Regarding Anti Semitism



By Michael F. O’Keeffe


I am as deeply repelled by Neo Nazi groups and other anti Jewish ideologies and organizations, as are most civilized people.  I wish they didn't exist, and furthermore, I am deeply, personally, heartbroken that I have a son (in his mid thirties) who avidly supports some Neo Nazi ideologies and organizations.  (He even spent 8 months in a county jail once when he foolishly acted upon some of his sentiments - and I could do nothing other than be supportive of his prosecution.)


However, I look at the situation philosophically, for I am well aware that karma is a dynamic that none of us can ever escape.  I am referring, of course, to the concept that whatever I do to any other human being creates an etheric energy wave that will eventually return to me, and cause the exact same thing to be done to me - by some other human being.  That is, I must "reap what I have sown."  I am also well aware that there is such a thing as "national karma,” and that negative karma (both personal and national) is always proportional to the seriousness of the crime that created it. 


When Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey on the day that we sometimes call "Palm Sunday," He paused and wept over Jerusalem, because He could look forward in time, and see all the terrible “karma” and suffering that many of His people (kin) were about to bring upon themselves - and He loved them dearly. 


He knew they were determined to execute Him by crucifixion (and He intended to grant their wish).  The sheer magnitude of their awful karma is what caused Him to weep.  Jesus mentioned this when He referred to "the anti-Jewish times," which, He indicated, would finally come to an end just prior the return of Messiah and the commencement of the Age of Aquarius. 


The Jews' total and absolute repudiation of Messiah at Calvary 2,000 years ago (after He had cured their sick and raised some of their recently departed) created an unbelievably enormous national karma, and the dynamic of this awful destiny has been on-going ever since the crucifixion – affecting all the participants of the huge mob that demanded His execution.  Their awful karma is so vast that it can only have "played out" over many generations (incarnation after incarnation) until it will have finally dissipated.


We (who loathe anti Semitism) can be certain that this ugly beast (self-created by those who have long suffered from it) will soon dissipate and die, and none too soon for me – and for all civilized people.  Furthermore, if one steps back and looks at the history of the world during the last 150 years, it is not difficult to notice that anti Semitism is actually on the decline, and (I believe) that current Neo Nazi groups (and their antics) are merely the death throes of  “the anti-Jewish times.”