God Revealed

Interpreted by Michael F. O’Keeffe









Yet, no man gains access to our Father’s divine Strength, Wisdom and Love

until he conquers himself.  Each person must overcome all

the carnal appetites, passions and desires.

Jesus won

the battle;

and said,

You may

follow me.

Only a few

men and women,

each re-generation,

accomplish this; escape the

awful burning fires - by winning

the victory over one’s lower self,

conquering the sturdy body of desires.

Yet, eventually, everyone wins The Victory.

Our Father waits for us. He has “all the time in the world.”





The Perfect Life – Everyone’s Destiny

Interpreted by Michael F. O’Keeffe


We all live our lives on Earth over and over again,

many times!

until we attain perfection.

Jesus: our example of attainment;

Christ: our example of Perfection,

every person’s destiny.

Yes, eventually, each person will live, somewhere in the universe,

The Perfect Life;
will bring the strength, wisdom and love of God to that world,

will demonstrate man’s ability to inherit our Father’s attributes;

will conquer death.


We are gods!

Children of our Father-God.

He requires maturity,



From the time a person’s eternal soul-seed is first released

into the soil of the physical dominion,

until perfection is finally attained,

a long, long, arduous journey must completed be.

Many ages are required.


As a soul travels, he or she is always moving

either higher,

closer to one’s goal of perfection,

or lower, mired,

slipping, sliding, plummeting.


Men and women of good intentions and prayer ascend.

Others continue to reside in utter darkness;

stumble, fall, descend.


Master souls, here, are often sent,

teaching ascension–more efficient.

Hear these men and women of enlightenment!


Who listen to these teachers, and heed their words,

find the Way, the Truth, the Light; ascend!

Ultimately, achieve perfection.

The rest continue to grope about in darkness, so tired,

subsist in the depths, unable to comprehend,

mired in the pall of strife and deception.


Yet, as eons pass, all eventually listen,

find The Way, bright as noonday’s sun,

attain Endless Life, pure Perfection. 


From the depths come prophets, false,

skilful deceivers, who would stay our progress;

they speak the words, do not live the life - the blind who lead the blind

through deception’s maze;

wolves in sheeps’ clothing, secluded,

often deluded, deceiving even themselves,

fully convinced they teach God’s ways,

(these dead).


Only by the power of prayer and vigilance

do we avoid being misled.


Evil ministers, appalling priests’ mayhem,

cannot indefinitely conceal disgrace;

ample time unmasks their face. 

“By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

God’s true priests and prophets, enlightened, always teach,

by word, by example,

calm and quiet, they preach:


“God's meeting place with man is in the heart,

and in a still small voice he speaks; and he who hears is still.


If you would serve the God who speaks within the heart,

just serve your near of kin, and those who are no kin,

the strangers at your gates and doors,

the foes who, your harm, would seek.


With forgiveness, be  forearmed;

assist the poor, help the weak;

do harm to none;

and covet not what is not yours.


If someone hates you, regard it not;

just return to him your purest love;

pray for those who trample on your rights.

Live a simple, unselfish life, days and nights;

do your best to avoid claiming territory and possessions.

Just trust in God.


Circumscribe your appetites, passions and desires,

and stay within the bounds, at least.

Devote your life to helping others learn this Way of Life,

remembering: example is another word for priest.


Do all this,

because man serves God by serving man;

and God and Man are One!


Then, with your very own tongue, the Holy One will speak; and He

will smile behind your tears, which cease;

will light your countenance with joy;

be you girl or boy,

He’ll fill your hearts with peace.”


Who follow this path of Christ, hear the call,

and become,

in a measure, Christ,

as Christ belongs to all!

Who live this way ascend,

advance toward eternal life,

eventually live The Perfect Life;


just like the Nazarite, who lived this way of right.


“And if you lose your life in serving life,

you are sure to find it in the morning sun, the

evening dews, in song of bird,

in flowers, and in the stars of night.”


Behold The Way!  Behold the Light!

Jesus! Christ, our Savior!  Our Beacon-light – so bright!



Hear the Sounds of Silence:


Treasure in a Field


When one discovers for sale, a field,

with cave, entrance concealed,

filled with a vast store of gold,

he quickly and quietly goes

and sells all…and buys that field.

Sin is self-indulgence, gratification of the carnal desires.

One who sins is not free – his (or her) debts continuously accumulate, making of him, a slave.

One who understands this truth has discovered the field with treasure, gold – hidden and vast,

and if he “buys the field,” we’re told (overcoming all we crave ) he’s no longer slave.

He’s found liberty.

He knows The Greatest Paradox: He who restrains himself is free!

Now you know “The Way,” the way to eternal life!, which only
a few find at a time (but, eventually
everyone does) as eons pass.

(We are eternal spirit-beings!  What else can God’s children be?)

All Peoples, all Nations!  Now hear these wondrous Revelations.


These three poems are based on 18 years of study of the Aquarian Gospel, the complete story of the life of Christ.

 The complete, uncensored, unabridged story of The Life of Christ


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