A meditation


Oh God, Father of the Human Race, I know that I am not this body, for I am spirit, just like you. I know that a tiny part of you split off to make me (and all human beings); and thus, we are your children. I know, Father, that you gave me this physical body so that the eternal divine spirit that resides deep within my soul may grow and become strong; and I know that you gave me this physical body, with all its strong appetites, passions and desires, so that I may learn to overcome every one of them; and that when I do, I will be mature and thus, become just like you, my Father. And I also know that Jesus, another one of your children (and my elder brother), came here to this Earth to demonstrate to us Full Human Maturity. He showed us The Way; He showed us that the strength, wisdom and love of God can reside in Man.


Help me, Father, to overcome, that I may follow our Lord, Jesus, Christ the Messiah on the straight and narrow path to Victory, and Eternal Life.


(Though my soul is a little cup, let me fill myself with Christ.)