Return Path to Eden


Regarding The Authenticity of
The Aquarian Gospel

(Defending Jesus’ Book)

By Michael F. O’Keeffe


It has been called to my attention that some articles have been published, which call into question the authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel.  These articles cite five instances of contention.  One of the arguments claims that Levi, the transcriber, made a mistake by misidentifying the ancient rulers known as Herod.  The second criticism contends that the Akashic records, as transcribed by Levi, are not in agreement with Edgar Cayce’s description of these same sacred records.  And the third criticism claims that Jesus could not have known Meng-tse of Lassa, Tibet, since Meng-tse lived 300 years before Jesus’ time.  The fourth argument states that Jesus could not have discussed evolution, because Darwin did not discover this natural process until many centuries later.   And the fifth issue implies that Jesus could not have visited the Indian province of Orissa and the city of Lahore, because they did not yet exist, and that the Lord also could not have visited Percepolis, because this ancient city had been destroyed by Alexander the Great.


All of these assertions are refuted here. 


1.     The Herod issue

2.     The Edgar Cayce issue

3.     The Meng-tse issue

4.     The Evolution issue

5.     The Orissa - Lahore - Percepolis issue



Furthermore, critics have asked; how could Jesus have used the word, “photograph,” and how could he have spoken of a harpsichord?  These two questions are also addressed here.                                              



6.     The “photograph” question

7.     The “harpsichord” question

The Most Important Question




1. The “Herod issue:”


Historians have often gotten the Herods confused, with good justification, for there were at least seven, and two of them were known as Herod Antipas, and adding to the confusion, two of them have been referred to as “Herod of Judea.”


The Herods were all of the same extended family.  They practiced Jewish faith and traditions, intermingled with their own ancestral practices, as well as Roman customs.  Roman authorities appointed them as rulers over lands in the Middle East. 


The patriarch of the Herodian dynasty is known as Antipater II, and his cultural roots were of Arabian and Indumean heritage.  He ruled an area that included Palestine, which consisted of three provinces: Judea, Samaria and Galilee.  He died in 43 BC. 


Antipater’s son, Herod Antipas (the first Herod) succeeded him, and under his authority, a major restoration of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was begun.  Because of his reputation as a great builder, Herod Antipas became known as “Herod The Great,” however, historians seem to have forgotten that he was originally known as Herod Antipas.  Near the end of this Herod’s reign, Jesus was born, and by his order, the infant boys of Bethlehem were slain.


Herod The Great died shortly after the slaughter in Bethlehem, and after his death, his kingdom was divided among three of his sons.  One of these was named Herod Antipas (the same as his father), and another was Herod Archelaus.

Herod Antipas (2nd) became ruler of Galilee and Paraca, and because his name was identical to his father’s, historians have often confused these two rulers; and furthermore, Archelaus (who became Governor of Judea) has also been confused with the father, because both have been referred to as “Herod of Judea.”


I’m sure historians (2,000 years from now) might well become confused about American political figures named Bush, Johnson, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Adams. 


Herod Archelaus ruled Judea for approximately nine years, and then was deposed by Rome because of excessive cruelty.  (A man from outside the dynasty, Gratus, replaced Archelaus as ruler of Judea, and more than eleven years later, Pontius Pilate, also from outside the dynasty, succeeded Gratus.  Pilate’s rule extended well beyond 20 years.)


Herod Antipas (the 2nd) ruled Galilee and Paraca for more than thirty years.  His palace was in the city of Tiberius, upon the shores of the Sea of Galilee.  However, he had other palatial residences available to him, including one at Machaerus and one in Jerusalem.

In a drunken state, during a festive celebration in the fortress at Machaerus, he ordered the beheading of John the Baptist, and more than a year later, he was residing in Jerusalem on the morning of Jesus’ trial before the great Sanhedrin of the Jews. 


Since death by crucifixion required confirmation by Roman authority, Jesus also stood before two Roman courts that morning.  He faced the court of Pontius Pilate (twice), as well as that of Herod Antipas (2nd).


Some of this Herod’s soldiers scourged Jesus (in an attempt to force confession of crimes), and after the second interrogation of Jesus by Pontius Pilate (who passionately attempted to prevent the execution), these same soldiers crucified the Lord, at the insistence of Pharisaic rulers and other religious and civic leaders (who manipulated a murderous mob during the events of that historic day). 


This resolves the criticism of Levi’s description of  The Herods.”  Levi was not confused. 


Furthermore, his eyewitness account of that day’s events reveals the true facts of the most heinous crime in History – the “legal” murder of a totally innocent, most holy man – the Messiah, who cherished and forgave his executioners with an unfailing Divine Love.




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2. The Edgar Cayce issue:


Let’s address the issue of Levi’s account of the Akashic Records vs. Edgar Cayce’s account.

