authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel
Photograph of God
God’s Magnificent Garden
Aquarian Gospel FAQs
An Introduction to the Aquarian Gospel by Eva S. Dowling, Ph.D.
The man who really traveled in time
about Levi, the transcriber
Why do many modern Christian churches ignore the Aquarian Gospel?
Capture a Prisoner

 Here’s an active Christine Church Congregation – founded by Minister, Jacob Israel

                         Parts 1 – 7,  The Essays (seven synopses of the Aquarian Gospel)

1. (first essay) "The Profound and Simple Truth"the Plan of Salvation is finally revealed.
2. (second essay) "The Way and Christ's Sacrifice" – does anyone dare murder Messiah again?
3. (third essay) "Two Paths And The Silent Truth" (The Fall of Man) – the Great Secret Jesus revealed.
4. (fourth essay) A Letter – to a dear friend – the Return Path to Eden.
5. (fifth essay) The Greatest Paradox: He Who Restrains Himself Is Free
6. (sixth essay) "A Portrait of Christ" – another synopsis and commentary.
7. (seventh essay) “Our conduit to God” – a brief review of AG.

Parts 8 – 15,  Additional Contents

8. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ
- the book that reunites Judaism and Christianity.
Ch 1-15    Ch 16-35    Ch 36-55    Ch 56-71    Ch 72-90    Ch 91-123    Ch 124-158    Ch 159-182

(Single-Page Version, Ch 1 - 182)         

The Reluctant Messenger – another on-line rendition of the Aquarian Gospel

 9. Epiloguea list of subjects not fully explained in the 7 main essays; events that mark the end times of the age.
10. About the owner of this websitedescribes how I discovered these end-time revelations.
11. Links to other websitesa list of websites where The Aquarian Gospel is known to be available.
12. Gems Pagecontains a treasure trove of quotations from The Aquarian Gospel.
13. Other Essaysexpansion of some of the concepts of the main essays.
14. Anti Semitisman essay.
15. Divine Procreation

      Part 16 – Some Important Revelations:

Creation vs. Evolution - solved! – Jesus’ oration ends the debate: there is no conflict between the two views.
Karma and Christ’s Sacrifice – the mystery of God’s Law of Perfect Justice.
Jesus Explained Evolution
Reincarnation & Karma – What did Jesus say about these subjects?
Earthquakes, Tornadoes and Accidents – What really causes them?
The Star over Bethlehem – This mystery is finally solved!!
Ark of the Covenant    This mystery is also revealed!
Star of David – What does the six-pointed star symbolize?
Salvation Overview – described in a few brief paragraphs.
Man, his origin and his destiny – about Levi – and four more of his remarkable transcripts.
Jesus speaks about death
Judgment Day

John (the Baptist) learns about the nature of death

Jesus speaks about reincarnation and karma

Jesus speaks again about reincarnation and karma

Jesus reveals the true nature of Heaven and Hell

Sermon on The Mount – Finally, a complete & unedited version!


                        Part 17 – More essays and two poems.

A Letter to Albert Einstein – The Unified Field.
Diet for a King – a letter to a person in need.
A message sent to those who attacked US 09-11-01
No such thing as “the End of the World
an essay.

The Perfect Life – Everyone’s Destiny – three poems.

Lonesome Men and Women – the price paid for discovering truth.
Photograph of God

The Camouflage of Evil

Heaven’s Jailhouse

Why are we called God's Children? – offspring of God.
How Jesus became Christ, the Messiahan essay worth reading.
The Cornucopia of Lifeour Inheritance.
The Still, Small Voice (Finding God Within) – a brief review of The Aquarian Gospel.
The Newest Book of Scripture – a brief essay
Judgment Day
The man who really traveled in time

How Jesus became Messiah

Everyone is a Fisherman
The Long Journey of the Soul

Appendix A - Sermon on the Mount
- clearer and more comprehensive than traditional (censored) versions.
Appendix B - What did Jesus Say About? - contains many of the most remarkable statements of Jesus (and others) not available in previous scripture.

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Regarding the copyrights of the Aquarian Gospel: The Text of “the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ,” by Levi, was originally published in 1908 in Los Angeles, California.  In the title page of the 1996 edition published by Adventures Unlimited Press, it is stated: 
“This book is in the public domain and no permission is necessary for any reproduction of materials contained within.  ISBN 0-932813-41-0”

Return Path to Eden

“The Little Book,”
 the book that reveals God to the world.
(why it’s sweet and bitter)

This is an announcement.  God has given us a new book of scripture.  The full title is “The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age.”  This precious new book reveals God to the world, and it reveals the mystery of our relationship to Him.  Now we can know why we are called His Children.  These are the times of Revelations.


Levi, who walked the straight and narrow path, found the strength to open The Book of God’s Remembrance (also called The Akashic Records).  He carefully transcribed some of its pages, and his transcription, “the little book,” reveals many mysteries of creation, including the nature of God, the nature of Man, and the relationship between God and Man. 


