Return Path to Eden


A message sent to those who attacked US 09-11-01



“My brothers and sisters;

Oh what terrible tragedies you have brought upon yourselves.  Don’t you know that our Father calls upon all of us to learn to love one another?  And don’t you know He hears not the prayers of anyone who has blood on his hands?  And don’t you know that His law of perfect justice demands that whatever any person does to any other person rebounds; that the doer of misdeeds must come upon a time when he (or she) will suffer the same mistreatment at the hands of some other person?  Yes, each person must meet himself, experience himself (through some other person) and thereby, forgive himself.

Oh what terrible tragedies (in future incarnations) you have foolishly brought upon yourselves, my brothers and sisters, my fellow children of God (our Father).

Yes, you will experience all that you have done to others, and when you experience these terrible tragedies, you will be called upon (by our Father-God) to forgive those who bring you “your just rewards,” just as He now calls upon your victims to forgive you.  In this way (through His law of Karma, which never fails) all men and women who have maltreated others must eventually forgive themselves.

All must learn that ‘he who wields the sword will perish by the sword.’  He who attacks any other person (or group) with an instrument of death, will feel the lash of perfect justice, and thus, will likewise be assaulted.  And if he fails to forgive, he must experience the tragic events again, and again, until he freely chooses to forgive.

Oh what terrible tragedies you have brought upon yourselves!

Since our Father cannot now hear your prayers (because of all the blood on your hands) I now pray to Him for you.  I pray that He will be merciful to you when He gives you opportunities to forgive yourselves.  Indeed, I pray that He will help you be aware that you must forgive your murderers.  Then, and only then, will you be allowed to enter the consciousness of your own divine lineage, and then you may begin the long journey on “the Return Path to Eden.”


Of course, there is a way you may escape all your terrible karma.  If our Father judges that it would be more merciful to destroy your soul rather than to allow you (by natural law) to reincarnate and experience all the karma you have created, then He will do so.   (He is a merciful God.)

If our Father judges that you should lose your soul, He will cast you into His purifying fires, and there, your soul will be scorched away (in a long and extremely painful process – the most unpleasant experience any child of God ever endures).  Yet when this process is complete, you will stand pure again, a pure soul-seed-divine, and you will begin anew.  And gradually, you will acquire a new soul.

You see, there is a part of you God cannot destroy – your eternal self – that part of you which is purely divine, that part of you which makes you His child, that part of you which is composed of the essence of our Father.  Your divine soul-seed can never die!

If it turns out that you have lost your soul, then, after many, many eons have passed, you will again be planted into the physical realm, and you will again embark on the long, long spiral journey of soul, and if you are fortunate, you will finally, after many eons of learning experiences (in the earthly and ethereal realms) return to God.  He who returns to our Father this way, has become a Perfect Man – just like Jesus – our Lord and Savior – our example of the Perfect Man, which every soul-seed (every Child of God) is destined to eventually become. 

May our Father-God (Allah) have mercy on you.


Michael F. O’Keeffe”

P.S. The law of perfect justice (karma) is well explained in the Aquarian Gospel, in chapters 114 and 138.  I invite everyone (who wishes to gain a better understanding of karma) to go to the Aquarian Gospel, and scroll down to these two chapters, and carefully read them.


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