Edgar Cayce was a very talented man, and, among other things, he was able to access the Akashic Records (also called “the Book of God’s Remembrance”), but his ability to visit the mystic records of ancient times was limited.  One who visits these records must learn to tune his mind to the delicate frequencies of tiny etheric energy waves, which emanate from all past events.  (This is a very difficult achievement.)  Edgar Cayce’s ability to tune his mind to the recordings of ancient events was not perfected, as Levi’s was. 


Edgar was able to “fan through” a few pages of the mystic records of World History.  That is, his endeavor to examine records of ancient times produced partial success – somewhat like a radio or television, which is receiving two or three stations simultaneously.  However, he did not acquire the ability to view specific ancient events clearly, precisely and sequentially. 


Whereas, Levi acquired this ability.  With care and precision, he consciously opened The Sacred Book of Records; and he was able to “turn pages” at will.  He observed events precisely, and could return (to examine them again), similar to how we view recordings of modern events; but Levi required only his mind, instead of machines.  Consequently, Levi composed an exquisitely accurate transcript of Jesus’ life. 


Levi was able to remain in a state of meditation for several days at a time.  Only a person who can achieve this level of self-control (and strength of will) is strong enough to perfectly tune his mind to the tiny energy waves emanating from the distant past, enabling him to view specific ancient events (as if happening “here and now”). 


Levi gave us the Aquarian Gospel by carefully witnessing and documenting all the pertinent events of Jesus’ life, exactly as they occurred; all because he (by the grace of God) acquired the strength and knowledge to open the Book of God’s Remembrance (and these are the times of Revelations!).


The “Edgar Cayce issue” is resolved.


Footnote                                      The most important question


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3. The “Meng-tse issue:”*


Consider this:  James Madison was elected President of the United States in 1808, and less than 200 years have elapsed.  Yet, a significant number of James Madisons have resided in North America since then.  Likewise, Meng-tse, who befriended Jesus when He visited Lassa, Tibet, is obviously not the same Meng-tse of Chinese historical records (unless there is a calendar discrepancy of nearly 300 years, which seems unlikely). 


Meng-tse issue” resolved.


*(Please Note: The Adventures Unlimited Press edition of the Aquarian Gospel spells Meng-tse as “Meng-ste.”)            


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4. The Evolution issue:


One criticism of the Aquarian Gospel contends that Jesus could not have discussed evolution, because Darwin lived many centuries later.


The author of this criticism is apparently unaware that many of God’s prophets, seers and sages (and certainly, Christ himself) knew all about evolution.  They did not need to wait many centuries to learn about it from Darwin.


Jesus discussed survival of the fittest, and he gave an oration regarding evolution.  In this amazing discussion, Jesus explained that evolution began when “the fall of man” occurred, and all the animals were included in the fall. 


If you read his oration on evolution carefully, you can see that he taught that evolution has certain limits and boundaries.  For example, a worm species may eventually develop legs (or other variations of shape) and thus evolve into a new form, but the soul is still that of worm; or a rodent species may change its form through time (and become a rodent of a different type), but neither worm nor rodent can ever cross boundaries of soul, to evolve into bovine, bird or man. 


Furthermore, the animal-primates can never become human.  This is why Science has been unable to find any unmistakable “missing links,” and those that were “discovered” turned out to be the work of ambitious deceivers and hoaxers.


Jesus explained that the fall of man (and the animals) will eventually be rectified, and part of his mission (and the mission of all holy men and women) is the task of restoring Humanity (and the Animal Kingdom) to our original heavenly home.  When this is accomplished, evolution will cease to exist, because the drama of survival will no longer exist  (…and “the lion will lay down with the lamb”).


A major step in the restoration process is about to take place.  This milestone is called the Age of Aquarius. 


But first, Judgment Day must occur.


The “Evolution issue” is put to rest.


(Here is a link to Jesus’ amazing conversation with a Buddhist priest (regarding evolution), in Chapter 32.)


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5. Jesus’ visits to Orissa, Lahore and Percepolis:


A published article questions the authenticity of the Aquarian Gospel by asserting that Jesus could not have visited these areas, because (the article suggests) the geo-political entities known as Orissa and Lahore did not yet exist during Jesus’ time, and Percepolis had been destroyed.


The author of this article has simply failed to do sufficient “homework.”  Orissa and Lahore did exist, although their geographical boundaries (and political significance) were quite different during ancient times.  Furthermore, just because Percepolis was destroyed by military conquest does not mean that no one lived there afterwards.  Percepolis still existed during Jesus’ time, although its geo-political significance was much diminished (compared to the city’s glory-years, prior to Alexander’s demolision). 


American President Jimmy Carter visited Hiroshima in 1984, yet by the reasoning of some critics of the Aquarian Gospel, news accounts of his visit to that city must be erroneous, because Hiroshima was destroyed in 1945.  Furthermore, the city of Jerusalem was destroyed several times throughout ancient History, but people continued to dwell there. 