Levi’s transcription was first published in 1908.  It is known as


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ.”


This “little book” contains the life story of Jesus (as well as that of Miriam) and their story is indeed sweet, awesome and beautiful.  As very mature souls, they performed wondrous deeds, far beyond what we consider “normal human potential.”  Furthermore, their story includes the revelation that we all are eternal spirit-beings, Children of God, destined to attain maturity of soul, and thus become just like Jesus and His soul mate – capable of instantly healing sickness and injury by the power of thought (and much, much more). 


This revelation truly is sweet and pleasant “in the mouth,” as we realize that, as God’s children, all of us will (like Jesus) eventually be given all the powers of God.  However, as the awareness of our divine lineage begins to “digest,” the sweetness turns to bitterness, as we realize that we are immature souls who have a long, long way to go before we can become mature souls; and as we also realize that the trek each human soul must travel is not only extremely long, but is also arduous and difficult, and our Father requires a great deal of us as we make the lengthy journey; yet we have no place else to go.


The bitterness is deepened by the realization that The Victory (over our carnal desires) which each of us is required to attain, is extraordinarily elusive and difficult to accomplish.


However, there is cause for rejoicing, because the Age of Aquarius is poised to commence. 


The first day of the new age will be the Judgment Day.  All who are found worthy on that day will be admitted to a school of learning, where we will learn how to walk the straight and narrow way (the Return Path to Eden) which leads to major advancements in soul-maturity, and to considerable progress in human awareness of our oneness with God. 


On that first day (the great day of the Lord) the meek will receive their inheritance.


This glorious time of deific learning, the Aquarian Age, has also been called, “Heaven” (in some scriptures).

Jesus prophesied that the world will experience a period of extreme faithlessness, selfishness and greed, and widespread horrible violence just prior to the first day of the New Age – the Judgment Day; and there will be many false and deluded prophets during these terrible times.  Some of these false prophets, He said, will be very convincing, and they will deceive many.

The new age will be a bi-millennium of world peace and tranquility, and a wondrous era of spiritual learning.  During this remarkable, peaceful age we will be taught much about what is required of us (as God’s Children) so that we may learn how to grow and attain maturity – to eventually become just like our Father (as did Jesus and Miriam). 


This marvelous New Age, in ancient scripture, has been referred to as “Heaven,” because during this impending New Age, all the peoples and nations of Earth will reside in Heaven – a state of mind; and all will comprehend The Most Sacred Truth, that God and Man are one!


Jesus explains all this very clearly in the Aquarian Gospel.

The Aquarian Gospel also explains the following Truths:
(during these times of Revelations)


God’s universal domain is ever expanding.  His realm always grows.  Thus, He periodically draws out a copious supply of God-seeds from within Himself (an infinite, eternal store) and lavishly sows them throughout vast expanses of His ever-expanding Universe.  This is Man.


Furthermore, the stars (suns and planets) of the universe are physical manifests of the seven creative spirits of God, and Man resides on Earth-like worlds throughout the physical universe. 


As His Children, all men and women, are destined (after countless incarnations) to learn all our lessons, to reach full maturity, and to take up residence with our Father (as gods) in His ever-increasing, ever-expanding Universe.


 (Jesus, a fully mature soul, came here, to our Earth, to show us The Way.)


Until we achieve advanced maturity (and learn all our lessons) we youthful gods make many mistakes, which often bring pain, suffering and sorrow into our lives, including the awful illusion called “death,” which we experience over and over again – until we become as mature as our Lord.  It takes many ages for us to learn all our lessons. 


Through His elder and wiser children (the prophets), our Father always urges us on, so that we may learn our numerous lessons, including how to defeat all the causes of sadness, misery and death itself. 


Jesus is the eldest and wisest prophet ever to have graced our Earth.  His mission was to teach us many lessons, including victory over death.  He taught by word, and He taught by example.


Soon He will teach us more.  The return of Christ, the Messiah (along with the Judgment Day) is very near.  We must prepare.

A wake-up call

The complete, unedited and precious story of the life of Christ was first published in 1908, given to us to help us prepare for Messiah’s return.  Nearly a century has elapsed; and, amazingly, most of the world has not yet noticed.  His return and the Judgment Day are very near.  This is a wake-up call.  The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ describes, in detail, the entire life of Jesus and His message – transcribed from The Book of God’s Remembrance (by Levi).


This Website Publication contains 12 overviews and summaries of the Aquarian Gospel, from different points of view.  This Website Publication is all about “the little book,” the book that reveals God to the world.  It is.

…all about “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ,”
the book that reunifies Judaism and Christianity,

and indeed, unites all religions and cultures:

all people who cherish truth, kindness, peace,

decency and liberty.








The solid rock of Truth, upon which each may build his house.






Judgment Day is near.

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