The “Orissa–Lahore–Percepolis issue” is not an issue.


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6. The “photograph” question:


How could Jesus use the word, “photograph?”


In Chapter 109, Jesus used this very word (as a verb).  The Lord was describing how every event is recorded in the sacred Book of Records.  Aquarian Gospel critics have suggested that his use of the word, “photograph,” is proof that the Aquarian Gospel cannot be genuine. 


However, there is an explanation.  Ancient scholars certainly recognized the concept of radiant energy, and Jesus knew that The Book of God’s Remembrance is a recording of this kind of energy.  Therefore, it is not unreasonable for Jesus to have referred to the Akashic Records as “recordings of radiant energy,” and Levi would have easily interpreted this as “photograph,” because (after all) a photograph is nothing less than a man-made recording of radiant energy. 


It is even likely that Jesus used a single word (a verb) that meant, “to record radiant energy,” i.e. to record light, or to “photon-graph.”  Ancient mystics and scholars knew much more about nature than some modern scientists and theologians are willing to acknowledge.


Furthermore, we need to be aware that people who are able to clearly observe past events (in the Akashic Records) do not need to know the language being spoken.  They “listening in” on ancient conversations in a telepathic way, and thus, they “hear” the thoughts, not the actual words, and therefore, they “hear” the thoughts in their own native language.


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7. The Harpsichord Question:


How can the word, “harpsichord” appear in the Aquarian Gospel (eight times)?

It is stated (in an encyclopedia on line*) that the harpsichord was actually a Chinese invention, going back to “at least the 8th century," and was not introduced into Western culture until the 15th century.  The key phrase here is "at least the 8th century."  Since we know that ancient Chinese culture had developed the harpsichord, this instrument (or a very similar mechanism) could well have existed during Jesus’ time. 

Furthermore, regular camel caravans traversed trade routes between the Middle East and the Far East during that period.   It is very possible (even likely) that a few musical instruments (closely resembling the harpsichord) would have been purchased (by Middle Eastern merchants) and transported to cultural centers in Egypt, Israel and Persia.  These instruments would certainly have been regarded with great awe (as one reference in the Aquarian Gospel clearly suggests).

*The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia


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A Review of The Aquarian Gospel


The most important question:  Since anyone can claim to have transcribed a document from mystic archives, how can one be sure the Aquarian Gospel is authentic and genuine, and not just a sham and a cruel hoax?


Text Box:           Just read the Aquarian Gospel (carefully and completely), and you will know.






I repeat:  Just read, and you will know.


To read carefully, with a sincere, warm heart and an open mind, is to be wise, and the wise can understand.  The insincere reader cannot understand.  “None but the pure in heart can recognize the King.”  Pay heed to how you approach The Word.  Honest skepticism is certainly appropriate (and is even encouraged), but prejudice and insincerity will block understanding.


Any honest, discerning soul, who carefully and comprehensively reads this sacred book, is sure to recognize the awesome, profound Truths contained within.  The clear, incisive ideas and concepts of the Aquarian Gospel penetrate so deep into the heart of the astute, sincere reader, that he (or she) soon realizes (with certainty) that Levi’s Transcript of Jesus’ life is authentic and genuine; and that, through Jesus, God spoke.  Indeed, through Jesus, God revealed Himself.  Thus, the desire to carefully read and re-read becomes compelling.




To ask a question - send me an email –


Additional Comments                                            


The Aquarian Gospel is nothing less than “God-revealed,” during these times of Revelations.  Pay heed to how you read this sacred book.  Approach “God-revealed” with reverence and trepidation.


The person who reads the Aquarian Gospel carefully, sincerely and comprehensively discovers the profound meaning behind the phrase, “God’s Children,” and he fully realizes why Jesus referred to Himself both as “son of man” and as “son of God,” and why He said, “You may follow me.”


Hear this:  Jesus was fully human just like all of us, and thus, he truly was a “son of man,” but His will was so strong that He won The Victory – that is, He successfully overcame all human addictions to pleasure-gratification and sensuousness.  (He purchased the pearl of greatest price.) 


And furthermore, Jesus overcame all evil and selfish thoughts (banishing them from His mind), thereby allowing His mind to become filled with nothing but pure, divine thoughts of Love.  Thus, His will became identical to the Divine Will, and He was able to forgive those who were in the very act of murdering Him (as He knew death is merely an illusion).  His mind and will were so strong and pure, He truly had become a Son of God. 


(Our Father-God invites all of us to strive to become as strong; and Jesus revealed that all of us eventually will.)


Jesus made the transition from being human, to the next higher step in human evolution – to become Son of God.  A Son of God is also known as “Son of Man” because He evolved from Man.  Jesus evolved into that which every person eventually evolves.  The person who wins The Victory is no longer merely a man or woman, but is Son of God (or Daughter of God) begotten of Man.


All human beings are capable of attaining this, and, after many incarnations, all eventually will.  This Truth is revealed in the Aquarian Gospel. 


Jesus’ life is an example of the zenith of human maturity – everyone’s destiny.  Jesus, A son of man, became Son of Man, which is Son of God, and He said, “You may follow me.”





The Sweetness and Bitterness;
and The Feast


The little book is sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach.  That is, the revelations contained within the Aquarian Gospel are indeed sweet and beautiful, but as these Truths digest, we realize how much our Father-God requires of us, and how difficult it is to achieve The Victory (that is, to acquire the costliest pearl).  Thus, the sweetness turns to bitterness, and, as this bitterness sets in, we are tempted to resent our Father.  Yet, we know He knows best.


How much does our Father require of us?  He requires each one of us to conquer all the carnal appetites, passions and desires.  This is how one wins The Victory – and obtains the pearl of greatest price – a very difficult and monumental task.  Yet, one must possess this pure white gem before one may re-enter Paradise.  (Meanwhile, we remain locked out, as we have been for eons, ever since we bit into the Apple of sensual pleasure, and fell,…..cast out of Eden!)


However, there is now cause for great rejoicing.  The Age of Aquarius is now dawning.  All men and women (judged worthy) are about to be admitted to this impending glorious Age (a school) where we will be taught how to acquire the costliest gem, and we will make many giant strides on the trek to soul-maturity.


Meanwhile, we must do our best.  The onset of this imminent New Age will mark the end of warfare on Earth! (as the meek receive their inheritance). 


During the New Age we will learn about spirit consciousness, and be inspired to walk the straight and narrow way (the Return Path to Eden) and thus, re-enter Paradise – a state of mind, and a joyous feast.  During these times of Revelations, and during the New Age, vast multitudes of men and women will be compelled to come up to the feast. 


(Some already have!)


Judgment Day is near!  Very near.  We must prepare.


Hear the Sounds of Silence:


Treasure in a Field


When one discovers for sale, a field,

with cave, entrance concealed,

filled with a vast store of gold,

he quickly and quietly goes

and sells all…and buys that field.

Sin is self-indulgence, gratification of the carnal desires.

One who sins is not free – his (or her) debts continuously accumulate, making of him, a slave.

One who understands this truth has discovered the field with treasure, gold – hidden and vast,

and if he “buys the field,” we’re told (overcoming all we crave ) he’s no longer slave.

He’s found liberty.

He knows The Greatest Paradox: He who restrains himself is free!

Now you know “The Way,” the way to eternal life!, which only
a few find at a time (but, eventually
everyone does) as eons pass.

(We are eternal spirit-beings!  What else can God’s children be?)

All Peoples, all Nations!  Now hear these wondrous Revelations.



We have reached the time in human History when vast multitudes of men and women are capable of comprehending this truth.  When the number of men and women who understand reaches a certain “threshold,” Messiah will reveal Himself, followed by the Judgment Day.  Jesus indicated that not even He can know when this will occur.  “None can know the day nor the hour.”


We live in “Biblical Times.”  Future generations will read about Levi H. Dowling, and how he became an “observational time traveler,” and presented to the world the most important book ever written – and how, for nearly a century, the world’s press and media (locked in total denial) completely ignored his transcript of the life of Messiah – by far, the most precious publication in History..


A Meditation


The Aquarian Gospel – text


Aquarian Gospel FAQs


An in depth review of the Aquarian Gospel


Why do many modern Christian churches ignore the Aquarian Gospel?


Judgment Day




Divine Procreation - We are His Children


Why so much violence today?


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Footnote: (Regarding the Herods) 


There were at least four other “Herods.”  They were Herod Phillip (one of the three brothers who succeeded Herod The Great); Phillip’s nephew, Herod Agrippa I; another nephew, Herod of Chalsis; and finally, Agrippa’s son, Herod Agrippa II, who was the eighth ruler in the dynasty, and at least the seventh to bear the name, Herod.












Footnote: (Regarding Levi’s publication)


Levi’s publication is “the little book,” as foretold in the book of Revelation, and furthermore, it truly is “sweet as honey in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach” (just as Revelation indicates).  The little book has been published as “the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ,” and it’s often referred to as simply, “The Aquarian Gospel.”


The revelation that we (as God’s Children) never die, but simply pass on to learn other lessons in the realm of soul (and then return here), and that we will one day become just as mature and powerful as Jesus (and like Him, immortal), is indeed sweet revelation; but as we gradually “digest” these sweet revelations, we soon realize how difficult it is to attain soul-maturity, and this is the bitterness.  (The human soul’s trek to maturity is indeed long, arduous and difficult, and our Father requires much of us.)